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A month of returns and imminent departures: Pete Wisdom returned to the school, having finished the mission; Madelyn Bartlet accepted a job offer in Edinburgh, running the Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation, with Henry McCoy and Billy planning to join her, Jubilation Lee decided to go into the police academy and Remy LeBeau tendered his resignation with Charles Xavier, feeling betrayed. Marius Laverne settled into the school, getting used to his powers (and those of other people) and Lorna Dane stopped hiding in her room. Theresa Cassidy got drunk and fooled around with Manuel de la Rocha during a field trip and then told Bobby Drake what she'd done. During their short breakup, both of them slept with Manuel and their mutual hatred of him brought them back together. Forge discovered Danielle Moonstar was also sleeping with Manuel and took unwanted umbrage on her part. Alison Blaire confessed to Nathan Dayspring and Lorna that she intended to ask Haroun al-Rashid to marry her, when she summoned up the nerve. A routine blood test brought complications to Kurt Wagner's life as it was revealed his biological mother was Mystique. Tommy Jones was released from the medlab and received violent proof that his old life was over.

The big event of the month was the field trip to the Seattle G8 summit. Nathan and Jean Grey took a number of students with them to the summit, which included dealing with the "mutant question". However, unrest and protests erupted into a full-scale riot, necessitating the intervention of the X-Men to assist in crowd control. During the riot Scott Summers was hit in the head with a Molotov cocktail and lost an eye. The accident had the unexpected benefit of giving him control over his power in his remaining eye.

Kitty Pryde continued to act oddly, vague and tired during the day and sleep walking at night. The cause was found to be another mutant who thought he was Dracula. Jamie Madrox rescued her from his clutches and realised that he wanted to continue to help people in such ways - he spoke to Alison and Scott about becoming a trainee X-Man. Dani experienced problems with her powers as they returned to their normal state after her pregnancy, inadvertently broadcasting the fears of several of her friends.

Remy was released from medlab after almost dying and discovered Amanda Sefton's absence. After talking to several people and reading the journals, he went to the Hellfire Club and blackmailed Pete into letting him speak with her. He left, unsure whether what he'd said had been enough to let her know she still had options. Angelo Espinosa also had his own encounter with the new Black Knight, with Amanda casting a forgetting spell on him to wipe the event for his own safety. The events of two year-long plots came to a head with the binding of Selene, the near-death of Alison, and the sacrifice of the Askani to save her. Amanda returned to the school, unsure of her future but with some friends still standing by her. Pete, Nathan, Cain Marko and Alison took off to Africa to rescue Domino from Gideon Faraday and uncovered more clues to Nathan's family history along the way.


Nov. 1 - Remy is released from medlab. Mutants and Molotovs: Terry and Jean have breakfast and discuss Terry becoming a trainee; Wanda gets a bad feeling about Seattle; Nathan and Jean see the riot start to erupt; the X-Men swing into action and the field trip students are restricted to the hotel with Angelo and Manuel in charge as the eldest; Manuel and Terry get drunk and fool around; Nate and Jubilee briefly talk about Amanda leaving.

Nov. 2 - Mutants and Molotovs: The X-Men do their best to contain damage during the riot and apprehend various rioters and looters, both mutant and human; the riot continues into the night; Alison overcomes her Youra trauma and uses a shield to keep people back and then dazzles them; back in the hotel, the students watch the coverage on TV; the monorail is endangered and whilst several X-Men are trying to stop it crashing as well as hold off a mob, Scott is hit in the face with a Molotov cocktail, breaking his visor and injuring one eye irreparably.; Alex and Jean wait in the hospital whilst Scott undergoes surgery and the majority of the students and X-Men return home.

Nov. 3 - Haroun talks to Nathan about the possibility of resigning from the X-Men due to his slow recovery. Marius sends Rahne steak and flowers for being his donor and people think he's trying to date her. Stoker and Stalkers: Vlad uses his powers to lure a sleepwalking Kitty outside, but she is intercepted by Ororo. One Eyed King: Jean receives word at the hospital that Scott will recover and tells him what happened; Charles visits.

Nov. 4 - Angelo and Nathan discuss Amanda's leaving and what she did to Manuel. One Eyed King: Scott asks Jean to notify the school of his condition, which she does. Stoker and Stalkers: Angelo catches Kitty zoning out and is worried.

