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Tunnelers - disbanded
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Known Aliases: Gene Nation
Affiliations: Gene Nation
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Introduction: Gene Nation (plot)

An offshoot of the Morlocks, the Tunnelers tended to prey more on the upworlders and thus drew the attention of the military.


The Tunnelers were a Morlock splinter group that believed in a more predatory relationship with the upworlders, more likely to steal or rob than scrounge. They tended to stay at the fringes of the tunnels, which saved them during the Morlock Massacre. Ironically, it was their activities that first alerted the military to the existence of the Morlocks in the first place. For years after the Massacre, the Tunnelers stayed very hidden, expecting more soldiers any day. Slowly, they gathered the few survivors that they could find, keeping them well out of their old tunnels. Eventually that group became Gene Nation.


Gene Nation (plot)


Socked by: N/A