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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Doreen Green
Portrayed by Dakota Blue Richards
Codename: N/A
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: May 14, 1993
Journal: Monkey Joe Says
Player: Available For Application

Sent to the Mansion because her single mother could no longer care for her, Doreen is learning to deal with the physical and mental aspects of her mutation. She left for grad school following the end of the world.


Character Journal: Monkey Joe Says

Real Name: Doreen Green

Codename: N/A

Aliases: Dori, "Rodent" (By classmates)

First Appearance: April 3rd, 2009

Date of Birth: May 14, 1993

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Maureen Green (Mother), Micheal Green (Father), Ryan Green (little brother)

Education: Attending grad school in LA

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Doreen is the oldest child of Micheal and Maureen Green. Even as a kid she had high energy and the only early signs of her mutation were bucked teeth. She was a happy and energetic kid, always demanding the attention of her parents. She never was at a loss of that, as a financier had more than enough money to go around and her mother, though having a nursing degree was able to stay home and watch the kids.

Given that Doreen was a handful at the best of times, this was a good thing. She grew up loving her little brother Ryan and being the apple of her Father's eye. Her optimistic attitude made her a lot of friends through elementary school and middle school. Her father having money and their comfortable house in one of LA's well off areas meant she never wanted for anything. She was also a bit spoiled, she only had to ask for something to get it from her Father, who showered both his children with material gifts - often to make up for the fact he was always working.

Like most kids, Doreen took these gifts for granted and always forgave her father when work kept him away. But the summer before she started high school things suddenly changed for Doreen. She noticed she was growing a tail and that her finger nails were becoming thick and claw like. Always showered in love and affection from her parents, Doreen didn't have any reason to believe that they'd react badly. So she didn't try to hide it.


It didn't take long before things like her clothes being shredded or her growing tail to start to show and then all hell broke loose. Her Mom was supportive and loving, her brother, three years younger, went between being both understanding and freaked out. Her father, however, lost it.

Unable to deal with his daughter's physical mutations, Doreen's father started drinking, but still lived at home. It was during this time she started high school. Though optimistic that her friends would still be her friends, Doreen was in for a horrible surprise. Being a mutant, and a physically obvious one at that, Doreen's social life at school went downhill fast. She earned the nicknames "Vermin" and "The Rodent" and even her best friends were turning their backs on her.

Having to deal with her family collapsing on one side and the torment of her classmates on the other side made it hard for Doreen to keep her smiling and optimistic personality. More and more she was using it to bury her emotions, and more and more she found she slipped into an animalisitc state with little memory of what she did during it when highly emotional. Eventually her father gave an ultimatum: Doreen kicked out or he would leave. When Doreen's mother refused to kick out their child he packed up and left telling Maureen that she'd be hearing from his lawyer after disowning Doreen as a 'thing' and a 'freak' and 'not his child' while she was standing in the same room.

Riches to Rags

That started a nasty divorce process and made Doreen's school life worse. Living in the 90210 zip code she had always been well taken care of. When her father left he cleared out and closed the joint bank account that her parents had, things changed. It left her mom in desperate straits to pay the bills, keep food on the table and keep their house. Doreen's mom had to take on two nursing jobs and empty out trust funds and rely on her own family for help. Help that was not forthcoming.

College funds were emptied, her mother's personal belongings and heirlooms were sold and they were still strapped for cash. Doreen went from wearing new brand name clothes to having to shop at Good Will or the Salvation army. Doreen's Mother took the time to specially tailor to allow for her tail and use with her claws.

It was during this time she realized if she slipped partly into her animal mind that she could communicate with squirrels. She found, charmed and tamed a gray squirrel named Monkey Joe. She considers him to be her best friend. Her mother and brother were both amused by the pet and given he was well trained her Mom allowed her to keep the gray squirrel, making him a collar and a clean bill of health.

During all of this her father had moved into a suite at the local Hilton and sued for divorce and custody of her younger brother Ryan. Ryan was suddenly showered with all the love an attention that Doreen used to get. While Doreen and her mother had do make due with almost nothing for money and buying second hand clothes, Ryan got new things and was often taken on outings by his father.

Michael Green also started using his daughter's condition as fodder for the custody battle that got nastier and nastier. Going into her Sophomore year at high school, the custody battle and bitter divorce well under way and the torment getting worse Doreen's smiling, rose tinted attitude became a joke to her classmates. And the game was getting to see if it could break. Abuse ranged from name calling to book, homework and money theft to having her locker broken into to being shoved into lockers herself. Or having her tail slammed into open doors, pulled on or spit balls shot into the fur.

The Rodent and the Prince

Through all of this Doreen kept smiling and kept treating everyone as nicely and happily as she could. She held fast to the belief that if she did, everyone would accept her despite how she looked. Though the few times you could catch her alone you could see her breaking down. She attended the same public high school as Julian Keller and his group was just as bad at picking on "The Rodent" as any other. But when no one was watching he would help her out. He never did so in public because helping The Rodent would've been social suicide that at first, he wasn't willing to commit.

