Noise and Confusion

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Noise and Confusion
Dates run: February 14-15. 2010
Run By: Ryan
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The small Albanian girl bit her lip. This wasn't like her home country, she had to remind herself, or any of the war-torn countries surrounding it. The police in America were fair and not corrupt. They had rules. But still her hands twisted in her lap, shredding and reshredding the self-repairing cloth of her gloves. "That boy," she said, trying to focus on something else. "He was the boy who was fighting with Julian in Malibu."

Valentines' Day is cut short by the sudden appearance of Julian's old friend and new nemesis, Simon Gutierrez, in Salem Center.

Part 5 of the Wayward Sons arc.


Julian Keller, Nico Minoru, Angelica Jones, Catseye, Yvette Petrovic

Beast, Meltdown, M Cannonball, Wasp, Discharge

Simon Gutierrez, Salem Center Police Department


February 14-15. 2010

Plot Summary

Nico, Catseye, Angelica, Yvette and Julian end up at the same cafe' on Valentine's Day; the day is interrupted by the appearance of Julian's old friend Simon, intent on killing Julian. The four trainees quickly turn their attention to defending the humans who are getting caught in the crossfire while they take down Simon after a brief scuffle. Of course, not knowing the kids are the good guys, the police show up and arrest all five of them. Hank later posts to the staff community about the group being arrested while the group cool their heels in a jail cell until Bobby and Hank can retreive them.

Simon escapes from the hospital prompting Beast to post to the X-Men community about Simon, asking for volunteers to track him down. With a trainee each, the X-Men split up to search; Cannonball and Pants on Fire get creative about searching the woods; Beast and Cheetara search the quarry and discuss agility; Wasp and Discharge have a run-in with some townies; Meltdown and Knuckles search a corn maze and get a fright; M and Lazybones find Simon at an abandoned farmhouse and after a fight, manage to subdue him. Nico accosts Julian once he gets back and they work out a mutual attraction and decide to date.

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This was the third time Xavier's students wound up in a cell, Laurie (Law and Order: Westchester) and Inez Temple - Phase 1| Inez (Community Service) being the two previous examples.


Plotrunner: Ryan