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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Belasco (disambiguation).


Belasco - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Limbo
Socked By: Lauren
Introduction: February 26, 2004

Former lord of the demonic realm of Limbo, Belasco's status was unknown, although it could be counted on that he hadn't forgotten his former victim, Illyana Rasputin and the power she holds. In 2013 he attacked the mansion again, this time taking Megan Gwynn as his protegee, only to finally be defeated and destroyed.


Name: Belasco

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Limbo

First appearance: February 26, 2004

Family: None


There are lots of rumours about Belasco, some of which are true, but most of which are hubris he put out there himself - the annihilator of worlds, speaker of darkness, etc. What he did have was a contract with a dimension of elder gods: In exchange for his sacrifice of a pure human soul, he would gain enormous power. Become one of them although given the dangers of dealing with elder gods that wasn't entirely likely

In an attempt to perform the ritual, Belasco attempted it on two girls - one called Beatrix way back in the 14th century, and Maire, in the 16th century. Beatrix was too old, so she died on the first try. Maire was also too old, but she lived through two ceremonies and went insane. She apparently drowned herself, which, given the circumstances, was probably the best death she could hope for anyway. The rituals both require and create an enormous amount of energy, which go into opening up pieces of the subject’s soul to the elder gods - corrupting them, essentially. It’s like opening a gateway they can’t quite get through.

The third attempt was with the young Illyana Rasputin; Belasco kidnapped her and brought her to his demonic realm, Limbo. A rescue attempt by the school failed - sort of - and Illyana underwent three of the rituals before managing to overthrow him. In order to avoid being trapped in Limbo forever and becoming a demon lord like him, she had to leave him alive and exiled. He was banished from Limbo by N'astirh and went on to create a small pocket dimension populated with those demonic forces still somewhat loyal to him.

Belasco hadn't forgotten the mansion, however, and bided his time until December 2013 when he sent his demons to invade the mansion a second time. His target was Megan Gwynn, but as collateral, he also captured several other mutants - Fred Dukes, Callisto, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Angelo Espinosa and Meggan Szardos - with the intention of holding them in his cliff side cells as human shields. The group escaped, however, and spent several weeks wandering the blighted landscape. A rescue squad managed to retrieve the group, effected by the demonic energies of the dimension and Belasco's will, while Billy Kaplan engaged the transformed Pixie - with part of her soul already taken in a bloodstone ritual - in a magical battle which ended in Belasco's throne room. Belasco was finally killed by Illyana Rasputin, who was back in possession of her missing bloodstones care of X-Force.


As a demon lord, Belasco is skilled in various forms of dark magic. The extent of his powers is unknown, but many of them are tied into having possession of Limbo, and without that, they are lessened somewhat.


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Socked by: Lauren