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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see Morlocks (disambiguation).

The Morlocks
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: Sarah Morlocke, [Callisto, Miles Blaire, Artie Maddicks, Annalee, Gene Nation
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Marauders (plot)

The Morlocks were a group of homeless mutants, numbering around fifty, who formed a tightly-knit community, living in the sewers beneath New York.


Few of the Morlocks survived the massacre, and fewer still have managed to find each other again.

While it is possible that other Morlocks may have been spared, to date none have been found.


It is unknown when the Morlock community was formed, but by the mid-90s, there were at least four dozen mutants living in a loose society under the streets of New York. Most of the Morlocks were physically disfigured, taking their name from the subterranean society in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. Avoiding a society that reacted to them with scorn and disgust, the Morlocks lived by scavenging and sticking together.

The urban myth of "mutants in the sewers" spread, and in 2000, a joint effort by the FBI and CIA to investigate possible links to mutant terrorist cells resulted in a botched raid on the sewers, where most of the Morlocks were killed.

[Callisto was the leader of the Morlocks from their founding to their massacre.

In 2008 it was discovered members of the Tunnelers, a branch of the Morlocks who preyed on upworlders rather than hid from them, had survived the Massacre when a series of bombings were committed by a group calling themselves Gene Nation. Callisto resurfaced and Ororo Munroe fought their leader for control of the group; victorious, she arranged for those willing to have alternate accomodation and support, and for Callisto to come to the school in order to help them acclimatise.

In 2011, Annalee, one of the surviving members, met her son Artie on the streets of District X. Annalee used her powers to manipulate him into feeling loyal to her, and he began helping her, at the same time causing trouble for himself at school. Annalee convinced Artie to talk the other New Mutants into moving into the tunnels in an attempt to rebuild the Morlocks. The kids were rescued, and Annalee was arrested. In August, Annalee was sent to a psychiatric hospital, having been declared unfit to stand trial.


Marauders (plot)

Gene Nation (plot)

My Long Forgotten Son


Socked by: Various