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Powers: Probability Manipulation
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Probability manipulation is a nebulous term for a set of mutant powers often described as "luck", "chaos manipulation" or "manipulating fate". It is one of the hardest concepts to define, as it is almost impossible to measure or compare directly to any quantifiable similar power.

What does an probability manipulator do?

Theories of probability state that for any action, there can be multiple outcomes. Schrodinger's hypothesis (the famous cat experiment) states that until an action happens, there is an equal chance of every outcome, and that those chances all exist simultaneously. By manipulating the likelihood of a specific outcome, probability manipulators can alter an event and skew the chance that a certain instance will occur.

Other theories state that there are 'strings' of probability linking everything in the universe, and by altering the relationships between objects and events, outcomes can be controlled, from the angle of deflection between two billiard balls to the flip of a coin, by altering the probability along a certain string, different results may be obtained.

It has been established that prolongued tweaking of things to one type of outcome can result in a "lucksnap", where a storm of events of the opposite outcome occur. This was first seen in Bleeding, where Jennie's prolonged use of good luck turned on her and resulted in a string of catastrophic events.

How does it work?

There is no certain explanation for how probability manipulators affect their environment, to include present and/or future events. One leading theory involves telekinetically affecting matter on the quantum level, coupled with the ability to see outcomes of actions before they are taken. This ties in with precognition, and would seem to explain the ability of probability manipulators to force a desired outcome from nearly any situation.

Probability Manipulators in X-Project

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