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Doctor Sasha Ryan
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Portrayed by Samantha Ferris
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Genosha
Socked By: Eva
Introduction: Genosha Arc

And as a point meant to reassure... the process is reversable. Once the time is there, everything might be undone.

Formerly the Commissioner of Mutant Affairs, after the revelation of the actions of the brothers Moreau she serves as Acting President of Genosha while the UN complete their review and until elections can be held.


Name: Dr. Sasha Ryan

Aliases: None

Occupation: Acting President of Genosha

First appearance: May 19, 2012

Family: None


Phase 1

Ryan was the Commissioner of Mutant Affairs, a post set up to manage Genosha’s mutant population and industries and work closely with the caucus and the Commission. A geneticist by training, Ryan is very popular with the general population. Charismatic and media savvy, she was potentially touted as David Moreau’s eventual political heir. Despite that, Ryan is very capable and took her responsibilities seriously. The slow decline in equality and the perception of mutants as fellow citizens over the last ten years is something she took very seriously, and did not understand why regardless of programs and education efforts directed from her office, the trend continues. Unfortunately, she was unaware that most of her programs are secretly compromised by the Moreaus. Ryan tried to take new measures for the re-integration of the mutant populace, alarmed by the results of long term segregation and by the new mutate process.

While her office was be compromised, Ryan was not stupid. She knew that there was the potential for immense wealth and power from the mutate program, and she had her suspicions about Thomas Moreau. However, she was a Genoshan patriot and agreed with many assessments of mutants from outside Genosha, including the rise of mutant terrorism.

After she and Tam Anderson discovered the betrayal of David and Thomas Moreau, she first protested their actions, but after they were disregarded she took more direct action. They made a deal with the Xavierites to help them and stop Moreau. Afterwards she oversaw the reversion of the mutate process and after being convinced by Okim Etufunwa, she became Acting President of Genosha.

Phase 2


She is a skilled geneticist.


Phase 1

Genosha Arc

Phase 2


PB: Samantha Ferris

Socked by: Eva