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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see HYDRA (disambiguation).


Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Swarm, Brock Rumlow, Madame Hydra, Fenris
Affiliations: Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Operation: Sanguinicity

Followers of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, the Initiative have maintained his organisation after his death.

First Appearance

April 11, 2011


Brock Rumlow
Brock Rumlow was a half-Polish, half-American son of a US Army Master Sergeant stationed in Germany. He was at one time the head of security for all of Strucker's businesses and criminal concerns. Brock Rumlow has no mutant abilities, but he is one of the deadliest hand to hand combatants in the world. His extensive training includes weapons of all types, elite military and paramilitary training and tactics, and superb physical conditioning. See his individual page for more details.

PB: Ed Norton - Socked by Dex

Swarm - deceased - Fritz von Meyer
A former agent/experiment of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, Swarm can now be barely considered human. His body is literally composed of tens of thousands of bees, centred around his nerve-wrapped skeleton. The electrostatic field generated by the bees allows the skeleton to move like a normal figure. However, despite the typical form, his body is extremely protean, as it moves in elements of the swarm. He sees through the eyes and senses of the swarm, making him impossible to surprise. He can approximate human speech by controlling the 'buzz' of the bees composing his body, producing a clear, if somewhat wavery, voice. See his individual page for more details.

Swarm was killed by Carmilla Black during the London ambush by X-Force.

Socked by Dex

Madame Hydra - deceased - La Contessa Valentina Allegre de la Fontaine
Valentina is the daughter of wealthy Italian industrialists, who had the misfortune to run up against Strucker’s corporate interests in the late 80s and lose. At first, it appeared that Strucker would strip everything from them, until he set eyes on their then 13 year old daughter. Instead, they entered into a devil’s pact; in exchange for allowing them to keep their title and enough of their business interest to ensure a reasonable regular stipend, Valentina would be put through careful schooling and isolated so at 17, she would become Strucker’s mistress in a pure state. They agreed, and she entered Strucker’s fold four years later. However, Valentina proved to be as ruthless as her master, arranging for her parents' ‘accidental’ deaths, and carefully extricating herself from being forced to please the old man. Instead of being slighted, Strucker encouraged her attempts, and eventually worked with her to support her persona as the anti-Strucker stalking horse in the HFC world.

La Contessa was killed by SYN during the X-Force raid on HYDRA's Munich complex, as part of SYN's attempt to consolidate her power within the organisation.

Socked by Mackinzie

Fenris - Andreas and Andrea Strucker
Owners of the Schmidt Bank, holder of the Strucker accounts. Twin brother and sister, who are in reality Strucker's grandchildren, raised by his friend (and war criminal) Johann Schmidt and went by the surname Schmidt until Operation: Sanguinicity. The twins are mutants, with the ability to fire a bio-electric blast from their hands. They were injured during the London ambush by X-Force.

PB: Karolina Kurkova and Andrej Pejic - socked by Jen and Dex

SYN - Synthia Schmidt
Synthia Schmidt is an experiment from Strucker’s past. Having idolized his former boss, Johann Schmidt as a kind of ultimate Aryan, Strucker had a desire to merge his own bloodline with Schmidt’s in a literal sense. Synthia was grown using Johan Schmidt’s genetic material, but fully optimized to provide a perfect Aryan specimen. Strucker intention was to combine his own DNA with Schmidt’s by using Synthia as the receptacle of his sperm once she reached puberty. Unfortunately for his plan, X-Force dropped his lab on him in 2006, and she was treated as an extraneous part of the Strucker empire. In the midst of all of it, she’s schemed, planned, and treaded water to keep her position until opportunities appeared. Her decision to warn X-Force comes from her decision that X-Force represents the best tools against the other members of HYDRA and to usurp them. The rise of the Red Skull has meant she has found herself treated as his true ‘daughter’.

Synthia is a genetically optimized human. Her reflexes, speed, strength and endurance are as developed for her size and form as is possible. She’s a genius level intelligence, and highly mature for her age. She is still forming her own decisions for her future, but she’s clearly decided to build her power base inside HYDRA for now.

PB: Anna Lutoskin - socked by Dex

  • Dexter Bennet, MP: A conservative British MP, Bennet was discovered to be a cipher, a telepathic scan confirming that this man was psionically and genetically rebuilt to be Bennett and believe it, but the real Bennett was long dead. He was to be used in the Mosley Initiative, until X-Force took out Bennet.


The followers of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, all fanatical in their own ways. They remain loyal to his dream of a racially pure world and seek to bring it about, however necessary. They also seek revenge on the group that killed their leader. Ever since the attack on Strucker, plans have been in place to try and determine who was behind it, and how to get them into position to be taken care of. Using the bank as the target, the group set a trap for all of X-Force, to take care of them. The attempt was only partially successful, with only Remy LeBeau captured. After a prolonged period of torture, however, Remy began to reveal X-Force's secrets, with various contacts being compromised. It proved to be part of Remy's plan with the dead contacts leading X-Force to his location (with some help from SYN). In the subsequent London ambush, Swarm was killed and the Von Strucker twins injured; in Munich, Synthia used the confusion of the attack to kill her rival, Lady Hydra.


Operation: Melittology

Operation: Godhand

Operation: Lie Back and Think of England

Operation: Louisiana Lowdown

Operation: Sanguinicity

Operation: Red Letter Day


Socked by: Various