The Two Sided Coin of Ambition

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The Two Sided Coin of Ambition
Dates run: January 29 - February 5, 2016
Run By: AJ & Eva
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"Even then there would have to be sufficient evidence to suspend me." Hope interjected. "I doubt just the use of my authentication would be enough. Especially when there might have been opportunities for others to get their hands on it."

When Hope Abbott is framed for industrial espionage at Keller Industries, it's up to Susan Storm and Julian Keller to uncover the truth.


Julian Keller, Hope Abbott, Susan Storm, Jessica Jones, Arthur Centino, Warren Worthington, Quentin Quire, Lorna Dane, Doug Ramsey


January 29 - February 5, 2016

Plot Summary

When Julian and Sue are having lunch in the city, Julian receives a disturbing phone call. His personal assistant, Hope Abbott has been accused of at least severe negligence with her authenticator, possibly even industrial espionage. She gets suspended till things can be cleared up. Hope goes to Doug to make sure that her confiscated laptop does not contain any information that can implicate the mansion in anything.

Julian attempts to convince HR of her innocence, but when that does not work he hires X-Factor Investigations to prove it. Hope works along side Warren, Bobbi, Quentin and Sue doing research into people who might benefit from the information that was stolen. They find a Hammer Industries scientist has publisher a paper which is very similar to the one that stolen. Arthur, Lorna and Jessica trail him and find him exchanging money with the man who was seen on security cameras to have been working on Hope's computer.

This circumstantial evidence is not enough to plead Hope free though and Sue and Julian decide to employ other means. Sue dons her identity as the Ghost and together they confront the hacker. They manage to to convince him to confess.

A few days later Hope, Julian and Sue watch the press conference in which Hammer makes known what has happened and Hope's name is cleared.

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This plot led Hope to approach Jubilee to start learning how to pick pockets as well considering joining XFI.


Plotrunner: AJ & Eva