Operation: Mutant Massacre

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Mutant Massacre
Dates run: January 27 - February 6, 2016
Run By: Rossi
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"You're not a Morlock anymore. You're just another failure, still begging for scraps and telling the rest of us that's how it's got to be. That ends today. You end today."

Callisto, unable to keep the Morlocks in check, calls in X-Force to prevent a terrorist action at Penn Station.


Penn Station: David North, Artie Maddicks, Domino, Amanda Sefton, Gabriel Cohuelo, Kevin Sydney, Jubilation Lee

Carlysle Medical Center: Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Arthur Centino, Jessica Jones, Alex Summers, Susan Storm


Warren Worthington, Felicia Hardy, Wade Wilson

Berzerker, Scaleface, Cybelle, Fever Pitch, Litterbug, Sapien League


January 27 - February 6, 2016

Plot Summary

Research by X-Force following the Con-Ed docks incident revealed the mysterious group targeting the Morlocks called themselves the Sapien League, believing that mutants were a disease that must be cured - or eliminated. To this end, they were harvesting tissue and organ samples from homeless mutants who would not be missed, using the bulk to research their 'cure' and the rest being sold to finance their operations. Their research labs were located at the Carlysle Medical Center, which was connected to the burner phone acquired by X-Factor before they were attacked by Sabretooth.

Unfortunately, while Callisto was provided with updates in an effort to calm her people down, tensions were rising. When an off-shoot group calling themselves the Tunnelers decided enough was enough and set off to blow up Penn Station, Callisto was placed in the uneviable position of having to call X-Factor for help. The message was picked up by Warren Worthington who, in an unusual display of common sense, realised this was too big a job for his people and who asked Felicia Hardy to alert X-Force to the situation.

A raid on the Sapien League had been planned, but with the Tunnelers's actions, X-Force needed to be in two places at once, which was impossible. Rather than risk the League slipping through their fingers, especially after news of a mutant terrorist action broke, Doug and Marie-Ange took several volunteers from X-Factor to go to the medical center while the rest of X-Force took on the Tunnelers with Callisto.

After altercations with Scaleface, Cybelle and Fever Pitch, the first line of defence in the concourse, X-Force encountered Litterbug and Beserker. While Kevin and North disarmed the bomb and Artie shielded them, Amanda, Jubilee and Domino took on Litterbug, while Callisto faced down Beserker, with help from Gabriel and his quick thinking. The Tunnelers were defeated and returned to the tunnels at Callisto's request.

At the medical center, having gained access relatively easily, the team consisting of Doug, Marie-Ange, Arthur, Jessica, Sue and Alex found things much more difficult when they attempted to storm the Sapien League labs. They were able to collect proof of the group's activities, but the arrival of a mysterious woman, obviously in charge, forced them to retreat as their foes rallied. While Jessica flew Arthur, Marie-Ange and Doug to the safety of the parking lot below, Alex blew up the labs and then leapt out of the window with Sue providing cushioning in the form of a 'hamster ball' of invisible forcefield.

Copies of the information was provided to Callisto to use to explain the situation with her people, while X-Force continued their research on the League, now gone underground, as well as the other mutant organ smuggling trade.

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In the aftermath of their role, X-Force decided a group vacation had been well-earned.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The plot was written by Dex and submitted and run by Rossi, as a way of bringing Callisto back into the game after M-Day.