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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the group. For other uses, see Brotherhood of Mutants (disambiguation).


The Brotherhood of Mutants
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Mystique, Toad, Nimrod, Abyss, Bloodhawk, Senyaka, Katu, Kamal, Rakkus
Affiliations: Magneto
Socked By: Various
Introduction: X2

The Brotherhood of Mutants are the followers of Magneto, drawn for various reasons to follow his cause for mutant supremacy. They are a frequent threat to Charles Xavier's Dream for peaceful co-existence between mutants and ordinary humans.

First Appearance

May 2003

Current members

A mysterious shapeshifter, utterly loyal to Magneto, who uses her insight into people to manipulate them.

PB: Rebecca Romijin

Erstwhile inventor of the group, Toad often bears the brunt of Magneto's wrath. Imprisoned after Thirteen Days, he escaped in November 2009 during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak and was most recently seen in New York experimenting unsuccessfully with airborne Kick. Seen on Avalon in February 2013.

PB: Ray Park

Joined the Brotherhood sometime in early 2007, most likely after Sabretooth was captured. A mutant with extreme physical enhancements, he was a member of the Hungarian special forces before he was discharged and institutionalized for treatment of his schizophrenia. Though he is currently properly medicated, he can't precisely be called sane. Following being teleported into the Atlantic by Kurt Sefton, he rejoined the Brotherhood and was last seen on Avalon.

PB: Dominic Purcell

A young nihilist mutant with the ability to transform into a living shadow. Abyss was instrumental in capturing four X-Men for the Brotherhood, and now gives them their own method of teleportation. Seen on Avalon in February 2013. At large.

PB: Anthony Hannah

A mutant whose physical body is an amorphous gas, Rakkus can "possess" other individuals by flowing into their lungs and taking control of their body. Bodies possessed in this fashion can even be animated after death for a short while. While in a body, Rakkus possesses the basic language and physical skills of that body. (in custody after Thirteen Days.)

PB: Stock photo

Lemuel Krug, rescued from a Russian prison by the Brotherhood. A metamorph with a second form that was red-skinned and reptilian with functional batlike wings and vicious claws. In government custody after Thirteen Days, he escaped in November 2009 during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak. (previously socked by Nathan (player))

PB: Stock photo

Frenzy Possesses steel-hard skin, making her resistant to most forms of conventional physical injury and extreme temperatures. She also possesses above-average strength, and as a side effect of her invulnerability, when she grows more intense and enraged her mental signature closes off, protecting her from psionic attacks. Currently at large following Tropic of Capricorn.


Unuscione A mutant with the ability to project around herself a field composed of psionic energy, which protects her from most physical damage, and she can shape it into weapons. She is also able to generate bio-electrc energy charges through the exo-skeleton. These charges cause intense and pain and temporary disruption of a living being's neuro-synaptic impulses, resulting in a loss of autonomic body function. Currently at large following Tropic of Capricorn.


This entry is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Unuscione (disambiguation).

Kleinstock Harlan, Sven, and Eric, triplets with the ability to fly for limited amounts of time, and generate heat blasts with their hands strong enough to injure or kill human beings. They also share the ability to merge together, forming a hybrid giant form which stands at 10 feet tall and possesses strong flight and heat blast abilities. Eric was killed by Mystique, though Harlan and Sven remain at large.


Vindaloo Expels an amorphous, flammable gel through his pores that ignites in the air, and can be directed as blasts of burning napalm from his fists. Currently at large following Tropic of Capricorn.


Former Members

Savage, powerful feral mutant with an accelerated healing factor and a liking for inflicting pain. Currently independent, although he has been seen in the company of the Dark Riders. He also appeared at the attack on Muir Island.

PB: Tyler Mane

Stanley- deceased
Recruited by Magneto ahead of the X-Men in X-Men Mission: Baltimore, Stanley was a withdrawn young man who preferred video games to people. He had super-strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly unaided. These powers - and Stanley's memories - transferred to Rogue during X-Men Mission: Pyro after prolonged skin contact with the X-Man resulted in Stanley's death.

PB: None.

Joined the Brotherhood after the events of X2. He remained in contact with the school via the journals, however. In August 2003 intelligence reached the X-Men that Magneto was planning to use Pyro and Stanley in a diversion tactic that would cost them their lives. The X-Men intervened, bringing Pyro back to the school where he remained.

PB: Hayden Christensen

Malice - deceased
A deceased telepath whose psionic memory and powers were trapped in a choker and used to control Lorna Dane.

PB: None.

