Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart

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Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart
Dates run: December 16, 2013
Run By: Rossi
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Part 3 of the Bloodstone Arc.

She’d stabbed a witch and become protégé to a powerful demon. There was nothing she couldn’t do, wouldn’t do to please her master.

The truth of the mansion attack is revealed, but will a very special team of mutants be able to perform a rescue?


Amanda Sefton, Megan Gwynn, Billy Kaplan, Topaz, Fred Dukes Angelo Espinosa, Callisto, Meggan Szardos, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Firestar, Catseye, Pinball, Nevermore, Cannonball, Blink, Angel

Dr. Stephen Strange, Illyana Rasputin



December 16, 2013

Plot Summary


Things look bad. Belasco has Pixie and has already done one bloodstone ritual, which has resulted in the creation of her soul dagger and the loss of part of her soul. Amanda is powerless, and has been taken prisoner by a triumphant Belasco. And the group that was initially captured are still stuck in mini-Limbo, unable to teleport home without a magic user, and beginning to feel the evil influence of the place impacting them. Pixie has been sent to search for them and things won't be pretty once she finds them.

Cue the cavalry.

Before leaving for Mini-Limbo, Amanda left instructions for the back-up plan. Billy (as the only magic-user who hasn't been tainted by black magic), along with a group of X-Men, none of whom have been possessed, turned evil or been tainted by any kind of bad mojo; those with a pure heart and strong faith in themselves and their team would be the rescue team. These people will be less susceptible to the corruption of Belasco's magic and have the enough firepower to take out anyone in their way.

While Dr. Strange and Topaz open a doorway (using Amanda as a homing signal), the rescuers go in with Billy - acting as his protection - beat up the bad guys and retrieve the missing group. The abductees are struggling against Pixie and their own selves - Fred and Callisto in particular are nothing like their former selves and actively fight against rescue. Callisto is only taken down when Clarice breaks her back with a teleported boulder, but not before Angelica is injured trying to subdue her. Fred is only able to be weakened when Korvus brings Nandaki into play; Jean-Phillipe is worn down by Catseye and Johnny, Angelo herded into the portal home by Angelica's flames and Meggan chased into the portal during an aerial battle with Angel.

The end scene comes in Belasco's throne room where Billy helps Pixie battle her darker side and wins. Belasco attempts to subdue them again, but something is wrong with the magical structure of his world. Amanda reveals the 'bloodstones' he crushed earlier were in fact a type of mystical nanobot, designed to consume the network of spells holding the dimensional bubble together. Belasco is defeated, his demon army dead, his dimension crumbling around him, but he remains defiant, threatening to come after Megan again. There's always a back up plan, however - a teleporting disk opens behind him and Belasco's last sight is that of his former victim, Illyana, as she ends his life.

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Trivia and Meta


During the battle, Catseye discovered her SabreCat form, while Billy teleported for the first time. Pixie retained a minor magical ability and joined Amanda's magic class.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Mackinzie created a plot poster, as well as the Wiki page image.

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