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Genoshan Magistrates
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Genosha
Socked By: Dex, Jazz
Introduction: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria,

One part police force, one part military, the Magistrates maintain law and order on Genosha.


Chief Magistrate - Tam Anderson
Tam Anderson.jpg
Anderson is a career magistrate; the first woman accepted into the service, and proved herself to be the best officer in the service time and time again. Ruthlessly capable, incredibly well trained and blisteringly intelligent, Anderson possesses the kind of command authority and honour that military academies dream of instilling. Anderson does her best to stay outside of politics, believing that the Magistrates job is to execute policy, not form it. However, she has seen the anti-mutant sentiment slowly growing in her officer’s corps, and knows that abuses are happening and are being hid from her. She suspects that Thomas Moreau is providing cover for such things, using his formidable reputation as well as his political connections to gestate the kind of officers he wants.

Anderson is a pragmatist, but at her core is a sense of honour and duty currently in conflict. She would gladly die to protect Genosha, but doesn’t know how to protect it from itself. She is unafraid to make her opinion known to her superiors, or enforce proper discipline regardless of the political protection her target happens to enjoy.

During the the invasion of the Genosha, she was forced to turn traitor against the government after calling Thomas Moreau's orders into question. She, along with Dr. Sasha Ryan, avoided arrest and met with an X-Men team in the city, offering her assistance in taking down the current government. Following the invasion, Anderson was restored to her position and began the task of weeding out those in the GDF who were loyal only to the Moreaus.

PB: Tilda Swinton, socked by Dex.

Magistrate Braddock
Magistrate Braddock.jpg
Former member of X-Force on sabbatical, Betsy was taken and put through a modified version of the mutate process, which overlaid a new personality over her own, that of Genoshan loyalist, Magistrate Braddock. Cruel and emotionally remote, Magistrate Braddock took great pleasure in the pain and confusion seeing her caused in those who knew her. The process was reversed by the Genegineer, who revealed himself as Dr. Nathaniel Essex and that Betsy's involvement with Genosha had been part of his plan to remove Kwannon from her mind and into a cloned body.

PB: Rachel Weisz, socked by Jazz.

Commander Jan Grual
Jan Grual.jpg
Grual is a career officer who has been appointed one of the key Mutate handlers. He’s known for his ruthless discipline and expectation to be obeyed instantly. He’s known to push mutates and his men to the absolute limit and despise weakness. However, he’s also known to be utterly fair and by the book. A soldier under his command who decided to take advantage of a female mutate was caught, court martialled, and sentenced to thirty years under Grual’s utter refusal to allow any kind of mitigating circumstance into his charges. A dangerous opponent, Grual will execute his orders to the letter.

Grual was in charge of handling Mutate 105 (Yvette Petrovic) during the invasion. Following their defeat at the hands of Storm's team, Grual surrendered gracefully, declaring himself prisoner of the team and saying he would accept whatever vengeance they saw fit to deal.

PB: Jeffrey Wright, socked by Dex.

Commander Catya Semoko - deceased
Semoko is Grual’s dark shadow. Equally disciplined and ruthless, Semoko lacks Grual’s loyalty or adherence to military law. She happily uses her mutates like machines, caring little about their wellbeing. Amougst her squads, she has cultivated favourites loyal to her, and in return, allows them an unethical latitude. Cruel and vindictive, Semoko has climbed the ladder mercilessly to her current command, and has intentions of one day replacing Anderson. Her political patron is Thomas Moreau, and she’s loyal to him first.

Semoko was in charge of handling Mutate 42 (Laurie Collins). During the final battle between the mutants and the X-Men and X-Force, Semoko refused to back down, and was beaten to death by Jubilee.

Socked by Dex.

