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Genoshan Government
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Affiliations: Genosha
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Introduction: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria

The goal of the original Genoshan Government was to create a prosperous country and world power, with a high standard of living and thriving economy for its citizens, free from the political and racial turmoil of Genosha's neighboring African nations. It aimed to use mutants as a way to achieve that goal. Since the fall of the Moreaus, it has become one of the only predominantly mutant states in the world, causing tension in its neighbours, especially since M-Day.

First Appearance

Phillip Moreau first appeared on February 6, 2012


Okim Etunfunwa - Former President, Interim Speaker
Okim Etunfunwa.jpg
Etunfunwa was the head of the NPP and President of Genosha between 1980-1994. It was under his predecessor's government that the first mutant Enclaves were established in the early 70s. A pragmatist, Okim stepped down in 1994 to semi-retire as a professor emertis at King James College in Victoria University. In 2004, he met with a number of party members to discuss his growing belief that the Enclaves and Genosha's mutant policies were no longer necessary in the face of expanding economic growth, and he authored a proposal to replace it. Before he could present his findings, he was believed to have been killed in a helicopter accident. In reality, on orders from President Moreau, Etunfunwa was taken and secretly held in a remote military prison in the Krolik Mountains. He was later transfered to the newly completed Citadel prison, from which he was eventually rescued during the fall of the Moreau government.

Etunfunwa now serves as the Interim Speaker in Parliament for President Sasha Grey, although has indicated that he will likely retire once the transitional period is complete.

PB: Morgan Freeman. Socked by Dex

Sasha Ryan - Former Commissioner of Mutant Affairs, Current Acting President
Dr sasha ryan.jpg
Charismatic and media savvy, Ryan is very popular with the general population besides being a skilled geneticist. She believes in Genosha's stance on mutants, including the idea of a rise in mutant terrorism. However she is also concerned with the general welfare of the mutant population and is alarmed by the results of their long term segregation. She is working to re-integrate the mutants into the general population and promote equality. She did not agree with Moreau's mutate process and oversaw the reversion of the process.

PB: Samantha Ferris. Socked by Eva.

Former Members

David Moreau - Former President
Moreau was the leader of the National Progressive Party, and due to their majority in the Genoshan parliament, was the sitting President of the Legislature. Moreau was in power for fifteen years, serving in his fourth term as President in June 2012. An excellent speaker and consummate politician, Moreau enjoyed strong backing from most of Genosha and had been a big reason for the continued dominance of the NPP. Moreau’s wife died suddenly twelve years ago, leaving him to raise their only son, Phillip. Somewhat domineering and distant, David believed that his son had learned the important lessons before his disappearance and the tangible feelings of betrayal made him confine his son to solitary confinement since his recapture.

To the world at large, Moreau projected the face of the grave, reasoned statesman, who strove for stability, prosperity and peace. Unfortunately, a streak of ruthlessness and ambition had slowly grown over his years in power. While not specifically anti-mutant, he did believe that their powers represent too great a risk to be left uncontrolled, and too great a resource to be left to individual whim. Through the mutate process, Moreau saw a way for Genosha to drag itself up to the same level as the other major world powers and dominate Africa the same way France or Germany dominates the EU. To fulfill those goals, David moved further and further away from the principles he once held, and quickly lost any grasp of what was right in his quest for Genosha’s rise. When outright rebellion started, his response was to threaten to destroy every mutate on Genosha with a failsafe that had been place into their programming. His son, Phillip, freed from his cell, confronted David and shot him dead when David refused to back down.

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Thomas Moreau - Minister
Thomas was the older brother of the President. Like many Genoshans of his era, he joined the British military to escape the poverty of his home, and had a distinguished ten year career with the SAS. He returned home as one of the first commanders in the nascent Magistrate forces and eventually retired to follow his brother into politics. Unlike his brother, Thomas never had a crisis of conscience. He saw mutants the same way others see livestock, and while he carefully tempered his public persona to avoid antagonising political allies, his attitudes hardened over the years. He saw the mutate process from a military perspective – a way to dominate Africa directly, setting up Genosha as a first world power with mutate forces guarding one of the world’s richest resource areas.

Thomas had control over some of the more secret ‘black’ projects undertaken by the Magistrates, outside of the normal chain of command. He was not well liked, but was largely respected for his abilities and his constant pro-Genoshan stances. Behind it though was a man ready to employ brutal methods to get what he wanted. This was revealed during the Genosha Arc, with the kidnapping of the Xavier's people being his idea as a way to discourage Charles Xavier from getting too involved in Genoshan politics. When his brother was killed by his nephew, Phillip, during the final battle for the Citadel, Thomas' mind snapped and he revealed the extensive power grafts he had undertaken, becoming a monstrous figure who was eventually killed by the combined forces of the X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor and the New Mutants.

PB: Socked by Dex.

Phillip Moreau - son of David Moreau
Son of the President and 'heir apparent' to the leading political party, Phillip was raised believing in Genosha's policies and in the need for mutate labour. This changed, however, when he fell in love with Jenny Ransome and she was later identified as a mutant. Reluctant to have her forced to serve Genosha as a mutate, the pair ran away, seeking asylum in the States. They were guests at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsterswhile their fate was decided. They disappeared whilst under FBI protection, en route to Muir Island in February 2012. He was discovered in a cell in the Citadel's mutate processing area and was freed by the X-Men. Upon confronting his father and demanding that a cessation of hostilities be called, he drew a gun and killed David Moreau when that demand was refused. He was gunned down by his father's protective detail in response.

