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Emma Frost
Portrayed by Charlize Theron
Codename: White Queen
Affiliations: X-Force, Hellfire Club
Birthdate: July 14, 1972
Journal: xp_whitequeen
Player: Amanda

No Black Queen. No White King. Keep to our agreement on that - two Courts, one ruler each as counterweight and balance. But for now, the shadows and darkness are the best places for mutants to work and the Hellfire Club can grant them the cloak of respectability.

White Queen of the Hellfire Club and CEO of Frost Enterprises, Emma has taken on an active role in the doings of X-Force, the clandestine investigation team she funds, while also concentrating on expanding her global business empire. She has rebuilt the White Court to be a Court with exceptional information gathering powers.


Character Journal: xp_whitequeen

Real Name: Emma Grace Frost


Aliases: The White Queen

First Appearance: May 8, 2003

Date of Birth: July 14, 1972

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Winston Frost (father), Hazel Frost (mother), Adrienne DuClos (nee Frost) (sister), Cordelia Frost (sister), Christian Frost (brother, deceased)


Relationship Status: Ephemeral but vigorous

Occupation: CEO of Frost Enterprises

Team Affiliation: X-Force


Early Years

Emma grew up in a household filled with cold contempt and quivering fear, with a mother who used pregnancy to shield herself from her husband's attentions. Emma was the eldest child and thus the least useful - Hazel's attention turned immediately from her when she became pregnant again. Emma's diamond-hard edges were born in a world where her mother ignored her existence and her father used her to prove that his children would never be good enough. His emotional abuse and neglect of all the children were extreme, continuing a family tradition, and while he never sexually assaulted Emma, he used words and actions to sexually abuse and humiliate her. Emma grew up a determined perfectionist, trying desperately to win some love and approval, while she used her own emotional depths to shelter and provide love to her younger siblings. But while Christian loved her back, her sisters were turned against her by her father's constant iteration that Emma was not good enough.

Everything came to a head shortly after Emma reached puberty. As her body and feelings developed, so did her telepathy. Her father's habit of forcing her to humiliating displays of her own body and sexuality became unbearable and she finally lashed out with the first manifestation of her telepathy. Her attack was weak and unfocused but she got to see into her father's mind for the first time. Exposed to his raw thoughts, she escaped at first into catatonia and then, when she woke, into screaming terror whenever her father approached her. Rather than attempt to find out what had caused her lapse, her father had her committed into the finest mental asylum in Boston and the family sought to forget she had ever existed.

Emma's time in the asylum broke her and re-made her. She was given a private room and purportedly the best of psychiatric care, although the doctors really had not the slightest concept of what made her cringe in terror when anyone came near her. What they didn't know was that her telepathy was manifesting fast and thoughts rubbed against Emma like broken glass, like knives. With no-one to help her through her manifestation, her capacity to control her telepathy was hard-won, gained inch by inch through Emma's indomitable will. She was still, however, a very young girl with a rapidly developing body and a rather impressive array of psychotropic drugs being pumped into her daily, interfering further with her capacity to control her telepathy. This made her vulnerable and this was exploited by one of the less savoury male nurses on the staff. Emma's sexual abuse at the hands of her father became sexual assault at the hands of the nurse.

Control, and the end of her torment, was won in the hardest of circumstances. Her mother, in defiance of Winston, made contact with Emma in the asylum. Barely recognising her now-exquisite daughter who appeared lost in sedation, Hazel told Emma that Christian had killed himself, broken completely by his father when he had displayed unmistakable courage in stating that he was gay. Her brother's courage energised Emma. Slowly she weaned herself from the drugs, learning to conceal and destroy them. Slowly she honed her telepathic control, her walls, learning to read the thoughts of those around her, to selectively filter, slowly to write her will over their own, to implant triggers. Her control was confirmed on the night she broke the nurse who had so enjoyed raping her. When he came to her room, she triggered her own trap in his mind. Her escape was easy after he smashed the window to obtain glass with which to cut his wrists repeatedly. She used her telepathy to conceal herself from the guards and simply walked out into the night. She was sixteen and the three years in the asylum, instead of breaking her, had turned her as hard as diamond and as cold as ice, with a fierce and terrible will. She knew that she would never let herself be in anyone's power again and was also determined to avenge her beloved brother.

Emma wasn't ready to regain her place in her family, though. Her formidable intelligence had combined with her telepathy to choose a path that would keep her concealed from her family, from any chance of going back to the asylum. Aware that she wasn't yet ready to face down her father, Emma tracked down his greatest enemy - Boston society grande dame Mrs Arabella DeLacy, who blamed Winston's ruthless business practices for the premature death of her tycoon husband. Emma offered Arabella the opportunity to watch Winston being broken, if she would provide Emma with a place to stay, an education and mentoring. Intrigued by the offer Arabella took Emma under her wing. Under her careful supervision, Emma finished her schooling, learned how to function in the highest of society, learned the ins and outs of running a multi-million dollar company. She also realised that she would need to develop certain attributes to function properly in society. As such, she took steps (mostly involving particularly discreet paid escorts of both genders) to normalise her sexuality and to overcome her existing aversion to any kind of intimacy. Unexpectedly she also developed a deep friendship and affection with Arabella, who discovered with delight that her student had a wicked and expansive sense of humour, with a very cutting edge. Emma never admitted it to herself, but it was highly likely that, during this time, she used her ability to re-wire thoughts within her own brain and overlay her traumatic childhood with the more rounded and strengthened personality that she knew she would need to achieve her ambitions.

