X-Men Mission: Skull Island

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Skull Island
Dates run: December 21-22, 2018
Run By: Dex
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"...If an enormous tornado with sharks in it appears, I am done being an X-Man."

Christian Kane is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!


X-Men: Bevatron, Blink, Cyclops, Dagger, Dominion, Dust, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Spectrum, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Xavin Majesdane

Team!Science: Hank McCoy, Reed Richards Susan Storm

Christian Kane, Leiko Wu


December 21-22, 2018

Plot Summary

Christian Kane approaches the X-Men with a dilemma for British intelligence. Leiko Wu, a British operative, was fleeing the Chinese with hard intel on China's massive mutant research program, including illicit ties to mutant trafficking and illegal experimentation being performed outside of official oversight by rogue groups. Unfortunately, her plane was damaged over the Pacific, forcing her to jettison the intel and the flight crew over an island. The problem being that it was over Skull Island, an anomaly in the ocean for hundreds of years. The island, several square kilometres in size is surrounded by dangerous reefs and tall rock spires which only offer small, limited courses into the mainland. The whole island is also covered by a completely unexplained storm cluster, with extremely high winds and rough seas and unpredictable EM fields that block communications. However, due to the island's position far away from any major shipping lines and lack of obvious resources like oil or natural gas, only limited attempts over the last hundred years have been made to map or explore it, and most expeditions were lost due to weather conditions. Because of the risk and lack of seeming worth, it has mostly been shuffled off as a bit of natural oddity trivia. However, British intel has determined that the Chinese have sent three special forces teams in along with a mutant team to reach the island. Through the Blackbird, the X-Men have the chance to reach and land first on the island, retrieve the data and meet with Kane's team to transmit it before the Chinese can get to them. If they help, British Intel has agreed to share all the intel regarding mutant trafficking for the mansion's purposes.

There are two ways into the island. A small boat which can hold no more than a dozen people can make it through one of the few paths between the rocks and reefs that have been mapped by fishermen, if they go slowly and are lucky not to hit a high-pressure area. The other is to drop from high altitude through the atmosphere and through the top of the storm. The winds are strong enough to rip most planes apart, but a ship like the Blackbird should be able to make it through with only some damage. The X-Men go through that way, having loaded the Blackbird with materials to repair the ship. Once the land, they split into three teams - the first team has the signal for Wu and the crews' distress signal; the second for the intel hard case; the third is the science and repair crew, who stay behind to repair the ship and collect information about the island.

Very quickly, the teams discover the secret of Skull Island, as they begin to see mega-fauna, the kinds of which have not existed for millions of years. The science team is baffled, aware that the ecosystem of the island could not possibly support these creatures. Team one and three are first set on by mega-fauna attacks. Team two instead are attacked by kaiju emerging from lava vents underground. In the background of these fights, they notice that the Kaiju and the mega-fauna will attack each other first when in the same proximity, ignoring the humans for the moment. Team one finds the crew in a village of island natives, from whom they discover the fighting between the kaiju and the mega-fauna has been going on for as long as they have recorded history. When team three brings down a kaiju for study, they quickly determine that natural evolution is not in play and both the mega-fauna and the kaiju are being created and sustained by some other force. Team three gets an emergency call from Kane's team, letting them know the team has been captured and is being dragged underground. They follow one of the vents down deep into the underground as the other two teams fall back to Blackbird with the intel and crew, only to be intercepted by the Chinese forces.

Deep in the island, team three finds themselves in a massive cavern. As they rescue Kane's team, they can see fetal kaiju and mega-fauna being incubated. They realize that the island is alive, but not only that, it is twins; a massive, conjoined pair of mutants so old and fused to the natural elements for eons that all consciousness is gone, replaced only with two urges; to protect and isolate the island and to fight for control of it through their chosen weapons; kaiju from the depths and mega-fauna on the surface. The team escapes back to the surface and the Blackbird lifts off to leave Skull island forever.

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This was Spider-Man and Spectrum's first mission with the team.


Plotrunner: Dex

The kaiju in the plot were based on old Marvel monsters: Orrgo, Batragon and the Thing That Crawled By Night.