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Aug. 1 -

Aug. 2 -

Aug. 3 -

Aug. 4 - Alex emails XFI about a vacation.

Aug. 5 -

Aug. 6 -

Aug. 7 -

Aug. 8 - Nica posts about finally getting her power levels back up and asks Molly if she’s okay.

Aug. 9 - Case File: Take Me to Church: The media reports on the closure of the Salem Centre branch of the Church of Humanity as a result of a murder investigation; Alex posts about raising funds for a scholarship in the name of the mutant victim. Sooraya and Scott have an email discussion about when and how a leader should intervene in a situation. Kitty posts a story about a friend whose funeral was picketed by the Church of Humanity.

Aug. 10 -

Aug. 11 - Topaz mentions Jean-Paul had a tough summer and is taking some time off before returning to school.

Aug. 12 -

Aug. 13 - Matt posts a quote to his journal.

Aug. 14 - Sooraya e-mails Doug to ask for help with anonymously posting information on social media. Bobby makes a journal entry bemoaning the lack of ice hockey.

Aug. 15 - Nat makes a journal entry reminding people, especially Clint, that it’s Shark Week. Kyle texts Terry about sneaking out for her gala. Kyle also makes a journal post seeking help with his suit game.

Aug. 16 -

Aug. 17 - Sue makes a journal entry to let people know Reed has accepted a job opportunity in France.

Aug. 18 -

Aug. 19 - Fi makes an Instagram post letting people know she’s not dead, just summering.

Aug. 20 - Jean-Phillipe and Angelo ask Mama Lupe for her blessing on their marriage and flashback to their vows.

Aug. 21 -

Aug. 22 -

Aug. 23 -

Aug. 24 - Hope introduces Betsy to Emma, with the mansion's newest telepath being offered a probationary period with the illustrious Hellfire Club. Kevin and Emma are both working late and wind up talking over cognac.

Aug. 25 - Alex texts the X-Factor team to get an update on their packing for the team vacation.

Aug. 26 -

Aug. 27 -

Aug. 28 -

Aug. 29 -

Aug. 30 -

Aug. 31 - An Eye For An Eye: The Denver Airport weirdness seems to have come to a head when the entire place goes dark, prompting Topaz to share the news with Amanda and Marie-Ange; A team of magic users and nearly-magic users arrive at the airport and determine there is definitely some magical shenanigans at work when they find cultists; Things quickly take a turn when Topaz disappears and the team fights the cultists waiting for them; Something much worse greets Topaz as she is brought back to London and face-to-face with Adam Destine, who has plans for her; News following the DIA's three hour block finally breaks, with no possible leads to the cause; Topaz and Amanda talk over what happened and why Amanda didn't tell Topaz about the ward protecting her.


An Eye for an Eye

Case File: Take Me to Church

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