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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Barbara Morse (disambiguation).

Barbara Morse
Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki
Codename: Mockingbird
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: May 17, 1982
Journal: xp_mockingbird
Player: Jeff

Former police officer, Barbara "Bobbi" Morse worked with the mutant detective agency, X-Factor before relocating to Switzerland with partner Warren Worthington.


Character Journal: xp_mockingbird

Real Name: Barbara Morse

Codename: Mockingbird

Aliases: Bobbi

First Appearance: January 22, 2015

Date of Birth: May 17, 1982

Place of Birth: San Diego, California

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Robert Morse (father), Rebecca Morse (mother)

Education: PhD in Biology from Stanford University

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Private investigator with X-Factor Investigations

Team Affiliation: Formerly X-Factor Investigations



Born to Robert Morse, a detective, and Rebecca Morse, a nurse, Bobbi grew up wanting to follow in both of her parents' footsteps. She was close to them both, though was slightly more partial to her father. As a result he often brought her to work, as he mainly worked behind a desk at the local precinct rather than out in the field. It was there that her love of detective work began, sitting in her dad's chair and scribbling at his desk while he attended briefings or was interviewing suspects. Friends of her parents and neighbours alike would often respond to her inquisitive nature by exclaiming little Bobbi was going to be a lawyer when she grew up, but she was always quick to correct them and that she wanted to be just like her dad.

Throughout her elementary and high school years Bobbi enthusiastically participated in just about every and any sport offered, eventually settling into track and field in her later high school years, where she applied herself with the same tenacity as she did with her studies. Her plan was to parlay that combination into a potential scholarship to university, however that all changed with the manifestation of her mutation.

It happened one afternoon while she was practising for an important upcoming track meet after school. No one else was around, and Bobbi was pushing herself hard. While sprinting and hoping for her second wind to kick in, she was surprised when it seemed to kick in earlier than expected – and even more surprised when she ended up running faster than ever before. Not only that, she was no longer winded period, as if her stamina had fully restored itself and then some.

Bobbi ran several more laps to test things out, unsure of what had happened. Her first thought was out of fear; had someone administered some kind of performance enhancing drug unbeknownst to her? What had she eaten or drank that day that could have had such an affect on her? Nothing came to mind, but whatever it was she knew something was seriously different about her.

She researched her condition while withdrawing from the team, much to her teammates protests. Whatever it was Bobbi knew she had an unfair advantage and she didn't want to compete knowing that. Instead she made it an experiment and tested herself to see exactly what she could and couldn't do. Her endurance seemed to be practically limitless, and her strength, agility, and reflexes were all greatly enhanced. Eventually the most likely answer came to her: she was a mutant. She resigned herself to that fact and redoubled her efforts on her studies, putting sports behind her after that.

Despite her refusal to participate in track and field following her mutation, due to the advantage she knew that she had, her academic efforts paid off and she was rewarded with a partial scholarship to Stanford University. She gladly accepted the scholarship, politely declining to join their track and field time when they would occasionally ask her to reconsider that part of her life, while pursuing a degree in science.

She studied hard and initially wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but her athletic and investigative nature (along with a desire to further explore and understand her own mutation) eventually won over and drew her into law enforcement. Bobbi found a somewhat happy medium by choosing to undertake a degree in biology, especially focusing on forensic applications throughout, which greatly assisted her in obtaining employment in her chosen field post-graduation.

Upon graduating she enrolled in the police academy, then became an officer upon her graduation. She quit after just a few years, however, as it was taking too long for her to rise through the ranks and become a detective as she'd always wanted. Instead, she used her training and education to shift gears and obtain her private detective's license. Once she began working in those circles she came in contact with X-Factor Investigations and finally found the perfect fit for her on many different levels, and she hasn't looked back since.

Living At The X-Mansion

In 2015, Bobbi joined X-Factor in investigating after Susan Storm's apartment was blown up, and helped uncover some disturbing things about the local police force. She later joined the team in helping to recover some stolen files after they were hired by Garrison Kane. In December she helped investigate the deaths of some homeless mutants, which led to her and the team nearly being killed by Sabretooth. Certainly not the best mission ever.

When she wasn't working, she was making friends with various mansion residents, so the good did somewhat equal out the bad when it came to how cases went at the office. The year ended on something of a sour note with half of X-Factor out of commission.


Starting the year off recovering from the injuries sustained in the end of 2015 lead to a slow and uneventful beginning to 2016. The inertia carried over throughout the rest of the year, with Bobbi not getting out much other than through work-related activities. That changed somewhat as her relationship with Warren began to evolve to something more than just a working one. She accompanied him on a trip down south, having called his bluff on a joke during one of their missions together, and both of them caught glimpses of the other that they hadn't seen before. While it ended with Bobbi getting a little too inebriated and dancing (and falling) off of a table, it was still a good time.

2017 was a blissfully quiet year for Bobbi. Her relationship with Warren continued along well, and she introduced him to the finer things of middle-class life (such as mac and cheese, much to his horror). In August, she joined X-Factor in investigating and then collect rocks that were making mutants ill, but for the most part she avoided trauma and drama.

Moving On

2018 was a bit strained. Bobbi's life was turned upside down when a demon that possessed Warren during his Limbo trip came back to haunt him, and he began acting erratically, leaving Bobbi hanging, and cheating on her with Jean (who was telepathically influenced by the demon). She did her best not to be too hurt by it all, throwing herself into work, helping with the case of a missing girl and assisting in saving Tandy from another demon.

As angry as she was, she couldn't stay mad when Warren returned from rehab, apologetic, and asking if she wanted to run away to Sweden with him (where his father was sending him as punishment for his behavior). She accepted, sad to leave her friends, but happy to be starting a new chapter of her life.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9”

General Build: Athletic, toned muscle throughout.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: None.


Bobbi's mutation greatly enhances her strength, agility, and endurance to near peak human levels. Activities that would cause a normal person to tire out after several minutes don't fatigue her at the same rate, and Bobbi is able to carry the same activities out for upwards of an hour or longer. This is due to her mutation and its affect on her body's production of lactic acid and adrenaline, which decreases and enhances the production of both respectively.

Her strength and reflexes are comparable to those of a well trained, experienced Olympic athlete in their prime, also due to her mutation's enhancement of her muscular tissue and the processing and sending of neurological responses.




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Player: Jeff


Player Icon Base: Adrianne Palicki

Meta Trivia

Agent Barbara Morse of SHIELD appeared briefly in Phase 1, before the game relaunch and Jeff applying for her. When Warren was let go in 2019, Bobbi followed; both characters returned in July 2023