Stage of Illusions

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Stage of Illusions
Dates run: November 27-30, 2009
Run By: Craig
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Yeah, I see it, too. Cobblestone streets and fog everywhere. It... couldn't be time travel, right?

When the students try to put on a production of Jekyll and Hyde, the stage becomes a bit too realistic for anyone's liking.

Part 2 of the Wayward Sons arc.


Nicholas Gleason, Julian Keller, Kurt Sefton, Catseye, Doreen Green, Meggan Szardos, Nico Minoru, Yvette Petrovic

Regan Claremont


November 27-30, 2009

Plot Summary

When the mutants begin talking about doing another play, new literature professor, Kurt Sefton quickly finds a way to jump into his new role, announcing that Xavier’s Academy will be performing another play with the help of the Salem community. This year the children will put on a production of a one act version of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Kurt looks to find a site away from the school where the children can rehearse and perform the play, and the answer comes in the form of Leonard Samson, who suggests the Salem Center. Kurt eventually is able to secure the performance rights, and the show is off the ground.

During auditions Nicholas Gleason is cast as Dr. Jekyl as his wolf-form will show for a shocking transformation on stage. Kurt works extensively with Nick on controlling his Wolf-form, and the other students go through similar steps. But jealously also manifests in the form of Julian Keller, star of last year’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and chief rival of Gleason

The night of final dress, the children are all shocked as when they step onto the stage, it no longer appears to be the set, but appears to be actually 1850 London. The children are confused, but things turn for the worse as Nick begins having trouble controlling his emotions, and actually begins acting through the aggressions of his character, becoming a real-life Mr. Hyde, threatening to attack fellow student Meggan Szardos. The rest of the kids scramble to find a way to snap him out of it and escape before anything horrifying happens. Julian leads the charge of those wanting to physically take down Nick if need be. Eventually, Catseye is able to help control Nick in her Big Cat form.

The students are confronted by a mysterious blonde girl who makes a few odd claims, drawing the attention of the students. But several seconds later, the illusion falls, and Kurt rushes forward to help the children. It turns out that he was subdued by a young mutant calling herself Regan that could create illusions so real they seemed to be fact. The students run to apprehend her, but while Kurt was making sure they were alright, the young girl regained consciousness, and escaped.

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As a result of his actions, Nick resumed his role as the mansions resident "emo", withdrawing into himself once again.

This was also Regan's first appearance in the game.


Plotrunner: Craig