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Dates run: October 31, 2004 - November 1, 2004
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Repodemon

“~Witch,~” it grated, taking a step towards her and flames erupting from the floor as its cloven hoof touched down. “~I have come for what is mine.~” One red-taloned finger pointed directly at Amanda. “~You.~”

“Hah!” Illyana said triumphantly – you didn’t need to know what was being said to understand what was going on. At least, a little. “I said it wasn’t me.”

Halloween 2004 gets a lot more scary than intended when a demon crashes the party at a local all-ages nightclub.


Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa, Manuel de la Rocha, Marie-Ange Colbert, Jubilation Lee, Paige Guthrie, Monet St. Croix, Clarice Ferguson, Doug Ramsey, Theresa Cassidy, Alex Summers, Illyana Rasputin, Sarah Morlocke, Wanda Maximoff


October 31, 2004 - November 1, 2004

Plot Summary

Halloween 2004 and the older students attended at a fancy dress party at Neon, an underage night club frequented by the youth of Salem Center. At the height of festivities, approaching midnight, the event was crashed by a large, red, and very angry demon. It demanded that Amanda as its prize and used her true name of Gemile to render her powerless.

Whilst Manuel, Jubilee, Sarah and Illyana battled the demon, the remaining students evacuated the nightclub of partygoers and rescued patrons from the destuction caused by the battle. Manuel, after projecting a calming weave on the patrons which assisted evacuation, was seriously wounded by the demon and was eventually removed from the scene by Bethany and Angelo.

It was discovered that Jubilee was able to hurt the demon and a plan was formed. Illyana teleported Jubilee and Doug out to the parking lot, thus revealing the nature of her teleportation via Limbo. Using his ability to 'speak' body language, Doug was able to project command and clear the lot of civilians. Terry and Alex kept the demon distracted with their powers, enabling Sarah to help a wounded Amanda out. Finally overcoming Terry and Alex, the demon pursued Amanda out into the parking lot. In an effort to stop any further violence, Amanda tried to surrender herself, but Jubilee intervened. Jubilee used her powers to their fullest extent for the first time and destroyed the demon.

Local authorties blamed the incident on a gas main explosion, combined with a Halloween stunt gone wrong, and Xaviers' students were praised for their efforts in the rescue and evacuation.

Amanda blamed herself for bringing the demon down on the party. However, after Patches sent Jubilee a 'thank you' bouquet of flowers, Jubilee realised he had used the blood payment she'd made to him back in July 2004 to summon the demon. She confessed, and was the subject of much outrage on the journals. In order to teach her not to mess with magic in future, Dr. Stephen Strange used a memory crystal to give Jubilee the memories of Amanda's childhood. Pete Wisdom sought out Patches, taking Jubilee with him in order to impart the seriousness of what she'd done, and cut off the magic dealer's hand as a warning to anyone who would interfere with his family.

Manuel was seriously injured, with several broken ribs that took a month to heal even with Amanda's healing magics.

Bethany's parents, fearful for their daughter's safety, eventually moved to Atlanta, thus ending the relationship with Amanda.

Amanda, free of half of the influence of the binding ritual with the demon's death, sought to free herself of the other half. Summoning Rack from the dead with Nathan as her spotter she performed Strange's unbindng spell. After performing the spell, she was able finally to heal the binding scars, over time. Defeating the two 'demons' in her life led Amanda to confront the remaining one, Remy LeBeau, and a truce was made. Another truce was made with Illyana, in light of the Russian girl's help with the demon despite being injured. Wanda, recognising "Gemile" as a Romani name, offered to do some research for her into her origins, and Amanda agreed.

Wanda was asked to join the X-Men as a result of her actions on the night. Terry and Alex both asked for powers training in order to better use their abilities.

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Trivia and Meta


Several of the partygoers rescued by the students were interviewed for the local newspaper, leading to better publicity for the school.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The PB for the Repodemon was drawn from Tim Curry's character in the movie 'Legend'