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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Quentin Quire (disambiguation).

Quentin Quire
Portrayed by Baekho
Codename: Omega
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: September 17, 1997
Journal: xp-erverse
Player: Ben

Now is the time for my revolution. And you all will fucking burn.

An angry loner who suffered severe bullying, Quentin Quire pulled a Carrie when his telepathy manifested. The X-Men stopped him before he crossed the line of no return, and he enrolled at Xavier's to learn to control his mutation and gain some perspective on life.


Character Journal: xp-erverse

Real Name: Quintavius “Quentin” Quirinius Quire

Codename: Omega

Aliases: Jack Chin, Tamago Yaki, Jimmy Cheung (fake ID's)

First Appearance: April 10, 2015

Date of Birth: September 17, 1997

Place of Birth: South Korea

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Quartus (deceased) and Lucia Quire

Education: BS in communications from Empire State University (online, 2022)

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Private investigator, activist, rabble-rouser, village bicycle

Team Affiliation: X-Factor


Childhood and Adolescence

Quartus Quire is the wealthy owner of a massive construction company in New York. He and his wife Lucia tried unsuccessfully for years to have children; Quartus refused to believe, as his doctors advised him, that he was infertile. Ultimately, after much pestering from Lucia, he had no choice but to face reality, and accepted his wife’s proposal that they adopt. And if they adopted internationally, she argued, they would be seen as such great people who’d rescued a poor child out from a miserable situation. And while adoption, particularly internationally, is burdened with hurdle after hurdle, it’s nothing a few hundred dollars here or there can’t simplify. So in early 1998, the Quires welcomed their new son, whom they named Quintavius, or Quentin for short.

Quentin’s early life went about as well as can be expected when being raised by a pair of rich, class-conscious, apathetic white people who’d only had a child as a status symbol. Quartus and Lucia weren’t abusive, but they were emotionally absent, and Quentin was often left to his own devices. He grew up a loner without friends, a constant target of bullying, finding his only respite in the words of Roald Dahl and Philip Pullman, and later JD Salinger, James Baldwin, and Karl Marx.

His telekinesis manifested without incident or trauma when he was 13, but he wasn’t powerful enough to cause any trouble. His manifestation did spur him to research online about mutation, where he learned that mutants were banding together as a community, just like any other minority. He became very active in the online mutant community, finally finding some people with whom he could identify. He kept his powers a secret in real life, though, as he understood the danger he’d encounter if it were revealed. And really, no one else deserved to know the truth about him, anyway. He did start dyeing his hair wild colors, though, so he could at least approximate the otherness that some mutants experience.

In early 2015, Quentin started having an affair with his history teacher. Tom Logan received his MEd and started teaching at Quentin’s prep school only a couple of years earlier. He was well liked and respected by his peers, students, and parents. And he was one of the few (if not the only) teachers whom Quentin respected. His American history class focused on the actual people and their struggles: black people and post-slavery racism, the working class’s abuse from the middle and upper classes, women’s emancipation, gay liberation, disability awareness, and the intersection of all these classes. He was a younger, hotter, gayer Howard Zinn.

And Quentin really wanted some of that. So he did what any other 17-year-old who was hot for teacher would do: he made a Grindr profile and hoped that he’d find Tom on it. And a week later, he did, and the two arranged to hook up. Quentin didn’t put his face or his real name on his profile, though, so his appearance at Tom’s door was a terrifying shock to his teacher. Tom invited Quentin inside, at least to get him out of the cold and so his neighbors wouldn’t see such a young visitor coming over late at night. He expressed his concern about Quentin going online to have sex with strange men and asked Quentin if things were okay at home. They ended up having a long and intimate conversation in which Quentin for the first time vocalized his problems at home, his loneliness, and his confusion with his identity. It was a huge relief to actually say these things out loud to a sympathetic ear.

And then they slept together.

