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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see Morlocks (disambiguation).

The Morlocks
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: Callisto, Artie Maddicks
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Various
Introduction: January 2015

The Morlocks are a group of homeless mutants, numbering around fifty, who form a tightly-knit community, living in the sewers beneath New York and Chicago.

New York Morlocks


Callisto small.png
While comparatively young to be a leader, Callisto has proven her place with her level-headedness and dedication to protecting her people. Enhanced speed, strength and senses. See her individual page for details.

PB: Shannyn Sossamon, played by Morag

Large and imposing, with thick, brutish features, Sunder is actually extremely intelligent and insightful. He has served Callisto as her second for many years. Enhanced size, strength and partial invulnerability.

PB: Ron Perlman, socked by Rossi

A member of the "Dwellers in the Darkness", Healer is one of the elders of the Morlocks and seen as the spiritual heart of the group. An old, frail-looking man, who advocates peaceful means and hiding deeper in the tunnels when threatened. Ability to heal wounds and injuries, although his power does not work on himself. Killed by the Sapien League in X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants.

PB: None, socked by Erin.

Shapeshifter, can mimic objects and stretch himself like elastic.

PB: Doug Hutchison, socked by Erin.

Tar baby.jpg
A native New Yorker, whose skin has the appearance, texture and adhesiveness of tar.

PB: Jonathan Breck, socked by Rossi.

A painter before his powers grew uncontrollable, Erg is an electrokinetic, able to absorb energy and convert it into electrical blasts from his left eye.

PB: Mackenzie Crook, socked by Zippit.

Small and almost child-like in appearance, Pester has superhuman speed and fangs and can communicate with rats, like her mother, Mother Inferior.

PB: Amy Masston, socked by Sam.

  • Piper - deceased; another victim of Sabretooth, not much is known beyond he was a busker and a Morlock as identified by Callisto.
  • Chickenwing - deceased; another victim of Sabretooth, not much is known beyond she was a Morlock as identified by Callisto.
  • Mother Inferior - another older Morlock, with the ability to speak to rats, Mother Inferior is loyal to Callisto and serves as a means of information gathering.
  • Tommy - a young girl with the ability to become two-dimensional, a talent which saves her from being taken by the Sapien League and allows her to raise the alarm.


The leader of the radical group known as the Tunnelers, Berserker advocates fighting threats, regardless of the cost. Ability to absorb certain EM fields to generate and control bolts of electricity.

PB: Gary Beadle, socked by Dex

Scaleface's powers allow her to transform into a giant, dragon-like reptile with superhuman strength and stamina.

PB: Jane Badler (from V), socked by Zoila.

Cybelle's powers allow her to secrete a fast-acting acidic sweat from her pores. This mist dissolves any form of matter it comes into contact with, including solid stone.

PB: Gig Edgeley (from Farscape), socked by Chris.

Fever Pitch
Fever pitch.jpg
With the manifestation of his powers Fever Pitch was reduced to a flaming skeleton. He is capable of extending that biological flame outwards as intense heat, explosive blasts, or use it for flight.

PB: Stock Image, socked by Frito.

Former soldier who went AWOL upon his transformation into a giant, cockroach-like creature with massive strength, invulnerability, and a keen burrowing ability. He has difficulty speaking in this form.

PB: Judas Breed from Mimic, socked by Jeff.


The Morlocks are a society of mutants who inhabit New York City's underground. They live primarily in a warren of underground tunnels and abandoned spaces they call the 'Morlock Tunnels'. The tunnels extend from ChinaTown in the south, to almost 50th street in the north. There are rumours that at least two forgotten tunnels under the East River are connected to them. The Morlock tunnels have formed over time out of a number of forgotten constructions, many of them either old infrastructure, illegal roadways or formerly hidden military projects. Because of that, mapping the Tunnels is virtually impossible and even the most traveled Morlock doesn't know their full extent. The Morlock Tunnels are only used to describe 'dead' underground structures; ones that original use is long gone. However, they intersect regularly with Manhattan's 'live underground', including the existing subway system, sewer and utility tunnels as well as maintenance access. The Morlocks have spent significant time concealing access to their tunnels from outsiders, using fake walls and access-ways, false cave-ins, flooded tunnels and even vermin pools to dissuade would be explorers from getting too far.

The main Morlock encampment is a former groundwater shaft that was built connected to New York Water Tunnel #1 in 1910. In 1940, a series of basements were walled off and extended as a secret military research facility. However, after three years, building stopped as the threat of invasion disappeared, and the rooms were sealed off. The main building was demolished in the 1950s and covered by low-rise commercial and light industrial before being pulled down and turned into Imagination Playground Park. The honeycomb of underground rooms have pirated electricity and fresh water, although it suffers constant dampness from the shaft and has no heat. The rooms are communal, although some Morlocks have occupied the same space for decades and have earned the right to treat the space as their own. There is a small locked room where the emergency supplies and funds are kept against disaster and has been used in times of fire, flooding or other situations which have forced the Morlocks to temporarily abandon their home.

The north end of the shaft is an area referred to as the Hill. It is a two and a half underground building that was built to house pumping controls but was never finished. Over the years, it has become a temple of sorts where elder trusted Morlocks withdraw, calling themselves Those Who Dwell In Darkness. They formally renounce the upworld and house extensive knowledge of the underworld tunnels and manipulating the hydro systems for their own use. It is not looked at as a religious order or cult as of yet, but the members are deeply respected and they do much of the teaching for young Morlocks.

Most Morlocks have a spot in the community as well as their own personal boltholes and resting spots. However, there is a faction of mostly younger Morlocks who have rejected the central space, instead committing themselves to delve into the edges of the underground systems, discovering new spaces and resources. They have been successful to an extent, but their willingness to use the tunnels to access and directly steal from businesses is a major divide, as the Dwellers believe it will draw attention to their existence and potentially give the upworld an excuse to look for them.