Nov. 5 - One Eyed King: Moira goes to Seattle to help Jean with Scott; Scott discovers he can now control his powers in his remaining eye; Jean and Moira discuss how this might be; Scott discovers the joy of colours; Clarice makes a remark in her journal which is taken badly by Jean and Alex. Lorna tells Manuel about Malice and he discovers she isn't afraid of him any more and they argue about the incident in the kitchen. Catseye makes Marius feed when he pushes himself too hard. Wanda goes to visit the Pack.

Nov. 6 - One Eyed King: Alex brings their grandparents in to see Scott; Scott posts to the journals and then breaks down in front of Jean about the possibility of not being able to pilot again. Stoker and Stalkers: Betsy finds Kitty not eating and takes her out; it seems to help. Mommy Dearest: Moira emails Kurt and tells him his DNA matches Mystique's.

Nov. 7 - One Eyed King: Scott, Jean, Alex and Moira return to the school. Terry tells Bobby what happened with Manuel.

Nov. 8 - Madelyn tells Nathan and Moira there's a problem with the Askani. Angelo intercepts Terry as she tries to talk to Bobby again. Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty encounters Manuel and finds him in a very strange mood. Mommy Dearest: Kurt talks to Madelyn about his birth mother's identity. Lost In The Woods: Remy asks Moira what happened to Amanda whilst he was in medlab and is unhappy with the answer.

Nov. 9 - Stoker and Stalkers: Jamie and Kitty go out on a date and Jamie is worried about Kitty's lack of enthusiasm; Jubilee catches Kitty sleep walking. Terry encounters Scott roaming the halls and he realises something's wrong. In the wake of the argument with Alex, Lorna declares her door open. Lorna teaches Forge to cook and they talk about Malice. Moira and Nate talk about how the Askani are slowly killing him.

Nov. 10 - Fear Itself: Dani admits to Forge she is having problems with her powers again; Dani projects Manuel's worst fear when they are making out and when she talks to Forge about it, he is angry about her sleeping with Manuel. Forge is angry about being 'left' with Magneto. Stoker and Stalkers: Haroun tries to talk about his new 'ware with Kitty but she's distracted and vague; Jono comes across Kitty sleep walking. Lost In The Woods: Remy announces he is going to go get Amanda back and Lorna tries to talk him out of it. Bobby rejoins the mansion at large. Marius meets Rachel and their powers interact badly. Mommy Dearest: Kurt asks for some leave to go back to Germany to talk to Margali.

Nov. 11 - Lost In The Woods: Remy goes to the HFC and blackmails Pete into letting him see Amanda; Remy tries to make Amanda see she still has a choice. Terry talks to Tommy about her relationship woes. Madelyn and Moira talk about Maddie's dissatisfaction with things and a solution is raised; Madelyn discusses leaving the school with Hank and he agrees to go with her. Manuel and Bobby go out, get drunk and sleep together.

Nov. 12 - Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty sleepwalks again, this time being woken by Catseye outside. Manuel seduces Terry.

Nov. 13 - Stoker and Stalkers: Vlad gets impatient and makes Kitty come to him; Jamie intervenes as Vlad is sucking on her blood and Kitty is brought to Moira for medical attention; Vlad is taken to the police, who arrest him for several murders; in light of what happened, Jamie asks for permission to become an X-Man trainee. Nathan and Jean talk about the Askani problem.

Nov 14 - Terry and Bobby reconcile over mutual hatred of Manuel once everything comes out. Nathan sends Colin MacInnis to help out the Pack. Madelyn and Hank tell Moira of their decision. Lost Generations: Nathan discovers discrepancies in South East Asian mutant birth rates.

Nov. 15 - Tommy and Nathan meet for the first time since the State Fair. Jennie catches the 'flu. Jamie emails Alison with his decision to join the team. Kitty asks Betsy for self defence lessons.

Nov. 16 - Lost Generations: Angelo and Nathan discuss the South East Asia problem. Fear Itself: Dani and Marius get stuck in a powers feedback loop; Rahne tracks Marius down afterwards and helps him get through the panic.

Nov 17 - Kitty and Forge compare trauma. Alison confesses to Nathan she wants to ask Haroun to marry her. Nathan offers to help Kitty with psi-shielding training. Mommy Dearest: Kurt goes to Germany and Margali confirms his birth mother is Mystique. Alex and Lorna argue over Malice and Lorna hiding from people. Skeleton Coast: Domino is captured by Gideon in Africa.

