Our Hell

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Our Hell
Dates run: March 26 - April 9, 2007
Run By: Lauren
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"Listen. There has to be something that – we can agree on. Because I would really like to not die." She had to swallow down ten years' worth of self-reliant pride, and the last of her dignity, to add: "Please."

Illyana finds fighting a demonic coup and juggling school work isn't as easy as it looks on Buffy and her choices lead her to make a near-fatal mistake.


Illyana Rasputin, Scott Summers, Remy LeBeau

Alexei Vazhin, N'astirh


March 26 - April 9, 2007

Plot Summary

It came to the attention of the teachers at the school that Illyana, never a brilliant student, was falling more and more behind on her work. There were also unscheduled absences - most assumed she was visiting her friends Kitty and Jamie in California - and signs that the usually-impenetrable girl's facade was cracking. Various residents - Pietro Maximoff, Jennie Stavros, Theresa Cassidy, Monet St. Croix, Crystal Amaquelin and Angelo Espinosa - came across her looking tired and frazzled, but as usual, Illyana was secretive about her true doings.

With good cause, or so she thought. Months before she had lost control of Limbo, the demonic realm she had taken from Belasco - a newcomer, the demon N'astirh had overthrown her and taken the Soulsword, scattering the Bloodstones that bound her to Limbo through time and space. Unwilling to risk the consequences of a demonic realm with ties to Earth and the mansion being ruled by an unknown factor and her ability to teleport there blocked, Illyana was desperately trying to find a way to go back and reclaim her throne. Asking for help never even occurred to her. When her conversation with Angelo lead her to research original sources, she snuck into a Russian military base, where a text relating to a visitation to Limbo by two Russian soldiers was kept. In her ignorance and hubris, Illyana didn't even think of what might happen if she were caught.

At the Snow Valley offices, Amanda Sefton received a call for Remy on her phone from one Natasha Romanova. Remy's enraged response killed Amanda's phone, and Remy went to Russia to meet with one Colonel Alexei Vazhin, the man in charge of Russian Intelligence. He presented Remy with a rather unsavoury choice - Remy's group, known to the Russians after Operation: Flesh Mechanic, would do the occasional job for Vazhin for a year, beginning with the 'retrieval' of documents from an experimental lab in Uganda, or Illyana would be executed or pressed into the Russian military for espionage. Knowing the X-Men couldn't rescue their wayward student without causing an international incident, Remy reluctantly - and with very poor grace - agreed to Vazhin's proposal.

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As the result of this incident and the subsequent 'job' in Uganda, Illyana became part of the Snow Valley workforce, for training and so a closer eye could be kept on her. She was required to attend at the school for tutoring to complete her high school diploma.


Plotrunner: Lauren

This plot was intended as a means to bring Illyana back into a more active role in the game after OOC issues meant her player had to go on extended hiatus.

Much of the Limbo part of the story was told in a series of flashbacks within the logs, a technique that hadn't been used before.