Tom and Quentin continued their relationship in secret for another couple of months. They agreed to strict guidelines: no communication during school hours or on campus except for what’s scholastically necessary, not going out together publicly, and no telling anyone anything, not even a hint. That was pretty easy for Quentin, seeing as he didn’t have any friends and didn’t speak to anyone or go out, anyway. But those rules didn’t prohibit sexting and nude selfies, which they sent to each other constantly.

And that of course ended up being their downfall. Quentin was browsing through some of their racier messages after school one day, when one of his regular tormentors grabbed his phone right out of his hand and revealed its contents to his friends nearby. Understandably mortified, Quentin used his telekinesis in public for the first time, slamming the bully to the ground and taking back his phone. He went straight to Tom’s office to tell him that their secret was discovered and it would only be a matter of time before it was revealed to the school at large.

Tom made the difficult decision to inform the principal and tender his resignation that afternoon. While he was only 24 and Quentin 17, the legal age of consent in New York, their relationship violated school policy and was a fireable offense. Better to come clean and own up to it and hope to salvage some prospect of his career instead of letting it crash down.

21st Century Digital Boy

Life only became harder for Quentin after that. Already prime bully material, Quentin became an even bigger target for violence after his mutation and his sexual relationship with a teacher of the same sex was revealed. “Quentin Queer” literally could not walk the halls unmolested.

On April 10, 2015, the violence reached a breaking point. Cornered by a trio of bullies at school, Quentin's telepathy manifested, and he inadvertently psychically linked up with everyone in a 100-yard radius and pulled them into the Astral Plane. He quickly realized that he had dominion there, and proceeded to pay back his tormentors for every perceived slight. When news broke of students and teachers inexplicably falling unconscious, the X-Men sent Jean Grey and Jennie Stavros to investigate. They followed Quentin into the Astral Plane and offered him a place at Xavier's where he could be safe and hone his abilities. He initially rebuffed them, but they won him over by pointing out that continuing the violence committed against him solves nothing. He needs to direct his rage in a productive manner if he truly wants to effect change.

Jean muddled the memories of Quentin's victims so they would not recall what Quentin had done to them, and then showed him how to return everyone to the material world.

Quentin mostly kept to himself once he moved to the mansion. What time he didn't spend alone in his room was dedicated to telepathy lessons, getting high on the roof with the one person he didn't find disagreeable, and publicly refusing to engage in Generation X activities. In July, Quentin accompanied a group of residents to a crafts fair in District X (to support the mutant community, not for the personal interaction), where they witnessed a group of police officers assault an unarmed mutant. He tried and failed to use his psychic powers to stop the cops, earning a small concussion, a bloody nose, and the ire of his peers. He expressed his outrage at the injustice of the assault and what he interpreted as the apathy and hypocrisy of his fellow mutants. Accusing everyone at the mansion of not caring about mutant welfare went about as well as could be expected and helped alienate him further from his peers. Getting a new roommate did not do anything to improve his disposition.

Jessica Jones, whom Quentin had written off in Gen X, saw something in him that reminded her of herself at a younger age, and took it upon herself to help guide Quentin to a better place. She told him about X-Factor Investigations and the good grassroots work it does. Intrigued, Quentin pleaded his case to Adrienne Frost and Warren Worthington, and after some consideration and assurance that he wouldn't bring the place down from the inside, invited him to join.

Do I Know You?

Quentin's lessons in telepathy continued apace, but suffered a drawback in mid-September when, when Jean dismissed him after he threatened her during a session on the Astral Plane. Outraged at his rejection, he tried to find solace again in the one person he trusted to do so: Tom Logan. Quentin tracked him down to his new home in Queens, but Tom was less than pleased to see him. And when Quentin revealed that he was a mutant telepath, Tom completely lost it and accused Quentin of having used his power to manipulate him into a sexual relationship with a student (even though as far as Quentin knew, his telepathy had not yet manifested). Quentin left, despondent. Clint Barton offered a sympathetic ear, but it was a night of drunken debauchery with Gabriel, followed by a genuine apology and confession to Jean, that gave him some much-needed perspective on telepathy and consent. But in true Quentin Quire fashion, he immediately followed up this good will by antagonizing Wanda Maximoff and his normally unflappable roommate.