Nov. 18 - Catseye tests Marius' control of his powers and then freaks him out by changing into a girl. Forge confronts Manuel about sleeping with Dani. Hank tells Dani about moving to Edinburgh. Dani and Manuel go out to escape the mansion for a while after Hank's news. Alex proposes a game of football.

Nov. 19 - Marius trains with Rahne's powers and spends the next few days as a wolf.

Nov. 20 - Wolf-Marius brings a sick Jennie lunch and she almost drops a door on him.

Nov. 21 - Wolf-Marius steals Forge's leg and then discovers Catseye's Big Cat Form. Forge and Paige talk about her relationship with Jono. Rachel starts levitating.

Nov. 22 - Skeleton Coast: Domino tries to escape and finds Gideon already thought of that and is recaptured.

Nov. 23 - Nathan gives Forge a notebook full of Askani designs and notes - the psimitar. Lorna's parents visit for Thanksgiving. Wanda comes back from her vacation. Kitty meets Marius and is disturbed by his powers in the wake of the Vlad incident. Manuel goes out and gets drunk, unable to handle the happy feelings in the mansion and babbles to Nathan about what Amanda did. Wanda takes Madelyn out for farewell drinks. Lost In The Woods: Angelo runs into Amanda in New York by accident and learns where she's been; she uses magic to cloud his memory of the incident to protect him.

Nov. 24 - Haroun has recurring nightmares about the 'ware as a separate entity. Lost In The Woods: On her way to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Jubilee has a car accident and is abducted by Selene's men.

Nov. 25 - Alison lets slip to Lorna her plans for Haroun. Lost In The Woods/Hellfire and Damnation: Things come to a head and the team go to the Hellfire Club to take down Selene; during the ceremony to make Amanda Black Knight, Selene presents her with a test - kill Jubilee; Amanda refuses and battles it out with Selene, losing; Alison saves both girls, but is drained almost to death; Pete intervenes at the last moment with the spell designed by Dr. Stephen Strange and Romany Wisdom to bind Selene whilst the X-Men subdue security; Amanda tries to sacrifice herself to save Alison, but Nathan and the Askani tell her there's another choice; Amanda kills Askani to Heal Alison; Askani dumps the entire Askani history in Wanda's head before she goes.

Nov. 26 - Hellfire and Damnation/Lost In The Woods: Aftermath: Pete and Strange dump Selene in the harbour; Amanda and Remy meet at Charlie's grave and Amanda is brought back to the mansion; Marie-Ange, Doug and Jubilee appoint themselves her bouncers and Manuel leaves; Pete's undercover position with the HFC is revealed; Kylun talks to Wanda about almost killing Selene's assistant. Jubilee decides to move out and go to the police academy in New York and Nathan decides to quit teaching and mentoring. Clarice has a bad Thanksgiving with her mother and stepfather and comes home early.

Nov. 27 - Remy emails Charles and tells him he's leaving. Jennie declares a movie night in the wake of the events of the night before.

Nov. 28 - Skeleton Coast: News of Domino's abduction results in Pete, Alison, Cain and Nathan going to Africa to rescue her from Gideon. Lost In The Woods: Kurt seeks out Amanda and they establish that Meggan should return to the caravan. No Way Out: Tommy is released from medlab into a room of his own; he and Jean visit the park where he manifested and he learns the mansion is his only haven when they run into some of his old friends; Jean warns several students that Tommy will be living in the mansion proper; Bobby is insecure about Terry and Tommy's former relationship.

Nov. 29 - Amanda meets Marius and they talk about options and forgiveness. Skeleton Coast: Frustrated by their failure to track down Gideon, Pete's flash of temper reveals a message from Nathan's long-dead mother, also a pre-cog. Haroun and Forge discuss the 'ware and Haroun's frustration adapting. Mommy Dearest: On his return from Germany, Kurt notifies the team of the identity of his mother.

Nov. 30 - No Way Out: Terry visits Tommy and tries to convince him there is still a life for him. Marius and Lorna discover Marius doesn't need to feed to mess with other people's powers. Skeleton Coast: Still on Domino and Gideon's trail, Nathan learns more about his mother. Scott's bandages are removed.


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