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Organization: Elpis
First Seen: April 2006

Elpis is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing assistance to mutants in the developing world.

First appearance

April 2006


New York Office

Joel Rollins
Former President of the Elpis Board, he has taken a step back to allow Nathan to take charge, while remaining active in the business side of the organisation.

PB: Gabriel Byrne

Nathan Dayspring
Founder and now President of the Elpis Board, Nathan has retired from active field work to concentrate on the business/diplomatic end of things.

PB: Gerard Butler

Juliette Hathaway
Office administrator extraordinaire. Juliet began at the Westchester office and accompanied Nathan, Angelo and John to New York where she continues to be dryly amused and highly efficient.

PB: Stock Image

Tel Aviv Office

The Pack
Domino, David and Mina Rabin, Theo Winchester, Lien Sakai, Ryan Garrison, Vasily Grachov. Nathan's former mercenary group, they 'went straight' and now use their talents for Elpis, in particular rescuing and rehabilitating child soldiers.

PB: See The Pack

The Reclaimed
Anika Bender, Ian Piers, Isabel Matsuda, Gavin Nash, Chris Cole, Richard Malcolm, Laura Carey, Jason Elliot. Former members of Mistra who escaped or were rescued from their programming, they retain their strong 'pack' mentality and joined Elpis to lend their skills to Nathan's dream.

PB: see The Reclaimed

Rahne Sinclair *
A Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters graduate, Rahne joined the organisation not long after Angelo. In September 2008 she transferred to the Tel Aviv office to expand her experience.

PB: Emily Browning - available for applications

Jane Doe *
Cloud 001.psd.png
Another Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersgraduate, Jane joined Elpis to give herself some purpose upon her return to the school in October 2007. ON an exchange to Tel Aviv, she met and began a relationship with Richard Malcolm. After a period of maintaining a long-distance relationship, she relocated to Tel Aviv in February 2010.

PB: Natalia Vodianova - available for applications

Former Employees

Former employees and volunteers include: Bobby Drake, Julio Richter, Medusa Amaquelin, Catseye, Carmilla Black, Monet St. Croix, Angelo Espinosa, John Allerdyce, Amara Aquilla, Sooraya Qadir (volunteer), Tatiana Caban (volunteer), Yvette Petrovic (volunteer), Callie Betto (volunteer), Fred Dukes (volunteer).


After discovering in the wake of his father's death that Saul had named him his sole heir, Nathan was determined to do something good with the money, something that would repair the damage his family had done and achieve ends in direct opposition to what his father and his uncle Gideon had believed.

Consulting with Charles Xavier and Moira, Nathan decided to found a new NGO which would specifically address mutant issues in the developing world. Angelo Espinosa, who had been working with Nathan in his earlier, less formal humanitarian efforts, was the first person Nathan hired. He also hired Domino, the other members of the Pack, and his surviving friends from Mistra. All of them, with their long experience in the more unsettled parts of the world, would be invaluable field staff for the new organization.

The majority of the initial Elpis staff set up an office in Tel Aviv, with the support of the Israeli government thanks to David Rabin's former employers in the Mossad. Nathan organized a much smaller office in Westchester, for its proximity to the United Nations. Cain Marko offered a swap, moving into the mansion and allowed Nathan and Moira to take over the boathouse, both as a new home for their family and to have more office space for Elpis.

Charles convinced Joel Rollins, a long-time NGO worker, to take over the Elpis board and direct the new organization. Nathan took up the role of lobbyist and head researcher. He also hired Rahne Sinclair and Bobby Drake to work in the Westchester office. Medusa Amaquelin, though not an employee, began to volunteer with Elpis in the lead-up to the events in Prague. Another volunteer was Sooraya Qadir, who after her rescue by Nathan and the other members of his investigative team in Afghanistan, decided that she wanted to help people in the same way she had been helped. Yvette Petrovic later decided to help in a similar manner, the two girls sharing a keen interest in the welfare of mutants on the global level.

Elpis made something of a splash on the NGO scene, with its enormous resources and well-connected board of directors. Its activities thus far have ranged from the small-scale to the high-profile and politically-charged. Recognized officially by the UN and many world governments, Elpis is currently expanding its staff and the scope of its activities even further. Though it is still a small NGO by any standards, its public profile is increasing, especially after the events in Prague.

This would prove to be a mixed blessing, as Elpis was targeted by the Preservers in their initial bombing campaign. The Tel Aviv office was destroyed; fourteen staff members were killed and many more injured. Nathan and the rest of the staff fought to get their young organization back on its feet and managed to survive the initial crisis through hard work and sheer willpower.

The summer of 2007 would be no less eventful, as a couple of supposedly-simple investigative trips went wrong. One, to Tanzania to check on the progress of a mediation program there, did however result in a new friend - T'Challa, the tribal king of Wakanda, who used his influence with his government to gain Wakandan assistance with Elpis's project. Another to Dagestan, to investigate a DDR program for Chechnya child soldiers, ended badly due to the appearance of Ilyas Saidullayev and the intervention of Magneto, but inspired Nathan to launch a major new project addressing the issue of mutant child soldiers. Despite, or perhaps because of the emotionally charged nature of the project for him and the other ex-Mistra operatives, more and more of Elpis's resources were poured into it. It became increasingly clear that it would be a defining project for the organization. The staff was also expanded, with John Allerdyce, Monet St. Croix, Jane Doe, and Kevin Ford hired on at the Westchester office.

In 2008 and 2009, Elpis continued to expand, although the process was not without its complications. Difficulties with human traffickers in Sri Lanka required help from the X-Men, while strange power manifestations and supernatural events made other trips far more eventful than expected. A new connection was fostered with Mariana Machado, a mutant activist running a communal living movement in Brazil, and a range of other projects were initiated. Callie Betto began an internship with the organization (and was later seconded to work with Alvorece Novo), while Fred Dukes was hired on as a new employee.

In 2009, Nathan made the decision to retire from active duty with the X-Men, and to relocate the Elpis office to New York, where they could expand their efforts. He also took over as President of the group's board, with Joel staying on to assist where needed. Things still stand there, though Elpis continues to grow and take on new projects all the time.

Elpis was a casualty of the incident, the Genoshan government announcing the arrest of several of its employees and hinting that the group was not as peaceful as it claimed. As a result, a number of countries removed permission for Elpis to operate within their borders. The new Genoshan government retracted the statement, but the damage was already done. As a result, the Elpis office in New York fired Angelo as a show of good faith, and several of the other Xavier's employees also left. They went on to help form a new group operating from the mansion, X-Corps.


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'Elpis' is the Greek personification of hope, the spirit Pandora managed to keep inside her box.

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