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Dane Family
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Paul and Janice Dane
Affiliations: Lorna Dane
Socked By: Sockers required
Introduction: December 2003

The immediate family of Lorna Dane, consisting of her father (Paul), mother (Janice), sister (Zala) and cousin (Cammy).


First appearance: December 2003 - Paul and Janice, September 2005 - Cammy (actually Mystique in Cammy's form), March 2007 - Zala.

Susanna Dane

Birth mother of Lorna, Susanna never revealed the true identity of Lorna's father. She and her husband were killed in an accident and her sister and her husband adopted Lorna and raised her as their own.

Janice Dane (nee Edmunds)
Janice Dane
Born: 1946

A well-bred woman with naturally blond hair (with a little help from others), Janice is a business woman of unspecified industry who also plays golf and tennis and is on more than a few committees at the Dane's country club. She married Paul when she was 21 and had her first daughter at 24. Fourteen years later, she adopted her niece following the death of her sister-in-law and her husband.

PB: Grace Kelly

Paul Dane
Paul Dane
Born: 1944

Some type of successful businessman or another and an avid sportman. Paul enjoys typically yuppie sports like squash, golf, tennis and skeet as well as game hunting. He taught Lorna to shoot when she was quite young and took her duck hunting. Paul was 26 when his daughter was born and 41 when his sister and brother-in-law died and they adopted Lorna.

PB: Richard Chamberlain

Zaladane Delgado (nee Zala Michelle Dane)
Zaladane Delgado
Born: 1971

When her aunt and uncle died, leaving their little girl to be adopted by Janice and Paul, Zala was furious. After a year of escalating fights and rebellions and feeling like she'd been replaced, she had once last screaming match with her parents, stole Paul's credit card and left. Several enormous cash advances later, the card was mailed back, cut up. Zala contacted her parents several times to demand money but despite efforts of a privately hired agency, could never be tracked down and convinced to return home. When Zala turned 21, they gave up looking for her and just hoped that she would come home on her own. In August 2006, Janice and Paul removed Zala from their wills.

PB: Jennifer Connelly

Cammy (Camile) Sullivan
Cammy Sullivan
Born: 1978

Lorna's second cousin and daughter of Janice's cousin, Cammy is small, blonde and bubbly. She had her first child in August 2005 following a difficult pregnancy. Her husband, a Naval officer, is based in Port Hueneme but is often away on ship. They live about half an hour (with no traffic) from Janice and Paul.

PB: Sienna Miller


Lorna's parents are in fact her aunt and uncle, who adopted her upon the death of her mother's brother and wife. They were older when they adopted their neice, an action that did not sit well with Zala, their 14 year old daughter. Zala eventually left home at 15, disappearing and having no contact with her family until Lorna later tracked her down in 2006.

The Danes tried to be a supportive family, doing their best to help Lorna, especially after her manifestation and later eating disorder. However, Lorna and her father fought on several occasions, usually as a result of his over-protectiveness and tendency to go for the dramatic over-reaction (such as literally threatening her boyfriend Alex Summers with a shotgun). They have visited the school several times, usually to try and encourage Lorna to leave due to their perception of it as a dangerous place for her.


May 2003 - As Lorna leaves her besieged home, Paul angrily tells her that she's adopted.

December 2003 - Following an accident in which Alex's powers cause Lorna severe burns, both Paul and Janice come to the school, intent on removing their daughter from the school's care.

October 2004 - Janice is in a car accident. Lorna and Alex go to California. Paul threatens Alex with his shotgun

With Malice Aforethought - After not hearing from her daughter for several weeks, Janice calls Alex to find out what's going on. Cammy's identity is used by Mystique as a cover.

Thanksgiving 2005 - Alex asks Paul for permission to marry Lorna and receives it.

August 2006 - Paul and Janice write Zala out of their wills. Lorna discovers Zala's existence.

40 Days (in the Desert) - After looking for her sister for months, Lorna is reunited with Zala.

Gershomi - Lorna goes home and finds a mysterious key while helping Janice clean out the attic.


PB: Grace Kelly - Janice

PB: Richard Chamberlain - Paul

PB: Jennifer Connelly - Zaladane

PB: Sienna Miller - Camile

Socked by:

Formerly socked by: Sil - Janice, Paul, Cammy and Azzy - Zala