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The Starjammers
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Corsair, Raza, Hepzibah, Chod
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Various
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef

This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

This applies to the unplayed canon mutant characters (marked with *) of this team only.

The 'Starjammers' are the name Chris Summers and his friends took after freeing themselves from slavery in Madripoor. They are smugglers, pirates, and thieves, currently at war with another leading member of Lowtown's underworld.


Phase 1

Christopher Summers/Corsair
Chris Summers was a decorated Air Force pilot who got himself into a tricky situation with a foreign government. All he will ever tell either of his sons is that it involved poor decision-making and a moment of weakness on his part. In trying to extricate himself from said situation, he wound up pissing off the people who believed they held the mortgage on his soul, and they arranged for his plane to be shot down while he and his family were traveling to Alaska to visit his parents. He and his wife, Kate, pushed their sons out of the plane with the single parachute, hoping to ensure their safety while they landed the plane. Unfortunately, Kate died in the crash. When his attackers reached the crash site, an injured and distraught Chris tried to bargain for his life, hoping that if they let him live he could find the boys. Instead, they decided to take him to Madripoor where he could give the information he had promised to their boss. During the course of the trip, one of his captors taunted him with a story of how, while looking for him, they had come across the boys and killed them. Devastated, Chris refused to uphold his end of the bargain upon reaching Madripoor, and after an unfruitful period of interrogation and torture, was sold into slavery. He remained there for nearly five years, working in a number of different factories in Lowtown, until he and a group of fellow slaves plotted and successfully carried out the murder of their owner. Hardened by their experiences, he and his friends moved fast to take over some of the man's business interests and formed the nucleus of a new Lowtown gang, whose influence and business interests grew exponentially as Chris made use of ruthless tactics to win them a place in Lowtown's criminal hierarchy. Currently, Chris is outwardly a successful Lowtown businessman, one who has never been tied to any sort of criminal activity. Beneath the facade, he and his people deal in numerous different illegal trades - with the sole and absolute exception of human trafficking. Not only do they not touch it, but they have active vendettas ongoing with a number of gangs who do.

PB: Tom Selleck

Badri Raza
A former member of the Indian army and a specialist in counter-insurgency work, he was dishonorably discharged after an incident in Kashmir, and later drifted to Madripoor, looking for work. He signed on with a minor ganglord, not long before the man was targetted by a much more powerful rival. In the aftermath, Raza was sold into slavery and wound up working in the same factory as Chris. The two bonded, and Raza was the first to sign on to Chris's plot to kill their owner and take over his business. A baseline human, he is nonetheless a highly skilled fighter and an almost superhumanly good marksman.

PB: Irrfan Khan

Hepzibah Jones *
A felinoid mutant, American in origin, Hepzibah was eighteen years old when she decided to travel Southeast Asia with a friend during her year off prior to college. Unfortunately, her friend had very poor judgement and innocently agreed to transport a package for an acquaintance who promised to meet them at their next stop in Indonesia. Upon arriving at the airport, the two girls were taken into custody after their luggage was searched and the package was found. Hepzibah was not charged, but lost her passport, belongings and money thanks to a corrupt police officer. Wandering the streets in an effort to find the American embassy, she was kidnapped, her striking looks and mutation making her a commodity. She spent six months in a highly exclusive "establishment" catering to those with more unusual tastes before she was sold to a businessman from Madripoor who was taken by her (and happened to also be Raza and Corsair's owner). When she tried to lull him into a sense of false security and then left him with a few scars to remember her by, she was relegated to the same factory where Raza and Corsair were working, where she became part of their plot.

PB: Amy Grant

Chod *
A very large reptilian mutant of unknown origin, he was used in his owner's factories in Lowtown for his physical strength, and had apparently been there since childhood. He was treated as subhuman, a useful freak, for most of his life; Corsair and his friends changed that, and Chod quite willingly threw in his lot with them.

PB: The Lizard


The X-Men first encountered Corsair's group while attempting to rescue ex-mutant child soldiers kidnapped from an Elpis facility in Sri Lanka. Accompanying them back to Madripoor, they got an up-close glimpse at their operations - but a brief one. Even the Summers brothers are still in the dark at this point regarding the extent of their father's activities. Still, Alex was delighted to have his father back. Scott, on the other hand, was much more wary (and occasionally outright hostile).

Chris was later the victim of a theft at the hands of Robert Haverford, who wanted a set of WWII-era papers Chris possessed, for what they could tell him about the legend of a mystical orchid from Borneo. Chris helped Scott and Jean track him down, and deal with him once they found him - although Chris also wound up on the wrong end of a fight with a possessed Scott in the process. He was perversely tickled by how badly his son felt about beating him up.

Months after this event, Chris contacted his son again for help, this time for a ship of his that had been involved in breaking up mutant child smuggling from Indonesia. Using an old pirating legend, "Eric the Red", as cover, Chris and his growing fleet had been intercepting these shipments and directing the children to safe harbours and agencies that would help them. Unfortunately, this had drawn the attention of India, possible recipient of the children, and the Imperial Guard were sent to bring a halt to the operation. Chris directed the X-Men team who responded towards a contact of his, David, who provided them with the information needed to find the stricken ship and rescue the crew.

Phase 2

Chris surfaced once again in April 2018 with a distress call from the Bermuda Triangle, of all places. Scott and Amanda (after turning themselves and several others into mermaid-type creatures in order to make the journey) found the crew at the bottom of the ocean, being controlled by squids. Amanda managed to free them, and they spent a few days at the mansion med lab, where Chris reunited with his youngest son, Alex.


Phase 1

X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef

The Orchid

X-Men Mission: Eric The Red

Phase 2

Poor Unfortunate Souls


Socked by: Rei (Corsair)