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Organization: Shaw Industries
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First Seen: May 2003

Shaw Industries is an American corporation, with its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with corporate offices in Manhattan, Detroit, and Berlin. Primarily specializing in commodities trading and high-quality steel production, Shaw Industries also has numerous subsidiaries involved in electronics, robotics, and cybernetics.

Originally incorporated as Buckman and Sons by Theodore 'Ned' Buckman in the 1960s, the corporation was taken over through a majority stock buyout by Sebastian Shaw in the late 1970s. At the same time, Shaw was supplanting Buckman as the Black King of the Hellfire Club, in the process adding Buckman's fortune and holdings to his own. Rechristening the corporation after himself, Sebastian replaced the Board of Directors with those loyal to him, and expanded the new Shaw Industries financial presence internationally.

Considered one of America's most successful yet ruthless businessmen, Shaw has been very selective about corporate alliances, avoiding mergers in favor of limited partnerships, often resulting in his purchase of his less-fortunate business partners. One of Shaw Industries' most successful partnerships was with Frost Enterprises, under the guidance of Emma Frost, although this business relationship has since been severed.

Recently, Shaw Industries has run into a patch of rough financial waters, through the machinations of Pete Wisdom, the loss of their cybernetics subsidiary Wideawake LLC, and the loss of one of their major investors, Selene. Rumor has it that Shaw Industries may fall out of the Fortune 100 in the upcoming year unless a significant change in situation occurs.

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