Hydra- deceased
- Also known as "Skippy". A dupe of Jamie's, lost during the Hurricane Isabel incident when a wall fell on him, who believed he was the original Jamie. Discovered by Mystique on the streets and taken into the Brotherhood, Hydra's duping abilities were stretched to the limit via Magneto's genetic manipulations. The process, however, also made his DNA unstable, to the extent that whenever his dupes were knocked unconscious, they melted into fleshy goo, and Hydra himself only had months left to live. He abandoned the Brotherhood in order to pursue his revenge on the 'interloper' he felt had stolen his true life.

PB: Nicholas Brendon

Quicksilver - deceased
Magneto's son and twin to Wanda Maximoff. Until July 2006, Pietro Maximoff was a double agent, feeding information to the X-Men about Magneto's plans at the risk of his own life. Magneto's use of Julio Richter forced a confrontation, after which Pietro fled and eventually sought sanctuary with the X-Men in October 2006. His power is ultra-speed.

PB: Til Schweiger - retired - Phase 2 version only available for applications

Isaac Javitz - deceased
Rescued from a Russian prison by the Brotherhood, Javitz had enhanced strength and invulnerability, enough to survive exposed in vacuum without a full spacesuit and hold his own in a fight with Juggernaut. During the fight on the space station, he was kicked out into space without any anchor. Presumed deceased.

PB: None.

Katu - deceased
One of the older prisoners liberated from the Russian prison, Katu sports the ability to absorb ambient electromagnetic energy from environmental weather patterns and channel it into destructive blasts. Was severely injured by Wolverine during the events of Thirteen Days and once stabilized, turned in to government custody. He escaped in November 2009 during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak. He was killed by Yvette Petrovic during the Muir invasion in January 2015. (previously socked by Craig)

PB: Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko

Kamal al-Alaqui - deceased
Another escapee of the Russian prison, Kamal possessed an ability similar to Mondo's, to adopt the physical properties of any substance he came into contact with, usually gaining enhanced strength in the process. Seen on Avalon in February 2013. At large. Killed in January 2015 during the invasion of Muir Island.

PB: Jack O'Halloran

Suvik Senyaka - deceased
A Sri Lankan mutant with the power to generate whiplike energy tendrils with which he can drain a living being's life force. An avowed sadist, Senyaka enjoys toying with his victims. Captured by the Chinese military in Tibet following the fall of Magneto's space station, he somehow escaped and returned to the Brotherhood and was last seen on Avalon in February 2013. Killed in January 2015 during the invasion of Muir Island

PB: Arya

This entry is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Senyaka (disambiguation).


The Brotherhood of Mutants are a group gathered by Magneto in order to effect his goal of mutant domination. Scattered during Magneto's imprisonment at the end of X1, they were regathered by him after X2, his determination to prevent a mutant apocalypse reinforced by Stryker's plans. Their beliefs have frequently led them into conflict with the X-Men, with Xavier's students holding the upper edge. So far. Late 2006/early 2007 proved particularly disastrous for the Brotherhood, with the defection of Quicksilver, the capture of Sabretooth and the disappearance of Mystique.

Things would later turn around, however, as Mystique reappeared and the Brotherhood began to recruit again, with new member Nimrod appearing in a situation in Germany and another potential, Ilyas Saidullayev, being rescued by Magneto in Dagestan. Saidullayev did not remain with the Brotherhood, however, choosing to ally himself with Tara Trask.

The Brotherhood refreshed its ranks somewhat when they freed a number of mutants from a Russian prison and seized an orbital weapons platform before being defeated by the X-Men. Most of these new members were taken into custody, or presumed to be otherwise dealt with after the incident.

In June 2008, a team of Brotherhood comprising of Mystique, Nimrod, Kamahl, Senyaka and new recruit Abyss, laid a trap for a group of younger X-Men, torturing and interrogating them for information they could not have. The ultimate motive for this remains unknown. The X-Men escaped, as did the Brotherhood. Mystique and Nimrod resurfaced again in February 2009, involved in the abduction of the son of a prominent anti-mutant politician. The X-Men again foiled the plan, although several of the team were seriously injured.

In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, Toad, Katu and Bloodhawk escaped. Despite run-ins with the X-Men, they remained at large and are presumed to have rejoined Magneto.

In February 2013, Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost discovered Avalon after their ship sunk and they were rescued. The island had been settled by Magneto as a supposed peaceful haven for mutants. The X-Men invaded the island to rescue Garrison and Adrienne, encountering a number of new Brotherhood members as well as old ones. The X-Men attack forced them to abandon the island, and the Brotherhood escaped with Magneto.

In January 2015, Magneto and the Brotherhood staged a large invasion of Muir Island. They destroyed the facilities, killing most of the residents and many X-Men in the process, but their own numbers also took a blow, with the X-Men killing their own members and Jean Grey killing Magneto.



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