Dr. Jonathan Hawksmoor

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Jonathan Hawksmoor
Portrayed by stock photo
Known Aliases: "Jack" Hawksmoor
Affiliations: JETSTREAM
Socked By: Socker needed
Introduction: Upgrade

A researcher on the JETSTREAM Project, Hawksmoor redeemed himself by assisting the medlab team in repairing Haroun's destroyed cybernetics.


Name: Doctor Jonathan Hawksmoor.

Aliases: "Jack" Hawksmoor

Occupation: Currently working in a low profile academic position.

First appearance: September 2005

Family: Wife (Belinda) and two children, girls (Katie and Melanie), ages 8 and 5.


Dr. Hawksmoor graduated from CalTech in the top 5% of his class as an undergrad - double-major in biology and mechanical engineering. He has a Masters from MIT in MechE, with a functional specialty in prosthetics. Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon in MechE, again with a specialty in cybernetics/prosthetics and worked for Shaw Industries in the engineering department after being awarded his Ph.D. Holds seven patents in the area of Man-Machine Interface (MMI). He keeps a low academic profile after an ugly incident in Pittsburgh with protestors who tried to assault him for his research into grafting machines to the human body.

Hawksmoor was responsible for designing the first generation of JETSTREAM hardware. He couldn't get the power requirements down to something reasonable - the mutant power tap used in Haroun al-Rashid was designed by someone inside Frost's organization. He went through three generations of the hardware, making each one more efficient and more power-friendly, but still couldn't get the power requirements down to something reasonable. Eventually he abandoned the design and moved into less mechanical areas - lending his expertise to a team working on a revolutionary next-generation MMI system that worked on neural induction with very little invasive machines inside the body.

Hawksmoor is soft-spoken, gentle and kind, and somewhat consumed with guilt over the JETSTREAM project's alpha-test being implanted into a live subject without his knowledge or consent. It was this guilt that led him to assist with Haroun's Upgrade following the incident with Omega Red.


Dr. Hawksmoor is a baseline human. He is extremely intelligent and is one of the leaders in his field of cybernetics.




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