In early November, Quentin was drawn into the psyche of a terrified mutant in Quebec, who had reached out into the Astral Plane for help before she was to be lobotomized by a religious fundamentalist/anti-mutant surgeon. As a result of his inexperience, he also drew in Gabriel, Wanda, and Jean-Paul Beaubier, leaving the four of them in control of the girl's body, while the girl's own personality was nowhere to be found. The four escaped the hospital and, despite troubles encountered along the way, got down to Montreal to recruit Jean-Paul's guardian to help them return to the mansion. When they did get back, Xavier guided Quentin and the rest into the recesses of their shared mindscape to find the girl and bring her back. The experience brought the four closer together, helping to mend the enmity between Quentin and Wanda, and provided an excuse for another night of intimacy between him Gabriel.

Quentin moved into his own space after another almost violent confrontation with Amadeus. His first official case at XFI was similarly disastrous; while investigating the murder of a poor mutant named Mole, the team was savagely ambushed by mutant feral Sabretooth. Quentin thankfully escaped without major injuries, but several of his teammates were not so lucky.

Great Attractors

The year 2016 began with Quentin and the mansion's other psis dragged into the astral plane where they found it colonized by parasites, remnants of the rebuilding of reality a year prior. Through their combined efforts, they cleansed the astral plane, and Quentin did what he does best to recover from the ordeal: have sex with Gabriel and then get high.

He made a few more notches in his bedpost in the months that followed, with Kyle Gibney in July, Xavin Majesdane in September, and Jean-Paul (finally) in November, following the latter's discovery that his mutations may have contributed to his Olympic wins. Not all of his encounters ended so pleasantly, though. Following months of sniping and agitation over the journals, he telepathically forced Maya to experience his years of bullying and harassment pre-Xavier's. And though she tried to make him see life from her perspective, too, he casually dismissed her, more intent on maintaining their animosity than healing it.

Quentin did prove his helpfulness when XFI took on a case to find a missing mutant child. He guided Alex to interrogate the boys’ friends and ultimately reunited him with his family. Unfortunately, his search for more missing mutants along with Sooraya Qadir a month later ended in tragedy, and despite his best efforts, never identified the murderers.

Psi War

Life ended in the fall of 2017. The nefarious psychic demon the Shadow King possessed a vulnerable Quentin, forced him to abuse friends and murder strangers, and then tried to parasitize Jean. Recalling their previous encounter with monster, Haller urged Amanda Sefton to recreate the magical ritual that had sealed away the Shadow King a decade earlier. The possessed Quentin interrupted, and held his own against Haller and Jean until Quentin himself managed to break free. But knowing he could not maintain his freedom for long, he opted to destroy himself and take the Shadow King with him. Ignoring Jean’s protests, he directed a psychic blast at himself, shutting down his own brain and reducing his body to protoplasmic goo.

Jean refused to believe Quentin was gone, and recruited Haller and Emma Frost to retrieve Quentin’s soul from the Astral Plane. The three telepaths though they were helping Quentin piece himself back together, but discovered they had been deceived by the Shadow King himself into helping destroy Quentin's psychic immune system. The Shadow King attacked but found itself outmatched by the three powerful telepaths, who subdued the beast and reconstituted Quentin. But without a physical body, there was nowhere for Quentin’s psyche to go, so Jean offered to let him ride along for a while.

It was not the sexy adventure Quentin had been hoping for, but it was better than true death, and it only lasted a few days. Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, herself an Astral Plane refugee, guided him into Marie-Ange Colbert’s construct of his body (made from a portrait she had painted of him) and merged it with his ectoplasmic remains, thereby creating a brand-new Quentin Quire. This one had naturally pink hair, which would surely save him hundreds in dyeing costs, but it came with one massive downside: he had lost his telepathy.

