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Dates run: July 30, 2006 - September 26, 2006
Run By: Tapestry, Azzy
Read the logs: Bleeding

"What did you do? What did you do?"

Suffering from the increasingly traumatic effects of his mutation and convinced that no one can help him, Marius Laverne deserts Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersin a last-ditch attempt to find a power that can halt the deterioration. When he enlists the aid of former student Manuel de la Rocha and his classmate Jennie Stavros, desperation and an unexpected powers-interaction cause matters to escalate to the point their former teachers have no choice but to intervene.


Jennie Stavros, Marius Laverne, Yvette Petrovic, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Remy LeBeau, Wanda Maximoff, Rahne Sinclair

Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler,

Manuel de la Rocha, Charles Xavier


July 30, 2006 - September 26, 2006

Plot Summary

After a powers mishap brought on by borrowing Kurt's mutation before prom, Marius's condition began to steadily deteriorate. Frustrated, and fearing that the school cannot help him, he abandons the school, leaving behind notes for his friends and most of his possessions. In a fit of self-preservation Marius takes the trouble of arranging travel to Spain, where his friend and former classmate Manuel de la Rocha has agreed to provide him with marrow while he searches for some kind of grasp on his situation.

In one of the events of questionable chance that compose Jennie's life, a month later a Paris layover from visiting her family in Italy runs Jennie right into the stranded Marius and Manuel. The next day both the school and Jennie's father receive conflicting phonecalls about her whereabouts. Jennie subsequently disappears.

Over the next few weeks desperation begins to increasingly color the young mutants' actions. Jennie and Manuel facilitate Marius' search for a mutant whose powers can curb the degeneration by soliciting donors in mutant-friendly clubs. Unbeknownst to all three Manuel's donations to Marius have created an inadvertent empathy loop in which Marius' desires have subtly started to control his two friends' actions. The situation starts to deteriorate further as Paris does not yield an appropriate mutant. Finally Marius resorts to a mutant slave ring in the vague hope that he can find some form of help. But not before he keeps a very inebriated Jennie from doing a Peter Pan off the hotel roof.

The next day, he goes to a HM in Clichey-Sous-Bois to check out the slave ring. He finds a catatonic Yvette, and pays 5,000 euros for her, and is told her name is Penitence. Penance. Manuel and Jennie are understandably upset at the unannounced appearance of a young girl in bondage gear. Especially after Marius confesses how he acquired 'Penance.' Only the steadily-culminating effects of the empathy-loop save Marius from losing at least one limb to Jennie's resulting complete lack of amusement.

Meanwhile, Jennie has been out of contact for far longer than she said she would be, and her roommate Crystal Amaquelin becomes very worried, as does her friend Forge. Forge even goes to far as to have Amanda Sefton try her locator spell. It's one of her first successful attempts at a spell, in she doesn't blow either of them up, but she cannot accurately tell where Jennie is. Forge brings his concern to Ororo, who contacts Jennie's father, Ari. Ari responds with: "But I thought she was with you?" and suddenly Ororo has a cause for Concern.

Back in Paris, and after several only partially-successful attempts to master Yvette's power, Marius receives a fax from his father: come home, or be cut off. Marius does what any trapped adolescent would do in this situation and forces his body to adapt under threat of certain asphyxiation. The suicidal approach to powers-development pays off, and Marius presents himself to Jennie smooth-skinned and respirator-free -- to inform her they have to run. By the following evening the group is in Monaco.

Meanwhile, Xavier's continues in its attempts to locate Jennie, and after Cartier St. Croix contacts Xavier about his suddenly missing son, Marius as well. The now unemployed David Haller in turn takes it upon himself to contact Snow Valley and asks them to help locate the kids. Remy and Wanda travel to France to try and pick up the kids' trail; meanwhile, the kids themselves have resorted to abusing Jennie's luck powers to scam the casinos of Monte Carlo in order to survive. It is when Marie-Ange and Doug are going through footage for a suspected mutant gambling ring in Monaco that they find the wayward Xavier's students, and Manuel. The information is sent to Xavier's, where a team consisting of Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Rahne, and Wanda, is formed to bring the students home.

Upon their arrival, the team discovers Yvette in the hotel room and immediately go in search of their errant students. Marius has an extreme panic reaction to the sudden appearance of Xavier's headmistress in a club in Europe, and all three of the kids flee. At that moment, of course, the probability Jennie has been abusing for weeks comes back to bite them in the ass, along with a good chunk of Monte Carlo; the resulting chaos snap takes out two city blocks. Jennie is saved from being hit by a runaway truck by Manuel, and is knocked unconscious by her own chaos wave. Manuel is not so lucky. The team arrives on the scene too late to help. Then, in a moment of extreme misfortune, Marius arrives and finds his friends unconscious in the middle of a scene of destruction, surrounded by the staff. In the ensuing snap he viciously attacks Rogue and then Nightcrawler, who is forced to subdue the boy with a brick to the skull.

Jennie and Marius are taken home, Jennie having lost an extreme ammount of weight due to overextending her powers. Manuel has to remain behind, his injuries preventing him from being removed. Also taken back to Xavier's is the catatonic Yvette, in the hopes that the school can provide help for her. When Marius awakes Xavier positively identifies and breaks the empathy loop between him and Jennie.

There are some issues. The kind that can't be solved with an "I'm sorry" and a pat on the head.

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  • Europe was the first time Jennie experienced a full-strength lucksnap, after her prolongued use of good luck turned on her and Manuel.
  • Haller contacted Remy because he had heard from Lorna Dane that Remy had a talent for finding people, as he had located her during the events of With Malice Aforethought.


Plotrunners: Tapestry, Azzy

  • The Jennie/Marius connection came about because at the time of Marius' application Azzy had already broached an idea for an Emplate plot. Tapestry was referred to her by the moderators. It was Marius' application plot. The fact that Jennie and Marius became best friends, however, was unintended and something of an accident.
  • Manuel de la Rocha's involvement was set before the character was retired; special dispensation was given to use him.
  • Until she was applied for by Rossi, Yvette Petrovic was originally slated to appear in this plot as an NPC.

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)