Morlocks survive through a combination of begging, illegal labour and petty crime to survive. Depending on the strength of their leader at the time, they are either well organized and share their resources as a community or become fractured with the weaker being subjugated by the strong. Fortunately, the few times a more tyrannical mutant has seized power, events have conspired to ruin them. Some Morlocks advocate a more militant approach to power, blaming the Upworlders for their existence and calling for a use of force to earn respect. They call themselves Tunnelers, although they have few followers. Most Morlocks dislike and resent Upworlders, but they aren't murderous or willing to support open violence.

In late 2015-early 2016, however, the Morlocks found themselves under attack. It began with the individual slayings of several of their number, which was traced back to a mutant mercenary known as Sabretooth. Then came the mass attacks by humans in uniforms thought to be police or FBI. Callisto was able to prevent a counter-attack by the Tunnelers, but when Healer was slain, she led a group to attempt a rescue of others who had been taken... and extract revenge. They were stopped by the X-Men, but found themselves fighting on the same side when the Sapien League turned the tables. The X-Men promised to find out who was behind the attacks, leading to a raid on a medical center which was performing research on mutant organs harvested from the Morlocks. Callisto, however, was unable to calm the more radical members of the Morlocks, leading to an attempted bombing at Penn Station, which she and members of X-Force were able to prevent.

Callisto's leadership remains in doubt - it is one of the most sacred rules that Morlocks don't fight against their own, especially siding with Upworlders.

Chicago Morlocks

The “Chicago Morlocks” With the exception of Match, the Chicago Morlocks were a group of very broken, very disenfranchised people. They lived in Chicago’s disused freight tunnel system but explored parts of the deep tunnel drainage system. With the tunnels considered “secure” by police, their ability to get in and out was facilitated by Shatter. Following the events of Chicago is Burning, the group left the tunnels and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

ChicagoMorlocks Postman.png
Postman is roughly 45 and the leader of the gang. He was, once upon a time, actually a mailman. Formerly from New York, Postman was aware of the rumours about mutants living in the sewers. Postman’s powers are a form of psionic control, allowing him force people to forget things. This skill put his wife in a coma, when a powers malfunction forced her to forget everything. Horrified by what he’d done to his wife and determined to avoid this happening again, he decided to try that and in the subsequent months and years, has built a crew which he calls the Chicago Morlocks. He’s not aware of the links to the Manhattan Morlocks - this is a reference to HG Wells.

PB: Harold Perrineau, socked by Tink

Electric Eve
ChicagoMorlocks ElectricEve.png
Aged in her mid 20s, Eve’s powers are a low grade electrical generation, with the ability to generate short bursts of electricity. She lacks control of her power, with any use threatening to knock her unconscious. A teenage runaway after her powers manifested, she was forced into sex work and developed a heroin addiction she is trying to recover from. She fled her pimp almost a year ago after a powers burst badly injured a client. She’s been living in the tunnels ever since and sees Postman as a father figure.

Eve hated her former pimp. While she was devoted to Postman, she was so afraid of going back to the “real” world while her pimp is out there that she killed him when she could.

PB: Kelly McCormack, socked by.

ChicagoMorlocks Shatter.png
Shatter is the youngest of the Morlocks other than Match. Unable to cope when his powers manifested, leaving him covered in a rocky, nearly indestructible crystalline shell, he attempted suicide. He lived, however he now has a massive crater on the side of his head from the bullet. He was raised by Black Liberationists and knows Malcom X’s writings. He practices non-violence. His strongest goal was to be reunited with his dog Hank. His powers are two-fold: his skin is now covered in a crystalline structure and nearly indestructible and he can transform things to have a crystalline structure, making them easy to break.

PB: Jermaine Rivers, socked by.

ChicagoMorlocks Trader.png
In his late 30s, Trader worked on Wall Street before being outed as a mutant and losing everything. He eventually found his way to Chicago and Postman’s crew. Trader looks after the younger three Morlocks and has somewhat more emotional maturity than the others. His powers allow his skin and hair to become very difficult to see, although not totally invisible. To aid that, he goes shirtless to better blend into the surroundings when he needs to.

PB: Alex Livinalli, socked by.

Angel Dust
ChicagoMorlocks AngelDust.png
Angel Dust ran away from home when the stress of hiding her powers became too difficult. A young Latina woman, she arrived in Chicago and soon ran out of money and options, because of that been with the Morlocks for nearly a year before Match's arrival. Her powers are fueled by stress and adrenaline, which allow her to access strength, speed and stamina roughly double that of human normal. She will, at times, end up nearly berserk, attacking friends indiscriminately when unable to bleed her adrenaline fueled powers off more appropriately.

PB: Christian Serratos, socked by.


Case File: A Better Mole Trap

X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants

Operation: Mutant Massacre

Chicago is Burning


Socked by: Various

The PBs for the Morlocks were chosen for several "Easter Egg" reasons:

Pester - image chosen from Amy Masston's role as Anasthesia the Rat-Speaker in Neverwhere.

Tar Baby - image chosen from Jonathan Breck's role (and impressive makeup) from his role as the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers.

Ape - image chosen from Doug Hutchison's role as the shape-shifting mutant Tooms in The X-Files.

Erg - image chosen from Mackenzie Crook's role as the sensitive one-eyed pirate Ragetti in Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Litterbug - the PB was chosen from the horror movie Mimic, which is about giant mutant cockroaches in the sewers of New York.

Berserker - image chosen from Gary Beadle's role in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Mark of the Berserker".