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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the Institute. For other uses, see Xavier Institute (disambiguation).

Location: Xavier Institute
First Seen: January 2015

The Xavier Institute is not just a refuge but also a centre of mutant research and learning.

The Institute

The universe of X-Project (Phase 2) is a darker one than the previous incarnation. Mutants are far less accepted, often scapegoated as being responsible for any super-powered incident or property damage. This stems from a history of backlash against mutants over the years, for various incidents. At the time of the relaunch, the world-changing event which causes the relaunch and subsequent damage has been blamed squarely on mutants, with mutant registration once more being called for and increasing incidents of violence and prejudice. Worse still, there are hints of more serious measures being advocated by sources close to the government. Mutants require a sanctuary - Xavier’s Institute has become that refuge.


Staff options include specialised tutoring or training of Generation X, a medical team for the medlab, researchers in the general labs in the basement, maintenance and service personnel for the grounds, building, food services and vehicle fleet, and specialized professional staff with the institute itself, including legal, PR, IT, and other specialties. Many members of teams may also hold additional staff positions, but it is not required, and vice versa.

Xavier icon.jpg Charles Xavier

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