Second Thoughts

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Second Thoughts
Dates run: August 8, 2014 - September 14, 2014
Run By: Michael
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Before the wave of moron washes over all of us, this is not a fight you want

An encounter with a street thief leads to something of a headache for a few X-Men.


Gabriel Cohuelo, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Dominion, Blink

Thornn, Phantazia


August 8, 2014 - September 14, 2014

Plot Summary

While out on the town one night in August, Jean Grey catches the quick-moving thoughts of a speedster trying to rob her and uses her powers to halt him in his tracks. The young man turns out to be Gabriel Cohuelo, a bartender and a street thief who rolls drunks for cash. After trying to give Jean the slip, he learns she's a mutant. After a quick discussion about morality, she also warns him that one day he's going to try and use his powers against a mutant who will kick his ass. Gabriel's got enough hubris to blow her off. So she hands him a business card, offers him a home and leaves.

Time passes.

Intrigued by Jean's mention of a larger community, Gabriel ventures out of his usual comfort zone and heads to a dive near District X. When he notices a feral-looking mutant woman alone in a corner wearing a fancy-looking necklace, he can't help himself and snatches it. The woman, Thornn, realizes very quickly that she's now missing a necklace and sniffs around. She picks up Gabriel's scent just as her girlfriend Eileen "Phantazia" Harsaw comes back from the bathroom. The pair tries to guilt him into confessing, but he talks his way out of the situation. Still, they follow him out the door.

The couple manages to catch Gabriel off-guard, confronting him again with far more confidence. Phantazia tries to put the whammy on him, but Gabriel manages to escape. Unsure what to do - and unable to go to the authorities - he calls Jean as he flees.

Thinking higher ground might help him out, Gabriel flees toward the High Line, an elevated park in Manhattan where he figures he can spot his pursuers coming. Just when he thinks he's safe, Phantazia and Thornn track him down. Realizing he made a huge error, he dismisses his pride and offers to return Thornn's necklace. But the pair is eager to teach the cocksure mutant a lesson, and Phantazia paralyzes him and disables his powers.

As the couple is putting the hurt on Gabriel, Phoenix shows up with Dominion and Nightcrawler. The three X-Men try for a diplomatic resolution to things, but Thornn resists and starts a fight. As the scuffle goes on, Gabriel (ever the self-preservationist) tries to use his powers to escape. But the effects of Phantazia's machinations cause him to bumble his escape attempt, suffer a head injury and conk out.

Soon realizing they're outmatched, Thornn and Phantazia back off and make their escape. The X-Men sweep a now injured Gabriel off to the mansion, where Clarice convinces him to stick around. Jean agrees to let him stay - provided he shapes up.

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Plotrunner: Michael

This was Michael's first plot, and the entrance plot for Gabriel.