After Julian came out as a mutant, for the two more weeks he was at her school he publicly and openly defended Doreen from the constant bullying. Julian Keller is Doreen's personal hero for this. He isn't (and never was) a romantic interest, but more like an icon and proof there are still good people in the world and she's not alone. After he got expelled though - and, the rumors said, sent to military school - Doreen's torment at the hands of her classmates got worse. It was, as one of her fellow students claimed, Squirrel Season.

Rumors about her and Julian flew around the school, though none of them were true. The teasing getting worse made her episodes of slipping into her squirrel mind that much more common at home. With her mother working double shifts and two jobs just to make ends meet, it was often her little brother who was left to deal with Doreen and her episodes, when it was supposed to be her watching him.

Social Services

Doreen's emotional state got the best of her when she was out replacing a game controller of her brother's she had chewed up. During the trip, the emotional time bomb exploded and Doreen went into full feral mode. The police were called, and Doreen had to be taking to a special juvenile holding cell. Not being able to communicate in anything more than clicks or squeaks the first number they were able to call was that of her Father. He happily told the police she could stay where she was for the night and someone would get her in the morning. After awhile when Doreen woke up and came to her senses they were able to get a hold of her mother who came to pick her up.

The incident was brought to the attention of California's child services and a social worker assigned to the case assessed the situation and recommended that as Doreen's mother wasn't able to fully care for Doreen in the way she needed that she be sent to the Xavier Institute. Doreen's mother contacted the school, made arrangements and with the last of their spare money bought Doreen a bus ticket to New York and the Xavier Institute.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Dori's first ties in the mansion were to Kyle Gibney and Janet Van Dyne who picked her up from the bus station. She later developed a firm crush on Kyle. She soon met her roommate Callie Betto, who was very displeased by the presence of Monkey Joe and eventually ended up briefly moving into Jean-Paul's suite, leaving the student suite to Dori.

She met up with Julian, her defender from her own school and made ties with Inez Temple and Johnny Gallo. It wasn't not long, however, before she had a feral “freakout” and Monkey Joe declared a war on Marius Laverne. Gradually, she settled into school, finally able to participate after years of being excluded from classes and made to stand in the hallway.

The situation with her father continued, with Dori continuing to attempt to contact him and her friendships with Julian and the other students grew stronger as her father's behaviour continued to confuse and upset her.

She travelled overseas in June during Face The Blood and was traumatized by Yvette's injury and got stoned in August during Reefer Madness with the New Mutants. During the student trip to LA, Dori was required attend at court for her parents' divorce, where her father's true feelings about her were revealed.

In October, another old acquaintance, Nico Minoru, arrived at the mansion. A panicked encounter with Logan, who smells like a predator, led to Dori's discovery of the bone spikes in her knuckles and a stay in the medlab and a visit from her grandfather. For New Year's she took Julian, Megan and Nico on a trip to her grandfather's farm; an encounter with Julian's old gang firmed Dori's desire to join the team when she reached 17.

She made friends with Artie, shared her excitement about WoW, RPG's (which in turn brings about the events of Dungeons and Derangements) and Avatar with the journals and, in late October, she spoke to Henry McCoy about becoming a trainee and announced it early in November. When Julian left a skiing trip to rescue his family, Dori and Nico followed to Los Angeles. In LA, she was taken hostage by Nico's parents along with Nico and Crystal Amaquelin, who was taking them back to New York after their attempt to help Julian, and was injured during Crystal's attempts to escape. The three were rescued by the X-Men and Nico's mentor Amanda Sefton, but not before a magical ritual released Nico's latent mutant powers.

2011 opened with concerns about SATs and the chance to convince new student Molly Hayes that squirrels aren't dangerous. Monkey Joe soon disproved this during his relationship with Hank's coffee machine. She met a ghost during Afterlife and was kidnapped by Artie's mad mother during My Long Forgotten Son, before being rescued from New York's sewers.

She recently moved from a crush on Kyle to a relationship, having had her first date and first kiss with him.

September 2011 has seen Doreen starting college, despite her father taking her trust fund and her own concerns about doing well in university.

Genosha and Beyond

2012 brought with it traumas and changes. It started benignly enough, with Dori joining a team of younger X-Men as bait to capture a mutant traffiker. This turned out to be connected to a larger problem, however, when a group of Xavierites and associates were kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan Embassy. Dori joined the rescue team to get them out of Genosha, and ended up being captured along with most everyone else. She spent weeks in captivity, and was nearly feral by the time she was rescued. She was able to come back from it, leaning heavily on Kyle especially keep her grounded. Not long after returning to New York, she and Kyle left for a vacation to Montana and then California. When she returned she threw herself back into training, ignoring multiple attempts to get her to talk about what she went through.

