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In the wake of his father's arrest for fraud and funding terrorism, Julian Keller returned to New York and made contact with the mansion again, welcomed by old friends and making new ones. He also became a mentor to the New Mutants, along with Angelica Jones, and set about introducing himself to the new generation of students. He hadn't changed much, and soon the tabloids were going crazy about the latest celebrity relationship, "Bowler" - Tandy Bowen and Julian Keller.

There were also two other arrivals to the mansion - Miles Morales, a New York teenager vigilante, calling himself Spider-Man after his favourite movie hero. He was rescued by Laurie Collins and Kyle Gibney when his attempt to solve a mutant murder went awry and made him the killer's next target. The other was Gabriel Cohuelo, who stole from the wrong people and also found himself in need of rescue and then refuge at the mansion. At the same time, Marius Laverne, dealing with the aftermath of taking on the Fury's powers, left for Muir Island for a time.

Another result of the Fury mission was that Scott Summers, in possession of two eyes again following Marius' rebuilding of his face, discovered he had lost the control won when he'd lost one eye on a mission. Jessica Jones and Rogue became training buddies, their powers complementing each other nicely and Rogue's experience helping her protegee greatly. Adrienne Frost quit teaching at the school, focussing her energies instead on bringing X-Factor back to life.

Finally, a career opportunity for Hope Abbott turned into a nightmare, as she and her chaperone, Laurie, were abducted by the Foundation for Genetic Harmony.


Sep 1 - A newspaper article is posted about Julian’s father going to jail.

Sep 2 - Amanda mails Billy and Topaz about the trouble during the weekend.

Sep 3 - Marius and Cecilia literally run into each other in the halls, but instead of adorable, it's awkward and terrible. Lorna posts about heading home. Adrienne posts about not having as many tickets for fashion shows.

Sep 4 - Jessica Jones meets Namor Mazur. Marius posts about going to Muir for some time. Laurie posts about being a third year scut monkey.

Sep 5 - Tandy texts Adrienne about modelling. Julian finds Angelica in the kitchen, the two enjoy frozen treats and discuss the New Mutants.

Sep 6 - Angelica meets Julian in the city for breakfast, and to discuss the various New Mutants. Julian Keller and the Marques de McKenzie happen across each other at Saint Laurie Merchant Taylor. Suitable introductions are made and common ties are discussed. Julian visits the MedLab to treat some scratches received from a disgruntled Monkey Joe, and meets the new doctor. Rogue and Julian meet and discuss fictional journeys over homemade hot chocolate. Julian returns to the mansion under less than perfect situations and is welcomed back by Charles.Julian finds Callie studying as he ventures through the mansion. Julian bumps into Pixie while taking the air, they catch up and confront the dreaded boathouse to recover her masterpiece. Rogue posts about her first month back.

Sep 7 - Scott accidentally blasts a hole in the ceiling when he wakes up, revealing he might have two eyes again, but he has lost his control of his powers. Sarah V. posts about being worried about the next Star Wars movie. Angel and Jessica talk while out flying.

Sep 8 - Johnny G. goes to Kyle to get some advice on the finer points of life. Julian texts Amanda asking about going out to lunch. Angel and Cecilia meet in the gym and talk about the field trip curse and ways of coping.

Sep 9 - Julian meets Sue while they're surfing. Julian and Amanda go to lunch so Julian can learn more about Billy and Topaz. Julian meets Maddie, who informs him she won't be returning to the New Mutants program this year. Julian finds Sarah V. playing video games in the rec room. Jessica posts celebrating being twenty-one. Rogue and Sooraya reconnect over delicious food.

Sep 10 - Amy and Hope A. talk on Skype and play on the Foundation for Genetic Harmony forums. Matt and Rogue discover they have different opinions on music, but similar opinions on life. Tandy and Julian discuss life after possession. Jessica and Rogue let off steam (and show off) in the quarry with rocks. Topaz and Sue meet for coffee in the city, and Topaz cruelly shatters all of Sue's dreams about college.

Sep 11 - Scott leaves Matt a kitten. Matt posts asking who's available to take him to the pet store. Cecilia posts about finding chocolate-covered Twinkies on her bed, and blames Wade. Julian and Hope A. meet in the library and discuss her future with the New Mutants. Matt posts a picture of his new cat. Julian posts letting everyone know he'll be hosting a party next weekend.

Sep 12 - Julian and Catseye discuss Catseye catering Julian's party. Marie-Ange posts to the Snow Valley comm about a possible break in the mutant organ smuggling ring they've been tracking. Julian finds Topaz in the library while returning a book and talks to her about the New Mutants. Doug leaves Laurie flowers and a necklace for her birthday. Laurie posts laughing about forgetting her birthday. Laurie invites Garrison to a sparring match and learns a thing or two about picking your battles.

Sep 13 - Second Thoughts: Gabriel decides to lift a necklace, not realizing he's stealing from a pair of vengeful mutants; the couple, Thornn and Phantazia, go after Gabriel to get Thornn's necklace back, but he gets away; Gabriel calls Jean for help, knowing he won't be able to escape on his own; Thornn and Eileen catch up with Gabriel and torture him into getting the necklace back, but continue even after they have what they want; Phoenix, Dominion, and Nightcrawler show up, and a short fight breaks out before Eileen and Thornn realize they're outmatched and run away. Doug and Laurie go out for her birthday and take the next step in their relationship.