Quentin would spend the next several months physically and mentally recovering, spending some of that time on his own away from the mansion. He engaged in self-destructive behavior that pushed away the few people who had gotten close to him, including Jean. It came to a head in May of 2018 when he went on a Rave bender, destroyed an XFI case, and nearly attacked Jean. But her perseverance paid off, and she finally got through to him and spurred him to improve his behavior.

Murder They Tweeted

A worse event than death struck Quentin in November 2018: he was invited to the wedding of a family member, and he could not get out of it. There were at least two saving graces. One, it was Quentin’s cousin Raphael, who was the only relative who ever treated Quentin well, and so was the only Quire Quentin could stand. And second, Hank McCoy, whom Quentin had been pursuing for a few months, agreed to accompany him. Of course, nothing could go according to plan, and Raph was implicated in the murder of his best man at the rehearsal dinner. So Quentin put his XFI training to use, aided by Hank’s genius, to prove Raph’s innocence. Between Hank’s low-tech forensics and Quentin’s people skills, they identified the true murderer, and the wedding continued. Riding on the high of their successful teamwork, they slept together, and Quentin awoke the next morning with his telepathy returned. All it took was showing himself that he’s more than his powers.

Re-empowered, Jean asked Quentin to help train new telepath Betsy Braddock, and though he loathed to be helpful, he agreed, anyway, and she moved into his suite so he could keep a psychic eye on her.

He showed further beneficence when he recruited Cecilia Reyes, with whom he had a tumultuous relationship, to help care for an acquaintance of his who had suffered an anti-mutant attack. Cecilia, who had been feeling lost for some time, took this as the final push to get her to leave the mansion and return to the community, and she thanked Quentin. He was as shocked as she was.


Quentin took the revelation of an alternate universe version of himself following Operation: Siege Perilous in stride, preferring to think of himself as a substantial upgrade. The ego boost didn’t last long. In July of 2021, a training accident left Hope Abbott temporarily stuck inside Quentin’s head, terrifying him that he had been possessed yet again. And shortly after resolving that, he got stuck at a terrorist attack at Claremont Hospital, and was whooped upside the head for his troubles.

Following his father's sudden death in early 2023, Quentin found himself with a substantial financial windfall. After filling up his shoe closet, he invested into XFI, becoming co-owner and revealing to the team that not only had he secretly pursued an undergraduate degree over the last couple years, but he'd also earned his PI license.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Pink (previously black and dyed pink)

Other Features: Quentin has one piercing on each earlobe, and one helix piercing on his left ear. He also has a two tattoos. The first is on his left pectoral, obtained in December 2015, which reads "or does it explode?", the final verse of the Langston Hughes poem Harlem, which is also the poem at the beginning of the Lorraine Hansberry play, A Raisin in the Sun. The second is on his right bicep, obtained October 2016, and is of the Greek god of wine and celebration, Dionysus.


Quentin is a hybrid telekinetic/telepath. Unlike many of these dual psis, though, his power is not evenly split between the two abilities. His telekinesis is only a reflection of his own physical strength; he can’t lift any more or any longer than he’d be able to life with his own two hands. Presumably, a combination of strength training with TK training could enhance this ability but only to mundane limits. This ability could theoretically be refined into tactile TK, thus essentially doubling his physical strength.

Quentin’s real power lies in his omega-level telepathy. Unlike many of the other psis, Quentin is a brute-force telepath and unable (or possibly unwilling) to perform subtle applications of the ability. His own shields are unsophisticated. But he can dismantle the psychic shields of others, overwhelm a mind, create intricate illusions, and manipulate his corner the astral plane with stunning aptitude. With former roommate Betsy Braddock's help, he has learned to focus the totality of his psychic powers into weaponized constructs. His preference is firearms.


An ass that won't quit.


Quentin is a vegetarian.

He has a pet chinchilla named Fuckwad.

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Player: Ben

E-mail: Benemail.jpg

Player Icon Base: Baekho

Meta Trivia

The decision to racebend Quentin as Korean was partly based on the difficulty of finding a PB with the right kind of hair.