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Moment of Awesome - Polaris Along with roommate Angelica Jones, Lorna Dane fights off a most un-Christmas-like attack on the mansion as Belasco sends his minions to create chaos.


Lorna looked up when Xavier's voice entered her head, "Attacked by what?"

As if answering her question, a demon smashed through the window and landed on their couch. It growled at both the girls before launching itself towards them.

"Hey!" Angel yelped as the demon flew through the window, catching the lights that were running over it and ripping them down. "I just hung those up!" As it jumped at them, she threw her hands and out and shot off one large fireball. The ball of flames and the demon met head on, sending the creature flying into the Christmas tree.

The smell of burning demon flesh filled the room. "No not the Christmas tree." Lorna yelled out and focused on the metals in the room and sent them flying towards the demon. It was too late to save the Christmas Tree. "Is it dead?"

As if responding to Lorna, the demon's body collapsed into a pile of goo. "Eugh," Angel muttered as she stepped closer. "Guess that's your answer."

There was a crash as their door was barreled down, revealing two more demons. Great. So it was one of those knock down one get two more things. Angel took a step back, flames sparking between her fingers as the demons advanced.

"That better not ruin the carpet." The green haired woman turned to see their door crashing down to the floor. "Get. Out. Of. Our. Room!" Lorna had enough of demons ruining her day of Christmas decorating and sent out a magnetic pulse that sent the demons backwards as Angel's fire hit them. Lorna walked over to the broken door and looked out to see the goo on the opposite wall. "Gross."

"What the hell is going on?" Angel said in disbelief as she hurried to join Lorna in the door, looking down the hall and seeing yet more of the creatures running towards them. "Oh man. Fire in the hole!" She called as she shot off a flame ball, trying to slow their assault.

Lorna turned to see two more running at them from the other way. She put her back towards Angel and sent another magnetic blast down the hallway. "Why can't it be cute little bunnies attacking?"