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The Horsemen
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Post, Caliban, Apocalypse
Affiliations: Apocalypse
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Day Zero

The Horsemen are a group of mutants loyal to Apocalypse, with a goal of supplanting humanity entirely with mutants as the new dominant species on the planet. In October 2008 they attacked and laid waste to Manhattan, until being defeated by the X-Men, X-Force, and others.

The whereabouts of those who survived Day Zero is currently unknown.

First Appearance

October 25-28, 2008


Apocalypse - deceased
The leader of the Horsemen, Apocalypse is a charismatic mutant who draws strength from the belief of others. With enough followers, he is nigh-invincible. Killed by Dark Phoenix in India.

PB: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Post - deceased
Born Kevin Tremain, a former Norwegian civil engineer whose mutant ability to control cities emerged and blacked out the entire city of Oslo for 24 hours. Blindly loyal to Apocalypse and utterly sadistic in his desire to crush what he sees as the corruption of humanity. His powers allow him total control over a city, to include urban terraforming, limited teleportation, and forming the very structure of the city into a weapon. Killed by Sarah Morlocke and Amanda Sefton

PB: Kjartan Dor Kjartansson

Caliban - deceased
Dubbed the Hellhound, Caliban was a former Morlock who followed Apocalypse in order to gain revenge on humanity. A giant albino with enhanced strength and the ability to enthrall others through fear, as well as detect mutants, he searched out new followers for Apocalypse, while those who resisted were left to his cruel sport. Killed by Pete Wisdom.

PB: Michael Berryman

Formerly known as Major Abraham Lincoln Kieros, a US Army Ranger whose mutant power of concussive explosion emerged during a firefight in Somalia, crippling him and leaving him an invalid in an iron lung. Apocalypse gave him the chance to strike back against the whole of humanity, whom he blamed for using him and discarding him. A physical powerhouse, he acted as the general of Apocalypse's armies, being enhanced with an empathic "fog of war", enabling him to whip nearby bystanders into a hostile rage. Currently in SHIELD custody.

PB: Nathan Jones

Natalya Ignatova, having survived the events of Operation: Flesh Mechanic, was somehow discovered by Apocalypse and assisted him as a way of striking at both humanity and specifically the American culture by attempting to take over the New York Stock Exchange. Presumed "dead" after being defeated by X-Force again.

PB: Stock photo

A young girl by the name of Autumn Rolfson, she was discovered by Apocalypse after she attacked a United Nations food convoy, using her mutant power to rot organic material to ash. Enhanced somehow, her power evolved to the ability to drain energy from any source - electrical, chemical, or biological. Currently in SHIELD custody after being defeated by the New Mutants.

PB: Anna Dubrovskaya

Clad in dull grey armor with an "Angel of Death" motif, the true identity of the Fourth Horseman was never uncovered. "Death" was captured and upon the revelation the individual had been brainwashed, was sent to Muir Island, where they were one of the casualties of the Dark Riders in A Touch Of Brimstone.


see Day Zero

Phase 2

Following M-Day, War and Famine remain in The Vault. Pestilence/Mastermold's status and location are unconfirmed. Death's identity is also unconfirmed, due to the rewriting of history.


Phase 1

Day Zero

Age of Apocalypse (Alternate Reality Version}

Phase 2


Socked by: Nute: (Apocalypse, Death, Caliban), Jen: (Post), Azzy: (Famine), Twiller: (War), Dex: (Pestilence)

In an alternate reality where Apocalypse took over the world, the Horsemen were various Xavier's associates.

While in Phase 1, the identity of Death was revealed, in Phase 2, that identity remained unknown. "Death" was captured and upon the revelation the individual had been brainwashed, was sent to Muir Island, where they were one of the casualties of the Dark Riders in A Touch Of Brimstone.