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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the group. For other uses, see SWORD (disambiguation).


Organization: Supernatural Watch Observation and Response Department
First Seen: September 12, 2012

Created by SHIELD to address the increase in incidents involving magic or the supernatural, SWORD is run by Garrison Kane's former FBI partner, Abigail Brand.


Abigail Brand
SHIELD agent formerly assigned to the FBI's mutant division and now director of SWORD. See individual page for details.

PB: Ally Walker, socked by Rossi

Agent Paulletz
Agent Paulletz has been with SWORD since the beginning, and was stationed in Europe due to the high activity of supernatural. A SHIELD veteran born in Louisiana, Paulletz grew up among the voodoo traditions and witnessed some strange and scary things. Over the years he became an bit of an obsessive type, looking into rumors of magic and demons. He’s been going on for years about “weird things not of this ken” and his SHIELD colleagues made a joke out of it – but now he’s been recruited for the new division and is justified in his beliefs.

PB: David Dulchovny, socked by Eva

Agent Ortiz
Agent Ortiz is a new recruit into the SWORD program. She is their supernatural researcher and also a witch. She is sensitive to the demonic and has a lot of contacts in all parts of the world. Her knowledge in the supernatural is second to none. She draws her magical powers from Moon, so she’s stronger when it’s full and weaker when it’s not.

PB: Eva Mendes, socked by: Michael


The Supernatural Watch Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D.) is a subset of SHIELD specifically tasked with investigating incidents that appear to have a supernatural or magical origin. It is currently small and quite new, owing its existence to the direct evidence of magical and supernatural incidents over the last several years. SWORD has a small number of dedicated agents who specialize in their fields, and deploys with regular SHIELD personnel and support in the field. Abigail Brand is the Director and reports directly to Nick Fury.

The group was first introduced in the aftermath of the Aitkens, Minnesota incident. They cropped up again in August 2014, after D'Spayre and Spite released her master and, using Tandy Bowen as an avatar, tried to attack New York.



Darkness Within


Socked by: Various

Based on the comics canon organisation headed by Abigail Brand, however, since aliens don't exist in X-Project, the focus is on the supernatural instead.