More than anything else, Emma's timetable moved forward when Arabella was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Wishing to fulfill her side of the bargain, she confronted her father in his home. She used her telepathy to drive home to him the magnitude of his crimes against his family, particularly his hounding to death of Christian. She also showed him her life in the asylum, immersing him in the horror of her own experiences there. Winston broke, far more easily than Emma or Arabella expected. Using the opportunity wisely, Emma made him sign a binding financial agreement that gave her control of Frost Enterprises, with residual income going to her sisters and mother. All other connections to the family were cut.

Arabella died shortly after Emma's ascent to control of Frost Enterprises and the shares she bequeathed to Emma allowed her to expand her own business rapidly, driven by an overwhelming need to succeed.

Phase 1

Massachusetts Academy

The world of business offered all sorts of rewards, but it didn't convince Emma that she would really be leaving her mark on the world, so she took an interest in a private school, the Massachusetts Academy in Snow Valley, MA, where she eventually finagled her way into the role of headmistress. She used the Academy to shape the next generation of power players, including the next generation of mutants.

After a collaboration with Sebastian Shaw and his company to pitch the initial Sentinel project to the US government, the project was shifted to a more anti-mutant stance without Emma's knowledge and subsequently declined by the government. When Emma withdrew her company's funding, a vengeful employee named Donald Pierce took a prototype Sentinel and unleashed it on the Academy, killing most of the students, with Haroun al-Rashid and Emma being the only survivors.

Living At The X-Mansion

Emma was brought to the school after her secondary mutation emerged, the ability to transform her body into an impenetrable diamond shell. When she recovered, she became a staff member at the school, as well as resuming control of her business and her role as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. While at Xavier's, Emma acted as a mentor to a number of students, including Sarah Morlocke, [[Jonothon Starsmore, and Manuel de la Rocha, the latter whom she met in Europe after having been abducted by Sebastian Shaw and imprisoned in a mental institution. In exchange for the cooperation of the young empath, Emma promised to take him with her to the school, collecting Shaw's son Shinobi along the way.


Emma chose to leave Xavier's school in 2004, to focus more on her business ventures. While maintaining her role with the Hellfire Club, she was a part of Pete Wisdom's scheme to bring down the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club by posing as the White King.

When the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle fell, Emma faded into the background for a time to focus more on her business activities, while quietly funding X-Force from the shadows. However, the global financial crisis that began in late 2007 led to difficulties in maintaining this funding in its current form and in early 2008 Emma decided to take a more hands-on approach the the affairs of X-Force, moving into the corner office at Snow Valley and bonding with Mark Sheppard early on. When he was injured by the Warwolves Emma used her powers to dull his pain and took charge of his care and recovery. She also assisted in finding Amanda when Amanda was lost in London, tried to assist in sorting out the problems in Wanda's mind brought about by the Shadow King, and coordinating three teams to bring down the auction of the carbonadium synthesizer in South Africa.

Helping Xavier's People

X-Force were not the only ones Emma decided to take a more hands-on approach with early in her tenure at Snow Valley, as she helped Kurt Wagner take down his father Baron Eric Wagner and orchestrated the arrival of her sister Adrienne to the school, even going so far as to help her with psychic shielding lessons. She also took Yvette Petrovic under her wing and offered to teach the young girl how to control her powers. When Yvette was injured by a land mine and the only donor for a kidney transplant, her father (on death row), was uncooperative, Emma bribed a general into not only allowing the donation to take place without consent, but arranged for the execution of Yvette's father to be moved up so it took place the night before Yvette's surgery.

There were also important roles played by Emma in India, Pakistan, and during the Apocalypse attack in New York.

New Inner Courts

It was after the events of Day Zero when Emma began to rebuild the Hellfire Club's White Court, shifting Manuel de la Rocha from White Knight to White Bishop and inducting Doug Ramsey into her Court as her new White Knight- after helping to repair the damage that had been done to his psyche during the Day Zero events, when she had sent him into the meat computer, Mastermold. Manuel, however, was never fully comfortable with the change in his role which led Emma to question his loyalty throughout 2009. When Manuel left in February 2010 to return to Spain with his sister, fearing Black Court attacks on her life, Emma did not replace him.

In April 2010, Emma and Doug met with Shaw and the Inner Courts and struck a deal that had the Black Court denouncing recently-resurrected Black Queen Selene if the White would support Shaw's choice for replacement, Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau, a move that strained some relationships at Snow Valley, particularly between Amanda and Doug.

