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Gene Nation - disbanded
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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Tunnelers, Morlocks
Affiliations: Ororo Munroe
Socked By: Dex, Erin, Morag
Introduction: Gene Nation (plot)

See also Morlocks.

Comprised of the remnants of the Morlocks known as the Tunnelers who survived the Morlock Massacre, Gene Nation was a radical group intent on paying back the 'upworlders'. They have largely disbanded, thanks to a leadership challenge won by Ororo Munroe.


  • Berzerker - the leader of the original Tunnelers. Bezerker used them to steal food and supplies, until he finally moved them as a group back into the original tunnels. He is highly militant, and has organized the Morlocks along both aggressive lines and a strict philosophy which believes the upworld is a total pollution, which is why Sarah is now an outcast. Berzerker can create and control bursts of electricity, and is a skilled knife fighter. Berserker was ousted by Ororo and it is not known whether he remains part of the group.

  • Erg - Another former Tunneler, a tall lanky man who projects concussive blasts from his eye. One side of his face is covered with scars and he wears an eye patch, presumably from injuries sustained during the Massacre.

  • Brute - a hulking man with enhanced strength. He joined Gene Nation after the Massacre.

  • miscellaneous unnamed mutants, largely homeless people who were drawn to Gene Nation's offer of safety and acceptance.


Gene Nation were the remnants of the Tunnelers, a little splinter group that believed in a more predatory relationship with the upworlders, more likely to steal or rob than scrounge. They tended to stay at the fringes of the tunnels, which saved them during the Morlock Massacre. Ironically, it was their activities that first alerted the military to the existence of the Morlocks in the first place. For years after the Massacre, the Tunnelers stayed very hidden, expecting more soldiers any day. Slowly, they gathered the few survivors that they could find, keeping them well out of their old tunnels. Slowly, more homeless or runaway mutants ended up under his guidance, until they finally reached the point of fighting back. Calling themselves "Gene Nation", they began a series of terrorist attacks, setting off pipe bombs and the like in the subways and leaving signature graffiti, which drew the attention of the NYPD and then David Langstrom, orchestrator of the original Massacre.

A second massacre was narrowly avoided by the actions of Callisto, Ororo and Remy LeBeau. Ororo challenged Bezerker for the leadership of Gene Nation, winning the combat. Gene Nation then disbanded, Bezerker fleeing and various other members returning to the streets. A small group returned with Ororo to the mansion.


Gene Nation (plot)


Socked by: Dex, Erin and Morag