Life continued to be quiet for Dori. In August 2012, she was approached by Big Bertha to get the X-Men to act as security at a mutant-friendly concert. She threw herself back into school when the new semester started and continued her relationship with Kyle. She also joined a few more X-Men missions, helping rescue a shipwrecked Adrienne Frost and Garrison Kane in February 2013 and joining a team to pick up Arthur Centino in December 2014.

Dark Phoenix

Phase 2

The events of January 2015 and M-Day meant great loss for Doreen - the deaths of several of her friends and teachers and the changes to the world have caused her to retreat into her studies, her books and her games. She left for LA to attend graduate school, breaking up with Kyle in the process, and returned briefly after breaking her tail. She went back to LA once it was healed, and decided to move there for the time being.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 126 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Reddish Brown

Other Features: Doreen has a large, bushy squirrel tail. The tail is reddish brown like her hair. She also has claws on her fingers and toes. While she files down her toe claws so she can wear shoes, her finger claws are about two inches long and a deep brown. She also has bony knuckles, due to retractable knuckle spikes that are a deep brown and can extend up to two inches. Her front two teeth are also bucked, though only visible when she smiles.


Doreen is a feral mutant, but unlike most feral mutants who are geared towards hunting and tracking, Doreen is specialized to arboreal survival. She has a the physical traits of a squirrel: long bushy squirrel tail that adds to her balance, making it impossible to trip her up and almost impossible for her to fall and thick brown claws instead of toe and finger nails. The claws can cut through and dig into wood easily, allowing her to climb faster than any human could hope to. She also has retractable spikes on her knuckles. These spikes are about two inches long and visible as what appears to be really bony knuckles.

The muscles in her arms and her legs are adapted to running, jumping and climbing. The muscle tissue can take the extra damage and put out more power and her bones are very, very hard to break and can take high impact. From a standstill Doreen can jump thirty to fifty feet with ease. With a running start she can clear over 100 ft. From a standing start, she can also jump twelve feet straight up in the air. Her eyesight is very acute and she can judge distances automatically and gauge herself for a jump without wasting any energy. If she does happen to miss her mark, she has enough strength in her arms to pull herself up easily. With her tail and her balance, she can run along branches with ease. Her balance is so good that she can walk along a thick wire without having to put much thought into it.

Her sense of smell is also very acute and though she can recognize people with it, she isn't a tracker. Her sense of smell is more geared towards food and where it is. She also has some degree of night vision which creates a shine back in a dark room if you shine light in her eyes. The eyeshine comes back red like any other squirrel's would. While this night-vision is far from perfect Doreen can make out shapes and detect movement in almost total darkness. She can't distinguish from color in almost total darkness and she does need some ambient light in order to see. She retains color vision well after a normal person has lost theirs.

Doreen can also feel vibrations in the ground through her hands and feet, provided her hands and feet are bare and touching the ground. Given she's prone to wearing shoes, this is one facet of her mutation that hardly gets used. Though her hands are extremely sensitive to vibrations.

Her jaw is also a lot stronger than a normal human's. That combined with her front teeth allows her to chew through things she normally couldn't, though nothing harder than wood. (Though she can break ceramics and dent soft metal with her teeth and jaws.) Given that Doreen's front teeth are always growing she has to keep something around to chew on to keep that growth in check. This manifests as a chewing urge, and Doreen's pencils are always covered in teeth marks, as rulers and any other hard wood things she has.

Doreen also has her 'Squirrel mind' which is separate from her human mind. In this state, Doreen is an over sized squirrel. She can't speak English or communicate with humans in any way other than hand signals and squeaks. And even then she doesn't have the presence of mind to do that. Her animal instincts are increased. She's likely to slip into this mode when highly emotional. Anger, fear, despair, frustration and even extreme joy can bring it on. While in this state of mind Doreen can literally communicate with other squirrels and ask them to act in any way she wants.

The number of Squirrels Doreen can influence at once while in her Squirrel mind is presently in the mid fifties. (She had a lot of practice in the parts and streets of LA, believe it or not.) Given that in this state of mind her goals aren't human these squirrels are directed often towards either playing with her, bringing her food, or defending her if she feels threatened. Any animals she influences have to be in sight. She can be broken out of this state by physical shock (a slap) a telepathic shock or when she wakes from sleeping or being tranquilized. Most times she spontaneously slips out of it on her own.

She can slip into an half-way mode under her own power, which allows her to speak to squirrels and charm them. While she's thinking in squirrel she can't think in human and won't speak English. But when she's aware of being in this mode she is fully aware of herself.


Doreen carries a small bag filled with nuts, berries and candy to feed squirrels, eat in a pinch and give to Monkey Joe as treats.


Doreen is an avid comics fan and collector.

She files down her toe nails so she can wear shoes.

Doreen dreams of being a writer.

Dori's in-game Twitter handle is @squirrelgirl and first appears in the tweets for X-Men_Mission:_Joyful_Noixe

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Player Icon Base: Dakota Blue Richards

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Jo played Dori from April 2009-September 2017, when she became a Player Emeritus.