When the Black Court acted against Doug through his sister Katie and the she held Doug responsible, Emma wiped Katie's mind of the experience and planted suggestions about moving to the West Coast in it, urging Doug not to focus on what he could have done to prevent the events from happening, but to use the experience to do better next time, a philosophy which Emma seems to have taken quite to heart herself.

With the admission of Doug into the Hellfire Club, Adrienne began to show interest in joining Emma's Court as well, but as the sisters became closer, Emma convinced her that the Inner Courts were too dangerous and warned her to stay where she could remain safe. Adrienne attempted to heed the warning but was used against Emma by one of Shaw's minions, Jason Wyngarde on several occasions, though Emma thwarted him and saved her sister each time, including winning a telepathic fight with old nemesis Astrid Bloom. In July 2011 Emma claimed her sister for the White Court to protect her from continuing to be used by the Black, showing how far their relationship had developed in three years.

X-Force 2011

While playing her games against the Black Court took a fair amount of her time, Emma also continued to contribute greatly to X-Force. She manipulated the Swiss Stock Exchange and telepathically 'encouraged' a NATO general and his staff to act as a human shield when the mission to stop the restructuring of Baron Von Strucker's empire went awry in April. In May, she attempted to capture Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin, the protege of General Karpov, the man behind the Winter Soldier project when it appeared as if the Winter Solider might be the man living on the first floor of the brownstone, Bucky Barnes. Emma got another shot at Von Strucker, the Red Skull, in June when she fought him along with Wanda and Doug, but X-Force was again unable to eliminate the HYDRA threat.


2012 started out weird, with Emma and most of the rest of X-Force being mentally regressed to sixteen - a strange experience but one Emma took in stride. It got worse when a group Xavierites and associates were kidnapped from a Genoshan rally. When they were found in Genosha, the teams joined together to try and save them. The rescue took a turn for the worst, however, with most of the rescuers being captured. Emma was among the few that escaped, and they hatched a plan to get their comrades back and take down the city government.

Returning home, Emma laid low, flying under the radar as everyone attempted to recover from what had happened. In November she helped Adrienne to free herself from the Black Court - succeeding much to her sister's relief. Emma was also unlucky enough to be in the Brownstone when it was invaded at the end of the year, but she managed to escape with minimal injuries.

Emma's telepathy was put to good use in 2013 as she helped Molly try to recover the memories her mother had taken away and fix her mind. She also helped X-Force to rescue Artie Maddicks when he was caught up in one of Arcade's games. She also went to recover Illyana's lost bloodstones at the end of the year, and in 2014 she was part of a mission to infiltrate a mutant organ smuggling operation.

The End of the World

Everything blew up in 2015, starting with the destruction of Muir Island. Emma took a team to the London Hellfire Club in order to do research on the appearance of a mysterious firebird, and they were attacked by dopplegangers of themselves. They managed to escape, barely. When the mansion was threatened, Emma was tasked with leading a team to help defend it, though it was all for nothing when The Dark Phoenix appeared and destroyed the mansion. Emma managed to escape mostly unscathed, but reality fell apart and the survivors were taken from the wrecked world by Xorn and placed into a new one.

Phase 2


The new world was something of a shock, though of course Emma took it in stride, helping to rebuild X-Force and mourning for the people they lost in the old world. In May she helped investigate a series of stolen Chinese artifacts, and the team found this world's Mandarin and in August she was involved in a time loop and in October, she assisted the amnesiac [Rogue]] with getting her memory back.

The events of M-Day, however, had a greater impact on Emma - and her life - than she initially thought. When a member of the [[Hellfire Club's Black Court was arrested and killed in police custody, despite his high-ranking position, the White Queen was forced to work with the Black King, Sebastian Shaw to protect the Club and its members. Emma instituted an alliance between Black and White Courts, putting mutants before their previous rivalry.

That upheaval was followed by another - the discovery that she had been cloned by the Weapon X program, resulting in five identical telepaths. Emma was outraged at violation of her identity, and once the girls were rescued, refused to see them as anything else but pieces stolen from her. Barely returned from this adventure, Emma again was the recipient of a psychic SOS, this time a mutate stolen from Genosha and forced to be the power source of a luxury ocean liner. With X-Force, Emma infiltrated the ship and put the mutate out of his misery, the fragments of his memories impacting her far more than she had anticipated.

Physical Characteristics

Height: None of your business, darling.

Weight: Don't make me hurt you.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Platinum blonde

Other Features: In her diamond form, Emma's body becomes a translucent blue crystalline structure, although this does not inhibit her movement or senses.


Emma is a telepath of high caliber, mostly self-taught but having learned much through her rehabilitation with Charles Xavier.

She also possesses a secondary mutation to transform her body into organic diamond. In this form, she is nearly invulnerable to physical harm, but cannot use her telepathy. Her mind is also invisible to psionic contact while in her diamond form.




The destruction of the Massachusetts Academy was instrumental in the development of Haroun al-Rashid as a character, although Haroun and Emma were only at Xavier's together briefly.

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Player: Amanda

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Player Icon Base: Charlize Theron

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Formerly played by Andrew and adopted by Amanda in January 2008.