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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Piotr Rasputin (disambiguation).

Piotr Rasputin - Deceased
Portrayed by Daniel Cudmore
Codename: Colossus
Affiliations: West Coast Annex, X-Men, Xavier Institute - Staff
Birthdate: January 20, 1982
Journal: Steel and Strength
Player: Available for Applications

Piotr is the current Art teacher at Xaviers, taking it back after years over on the west coast. He is starting to get used to living and working back at the mansion and is working towards a better relationship with the people over here. He disappeared during M-Day while on sabbatical, traveling Europe and reconnecting with his family.


Character Journal: Steel and Strength

Real Name: Piotr Nikolaevich Rasputin

Codename: Colossus


First Appearance: May 9, 2003

Date of Birth: January 20, 1982

Place of Birth: Ust-Ordyinski, Siberia

Citizenship: Russian

Relatives: Rasputin Family: Nikolai (father), unnamed mother, Mikhail (brother), Illyana (sister)

Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Fully Trained Bodyguard,

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: teaching at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Piotr grew up on a farm in Russia with his two parents, brother and sister, Illyana. They were a very close-knit family. They survived the fall of the communist government, but politics lead them to stay unwealthy. A young Piotr, newly manifested and wanting to help his family, inadvertently started working for the Russian Mafia, providing protection and security. When he realised exactly who he was working for, he quit. However, Mafia ties are not so easily broken, and fearing for the safety of his family and under investigation by the police, he left his home to journey to the US. During his travels there he discovered Charles Xavier and his school, and enrolled. His parents later sent the seven year old Illyana to join him, desiring her to get the benefit of a Western education.

Living At The X-Mansion

By the events of X2, Piotr and Illyana had been at the school for some years. Being quiet and reserved and self-conscious of his heavily-accented English, Piotr kept to himself, focussing on his sister's welfare. The young Kitty Pryde developed a crush on him, which they eventually resolved into a friendship. A brief flirtation with Sam Guthrie made him realise he was gay, and when Warren Worthington returned to the mansion, the two soon got involved in a relationship.

Following his completion of his schooling, Piotr remained at the mansion as the Art teacher and an X-Man. His strength made him an asset on missions requiring brawn rather than stealth, and he devoted himself to learning every aspect and nuance of his powers. He was not popular in the school, however - a skilled artist, he was not a good teacher, and his old-fashioned ways and morals led to clashes with the more problematic students, especially Amanda Sefton, who coined the nickname "The Pillock". He also clashed with the grounds keeper, Cain Marko, the two coming to blows.

Piotr's Mafia connections were revealed during an ill-fated ambush by Shiro's Yakuza relatives. The lack of knowledge about both young men's connections spurred arguments on the journals about the safety of the school, and Piotr withdrew even further, associating only with Warren and Illyana. Then disaster struck - Illyana was kidnapped by the demon lord Belasco, returning to Earth aged to adolescence and a far different person than his little Snowflake. The two clashed over her change in personality and contempt for him and his fears (fueled by Amanda's suspicions) of what she had become, and in a loud, public argument, he disowned her. It was not a popular move.

Shortly afterwards, Piotr left the mansion to undergo intensive training as a bodyguard, for the purposes of becoming such to Charles Xavier. His return was welcomed by Warren, but few others, and he withdrew upon himself even further. His life revolved around Warren and the X-Men.

In April 2006, Piotr left the mansion with Warren to join Alison Blaire and Haroun al-Rashid in creating the West Coast Annex.

West Coast, Travel & Return

While over on the West coast Piotr & Warren's relationship began to fall apart. Due to Warren spending more time with clients and Piotr (after some prompting) starting to become involved with community projects around the city, bringing art to under privileged kids. By the time that Jean Grey & Scott Summers came to the West Coast Annex it was obvious that their relationship had fallen apart & Warren left the Annex.

During this time Piotr went into a slump which only ended when his friends suggested that he tasks some time traveling around to regain his head space. Piotr traveled, basically uneventfully, Home to visit his family, the continued around Europe, Asia & even spent some time in Australia before heading back to America.

When he returned he realized that he no longer felt part of a community at the West Coast Annex and began to talk to Xavier about a change of space. When the community group that he had been working with made talk about taking their operation to other area's Piotr volunteered to take it to New York & accepted a position back at Xavier's.

His return wasn't the simplest, given his past connections and how they'd ended. Things were tense with Warren and his old students had long since graduated. He began taking the first steps of establishing himself, connecting with his fellow X-Men such as old friend [[Jean Grey] and newcomer Garrison Kane. He got back into the team thing pretty quickly, albeit not initially successfully, as he and the rest of a small team were captured by M-Squad and had to be rescued.

He found a fellow artist in Kevin Ford and began to get into his teaching, making connections with the new students such as Megan Gwynn (as well as old resident Artie Maddicks). Over time, he and Warren got to speaking terms, with Warren sending him birthday wishes in January. He generally remained quiet, however, keeping mostly to himself - it was this tendency to hermit which meant he was one of those at the mansion when Nightmare invaded, catapulting him into a nightmare with Monet St. Croix and Kyle Gibney where he lost the ability to understand English and was attacked by Kyle when he lost control. Fortunately, the dream was broken before any damage could be done.

At the end of the school year in June 2012, he returned to Russia to see his parents, deciding while he was there to continue his travels in Europe, possibly reconnecting with his sister Illyana Rasputin in England and gaining further world experience.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 220 lbs (human form)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Other Features: During his time on the West coast Piotr got a tattoo on his back in the shape of an Aquila (two headed eagle)


Piotr can tranform his human figure into an organic steel colossus (thus the name). He has master this transitions perfectly, but has not expanded beyond that. He increases in size, weight and strength during the transformation.



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During his absence, Piotr's position as Art teacher was filled by Logan, much to his disgust.




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Player Icon Base: Daniel Cudmore

Meta Trivia

Formerly played by Kara (2003) and Chandler (2004), then socked by Ben for a short time. Piotr was picked up by Galahad in September 2010 until June 2012.

When a new version of Illyana Rasputin was created for Phase 2, the mods decided it would be easier for future applications to retire the Phase 1 version of her brother at the same time.