PB: Socked by Dex.

Russell Davis - assistant to Dr. Ryan
Davis was a young staffer for Sasha Ryan, who had been secretly working for British Intelligence. An Oxford educated Genoshan from a prominent family, Davis originally agreed to provide intelligence to the British after his uncle, a mutant, was killed at the Prenova geothermal facility. He’d sent a secret letter to Russell outlining what he saw were abuses just before he died, and when Davis revealed it to his parents, they destroyed it. Davis had been quietly building up dossiers on potential dissidents against the Moreau regime, and was looking for an opportunity to strike back. He was killed by Genoshan forces after helping Xavier's people connect with the Mutant Affairs Commission.

PB: None, socked by Dex

The Genegineer
A mysterious figure who remained hidden in his protective suit, the Genegineer was responsible for the mutate process, by which 'useful' powers were spliced onto the genetic structure of mutants and behavioural controls set in place. During the fall of the Moreau government, it was revealed that the Genegineer was none other than Nathaniel Essex, a former teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Pursuing his own agenda, he removed the Kwannon fragment from Magistrate Braddock's mind and returned her to her senses, as well as informing her and Sarah Morlocke how to reverse the mutate process, before destroying his laboratory and leaving in the company of the Marauders. For more detail, see his individual page.

PB: 'Repo Man'/Gary Oldman, socked by Dex

Bennett Creighten-Hayes - Genoshan Ambassador to the U.S.
Creighten-Hayes is a former Colonel in the British Army, one of many young Genoshans who left to serve in the UK military under Commonwealth conditions. He became a trusted friend of Thomas Moreau's, and returning to Genosha, entered the diplomatic core, eventually being posted to the US. Vain and pompous, Bennett is also strongly anti-mutant and sees the US as a cautionary tale for mutant/human relations. Following the fall of the Moreau government, Creighten-Hayes was recalled to Genosha, but chose to resign from his position and return to the UK, where he holds dual citizenship.

PB: Lambert Wilson. Socked by Doqz.

Mutant Affairs Commission

The original eight Genoshan mutants – of which six remain – are part of a political body called the Commission. The Commission reports to Sasha Ryan, and is responsible for advising the government on mutant related policies. They have immense influence on the deployment of the island’s mutant resources, as well as the legal status of future mutants. The Commission has been Genosha’s main response to foreign criticism regarding their mutant population, and is the government’s ambassador to the Genoshan mutant population. They are widely popular and save for two exceptions, were content to support the government’s curtailing of freedoms for their own kind.

Joseph Nku Reneau
One of the original eight mutants that formed the Commission, Reneau is keenly coming to the understanding that his life’s work may be the exact opposite of what he intended. His powers are tightly controlled pyrokinetics, although at his advanced age, the use tires him out. He was once the face of the Commission, but illness and political considerations have seen him marginalized. Still, his name and voice have considerable impact on Genosha’s people, but he may be past the point of caring.

PB: None. Socked by Dex

Jobeth Razafimanjaka
Unlike the others of the Commission, Jobeth saw the future years ago. She did her best to get the structure changed so that the Commissioner’s office and the Commission had direct control over the administrative elements of the mutant population, but as their influence slowly eroded, so did their hold. Still a passionate patriot, Jobeth has been working to try and counteract the influence of the Moreau’s, but with the rest of the Commission made complacent by lavish benefits, there is little that she can do inside the realms of influence. Once a gifted earth shaper, most of Jobeth’s powers are now passive in nature.

PB: None. Socked by Dex

  • The remaining four members of the Commission were not named and were not seen on-screen.


Phase 1

Genosha is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. There are three main parties in Genosha – Labour, National Progressive, and the Genoshan Democratic party – however, the NPP has been the ruling party in power since the mid-50s, and indirectly controls much of the bureaucracy and the courts. Prime Minister David Moreau has been power for over fifteen years, having recently won his fourth election as the head of the NPP. Sasha Ryan is the Commissioner for Mutant Affairs – the second most powerful position on Genosha – with wide ranging powers over the entire mutant population, as well as the Genoshan Task Forces.

Young Phillip Moreau appeared in New York in February 2012, asking for asylum for himself and his girlfriend, citing that her genetic condition as a mutant would see her stripped of her rights as a citizen and subjected to conscription into the Genoshan mutant service. The teenagers end up at the mansion, only to disappear in the night without a trace. Following the apparent kidnapping, news of Genosha's mutate program and mutant slavery was made public. At the resulting protest, Thomas Moreau arranged the bomb diversion and kidnapping of many of Xavier's students and faculty. The next day, Genoshan Ambassador to the U.S. Creighten-Hayes met with Charles Xavier and warned him: stop interfering in Genoshan politics or never see the kidnapped mutants again. Meanwhile, several of the mutants were selected for the new mutate process.

The Moreaus then successfully laid a trap for the X-Men who attempted to rescue the imprisoned mutants. The tide turned, however, when the various mutants who had managed to escape capture joined with the Genoshan Resistance to overthrow the government, leading to the deaths of the Moreau brothers and the fall of their regime. Genosha is now under the leadership of Sasha Ryan, with the nation attempting to work towards a mutant-human cooperative government.

Phase 2

In December 2015, former Magistrates loyal to the Moreaus were discovered to have abducted several mutates and were conducting an exclusive service to the 1% aboard the luxury cruise ship, Emperor of the Seas. Brought down by X-Force, the surviving mutates were brought back to Genosha to undergo the reversal process.


Phase 1

Genosha Arc

Phase 2

Operation: Mutant of the Seas


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