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Arkady Russovich
Portrayed by Dean Haglund
Known Aliases: Omega Red
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Socker needed
Introduction: Maverick (plot)

Product of Russia's own version of Weapon X, Omega Red has a 'death touch' - poisonous spores which cause cellular breakdown. Currently at large, he bears a serious hatred for David North, dating back almost two decades.


Name: Arkady Russovich

Aliases: Omega Red

Affiliation: Spetzgruppe Voychan (former)

First appearance: August 31, 2005

Distinctive Features: Arkady is an albino, with chalk-white skin, pinkish-red eyes, and pale blond hair.


Aside from his career with Spetzgruppe Voychan, the KGB's domestic enforcement squad, not much is known about the early life of Arkady Russovich. In 1989, the Russian government decided to attempt to enhance his mutant "death touch" with the help of Doctor Abraham Cornelius, an American defector. The intent was to develop a mutant soldier to help turn the tide of the battle in Afghanistan with the mujihadeen.

A NATO-assigned team consisting of Logan, Maverick and Wraith broke into the experimental facility in the USSR with the intent of sabotaging the project. The team failed to retrieve Cornelius, and the mission was considered a failure, despite the apparent failure of the Omega Red project.

Somehow, Arkady survived the assault, although his activities between 1989 and 2005 are unknown. In August of 2005, he appeared in White Plains, New York, stalking David "Maverick" North, who was under deep post-hypnotic cover. When Maverick's cover broke, he turned to the X-Men for asylum. Arkady followed to the safehouse where he encountered an X-Man team, engaging both Colossus and Jetstream in combat, with devastating success. When fighting Maverick himself, however, the two men appeared to die in an explosion that destroyed the safehouse.

Arkady surfaced years later in South Africa, along with Doctor Cornelius, in an attempt to recover the carbonadium synthesizer. He revealed that Cornelius had completed another part of the super-soldier project, implanting Arkady with unbreakable carbonadium tentacles. Unable to retrieve their prize, Arkady and Cornelius fled.

Their whereabouts were unknown until he and Cornelius appeared again in November 2014. Using the parents of Kyle Gibney as a bargaining tool, they sent Kyle into a long-closed experimental facility, previously part of the Weapon program, in order to obtain files on their experiments with a deadly mutant virus. The information was to help prevent the ongoing rejection of Arkady's cardonadium implants. They were successful in gaining what they sought and used Mrs Gibney to escape a group of Xavier's mutants who had connections with the Weapon X program. However, Arcady betrayed Cornelius, leaving him to be attacked by Romulus, a prototype of the program and an apex feral. After using Mrs. Gibney as bait, Arkady obtained what he needed and once again disappeared.


Arkady Russovich secretes a "death spore", an airborne biological agent that has a limited viability outside of a host, but once introduced to a host via inhalation or contact, a number of effects occur, including cellular breakdown, hemmorhaging, and hyperthermia.

If Arkady remains in contact with a victim of his spore, he can reabsorb some of the spore. As a result, he can exhibit massively increased strength and durability, enough to hold his own in battle with Colossus and tear one of Jetstream's cybernetic legs completely off.

A vaccination to Arkady's spore has been concocted. Maverick had been given the vaccine, and was thusly immune to the spore. It can be assumed that Logan's ability to heal resists the spore naturally and was augmented by the vaccine before the ill-fated mission to recover Cornelius.

Omega Red also possesses two cybernetic enhancements: a pair of carbonadium coils implanted in his arms that can extend and retract up to ten feet. The coils are prehensile and capable of great strength and leverage, enough to throw an adult human across a room. Due to the nature of carbonadium, however, Arkady requires regular medical treatments or use of the carbonadium synthesizer to keep his body from rejecting the implants.


Maverick (plot)

Operation: Dead Letter Office

Death is Legion

The Wild Hunt


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PB: Dean Haglund