Warden Commander Elias Wittcombe
Elias Wittcombe.jpg
Wittcombe is one of the few non-Genoshans to rise high in the Magistrates. Wittcombe served for many years with the British military in corrections, running brigs and prisons when needed. Diligent and thorough, he was recruited twelve years ago during the construction of the Citadel to serve as the consultant and eventual Warden. While arrogant about the capabilities of his own facility, Wittcombe is a gifted administrator. While he runs a largely by the book complex, he has been made aware of certain situations that require a less standard approach, and has arranged for such resources to be made available. He also maintains a select number of more brutal guards carefully separated from his regular correctional staff. He finds torture and brutality distasteful, but accepts the necessity from time to time. However, he does not allow capricious or meaningless violence or abuse in his prison, except when under orders to the contrary.

Following the invasion, Wittcombe was allowed to remain as Warden of the Citadel.

PB: Kurtwood Smith, socked by Dex.

Herbert Mudd/Wipeout
Herbert Mudd.jpg
Mudd is a long tenured civil servant. Originally an administrator for the Magistrates, he later moved into analysis and then program development, and was a key part of the adaptation of the mutate process. Trusted, he volunteered to be the first subject for Thomas Moreau’s secret project to overlay mutant abilities on baseline humans. Using the DNA from a mutant mercenary, Mudd was implanted with the ability to negate and restore mutant abilities. He enjoys the feeling of power and importance that his abilities represent, although is a coward at heart.

During the invasion, he was promoted to Commander by Thomas Moreau, and later attacked when Amanda Sefton invaded his office, demanding he return everyone's powers. He reappeared again in December 2015 on board the Emperor of the Seas and was left to his own fate on the disabled vessel. Missing, presumed dead.

PB: Richard Griffiths, socked by Dex.

  • Pipeline: a mutant whose ability is to turn living beings into electronic impulses, which can then be transported over distances and reconstituted . All clothing and personal items disappear during the process.
  • The Press Gang: Thomas Moreau's hand-picked Magistrate squad, known for their ruthlessness and utter loyalty to him.
  • Brian Razanamasy, Wolter Brandt, Wilson Grey, Mariam Cross - along with Mudd, these remnants of the Press Gang were in charge of the cruise ship Emperor of the Seas, using illegal mutate labour to power the ship and to provide personal protection. X-Force disabled the ship and left the Genoshans and their passengers to fend for themselves after rescuing the mutates and staff. Razanamasy, Grey, Brandt and Cross were killed during the takeover.



Genosha does not have a standing army. Instead, it relies on a force called the Genoshan Magistrates, who function as a federal police force. There are three levels of Magistrates. The lowest rung – Civil Forces - are tasked for general police work across the island. The next rung – Defense Forces – are responsible for the military aspects of the island and national defense, including a small navy and airforce. The elite Magistrates are the Genoshan Task Forces, who have total authority over all mutant and mutant related security issues. The GTF is one of the elite counter-mutant forces in the world. The city of Prenova is completely staffed with GTF Magistrates. The head of all Magistrate forces is Chief Magistrate Tam Anderson, a career officer and a sixth generation Genoshan.

Following the fall of the Moreau government, those recruited by or loyal only to the Moreau brothers were removed from duty by Tam Anderson, and the Magistrates concentrated their efforts on rebuilding Genosha.

Phase 2

In December 2015, prompted by a psychic distress call to Emma Frost, a combination of research and surveillance confirmed that a luxury cruise ship was bought and is run by Genoshians. Specifically, Genoshans that made up Morneau's interrogation specialists. Obviously when the Citadel started to crumble, they made a break for it with money, records and several mutates. Infiltrating the ship, X-Force discovered that a mutate was in fact the power source for the ship, and it had been their distress call which had been picked up by Emma. Faced with the choice of either leaving the mutate in place to maintain the ship's ability to sail with a severe storm approaching, or allowing them to die, Emma chose the latter. X-Force evacuated the remaining mutates and staff members, leaving the Genoshans and their passengers to do their best to survive the storm.


Phase 1

Genosha Arc

Phase 2

Operation: Mutant of the Seas


Socked by: Dex

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