The Vault

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The Vault
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First Seen: X-Men Mission: Jailbreak


Phase 2

The Vault is a SHIELD run prison facility for mutants and other super-powered beings. Its existence is a classified secret from the public. In part because of the secrecy of the Vault, the few prisoners there are currently being held outside of the legal system and it can be considered an unconstitutional detainment center. While the number of prisoners remains low, they can maintain the secrecy, but once it starts to grow, SHIELD will have to develop new procedures in line with inmate rights.

Located 12 meters below ground in the Rocky Mountains in Colarado, the Vault is built like a small super-max prison, with triple reinforced concrete, remotely controlled bulkhead doors at regular intervals and the best suppression equipment they’ve been able to develop. Mutants with physical mutations that they can’t suppress are often restricted through physical means. Cells are individually customizable to meet the needs of different powers and mutations.

Commander Roger Browning is the overall commander and Warden of the Vault.

Known Detainees

Nathan Tyler



Phase 1

A SHIELD facility, the Vault is a facility specifically designed to house mutants. Plans had been in the works since Magneto escaped federal prison years ago and were then pushed through faster with the escape of Apocalypse. The Vault itself is in the Rocky Mountains in Colarado about 12 metres below ground. It can hold approximately 100 inmates of both genders and utilises the latest in powers-inhibiting technology.

Human rights concerns have been raised over the facility, especially with regards to the use of inhibitors, which have documented side-effects with prolonged use. However, following Day Zero, there is also a certain level of public support for a place to house mutant criminals securely.

Known Detainees

The Corruptor, Frost, Rust, Ruckus, Wipeout, Reaper, Forearm, Masque, Gregor, Arlee Hicks, Refrax, Adam Kane, Lexa Pierce, Mad Dog, Karl Lykos, Avalanche - Phase 1, Brennan Mulwray, Mister M, Gordon McPhearson, Simon Gutierrez, Ramona Simms, Marcus Li, Deena Carter, Vince McCoy, Artie Ray, Maynard Tiboldt, Nathan Tyler

Former Detainees

Infectia, Ricochet, Dragoness, Toad, Katu, Bloodhawk, Ash, Rowan, Seabourn, Vance Astrovik


Phase 1

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak

There Will Be Peace

Phase 2