Sep 14 - Second Thoughts: Gabriel wakes up in the med lab and has a heart-to-heart with Clarice; later, Jean convinces him to stay in the mansion. New Mutants: Scribblenauts: Angel posts to let everyone know Ishmael, the mutant whose powers went haywire, is recovering well; Artie posts to to the Snow Valley comms to update that group on how Ishmael is doing. Adrienne has a meltdown over not being normal while talking about fantasy baseball with Garrison, triggering a decision to give serious thought to quitting teaching and working in a capacity where she can use her powers to help people on a regular basis.

Sep 15 - New Mutants: Scribblenauts: Artie posts to Snow Valley about Ishmael’s status. Gabriel and Johnny, new roommates, meet. Adrienne texts Tandy to express how much fun she had during their (secret) outing the night before. Gabriel introduces himself on the journals. Matt and Julian meet in the gym, where Julian ruins his suit on the uneven bars. Kyle goes to a Dojo and meets Elektra Natchios.

Sep 16 - Not So Amazing: Kyle shares a Vine account with Laurie about a guy in a costume claiming to be Spider-Man and when they show it to Doug Doug tells them the boy’s identity and age, so they decide they need to go see him before he kills himself; Miles gets a violent man to knock himself out, stabs him with venom, and still makes it home in time for curfew. Jean texts Adrienne to discuss how she feels she didn’t prepare Gabriel enough with regards to the mansion’s dangers before convincing him to move there and they discuss Adrienne’s desire to quit teaching and work for X-Factor full time. Matt and Gabriel meet over late-night food and talk powers and the mansion. Jean has a meeting with Gabriel to clear her conscience about not giving him enough information about the downsides of living at the mansion.

Sep 17 - Not So Amazing: The NY Times prints a newsflash about the murder of up-and-coming mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation; "Spider-Man" makes a vow to bring Carnation’s killer to justice; Adrienne texts Garrison to express her nervousness about the fashion designer killing; Megan emails Adrienne to tell her she’s worried about security at eVolution in the wake of the Carnation murder. Higher Than Hope A.: Amy emails Hope A. asking for help convincing her mother to let her take an internship; Hope A. emails the Professor asking if she can go to Michigan this weekend to help Amy; the Professor emails Laurie about accompanying Hope A. to Michigan. Clint posts about being assaulted for being a mutant at Catseye’s deli. Cecilia and Rogue discuss the weirdness of returning to the mansion. Lorna and Longshot meet in a grocery store parking lot. Jubilee posts about being invited for a threesome by a creep and giving his girlfriend the number of a nice guy she knows.

Sep 18 - Higher Than Hope A.: Remy posts to Snow Valley about "The Archduke" being a new player in the organ trafficking game and asks for people to dig into the group for more information. Artie and Megan go out to a music venue and a burger joint with an arcade and discuss each others’ powers. Wade texts Adrienne about security at eVolution.

Sep 19 - Not So Amazing: The NY Times has a story about vigilantism and third-party intervention possibly compromising the murder investigation; Kyle visits Miles to ask him to cease his involvement but Miles denies being Spider-Man; Kyle posts to x-team about not being able to dissuade Miles; Miles and his friend Ganke decide to pursue the killer despite Kyle’s warnings; Miles goes after Carnation’s killer and needs to be rescued by the X-Men; Kyle posts to the X-Men comm about rescuing Spider-Man. Higher Than Hope A.: Laurie emails the Professor agreeing to accompany Hope A. to Michigan; Laurie emails Doug about accompanying Hope A. to Michigan. Gabriel posts about being happy not to be in District X anymore. Wade texts Doug asking to go over security footage of District X. Wade leaves a voicemail for Silas Burr about taking Rachel on a security job at Catseye’s deli. Wade offers Kurt the job of watching eVolution at night to keep it secure. Julian and Rogue discuss her powers at the party. Kyle texts Dori asking her to order him drinks at the party. Kyle texts Doug telling him not to stalk Spider-Man anymore because he’s been caught. Julian and Angel talk at the party and toast to new beginnings. Gabriel and Clint meet and discuss flirting. Wade emails the people he trains to tell them he’s postponing training due to his security work.

Sep 20 - Higher Than Hope A.: Scanner, Hope A., and Amy talk to Amy’s mother about the internship offer, deciding to go for coffee to give Mrs. Wright time to think; Hope A., Laurie, and Amy are kidnapped by Azazel and Scanner at the coffee shop when they refuse to stay and talk to Scanner about fostering their talents. Wade texts Tabitha about being bored. Clint helps Matt pick out a tie and they discuss Keller’s party, normalcy, and a girl they knew from foster care. Sue and Julian meet at the party. Cecilia posts asking about rides to and from Keller’s party. Angel dissuades Yvette from smoking a joint at the party by offering to play drinking games with her; later, Fred finds Yvette dancing on a table in a most uncharacteristic way and some truths are revealed about how each of them are not-coping with the aftermath of the Fury mission. Pixie dusts a small section of the dance floor at the party, including Julian, and mentions Artie being her boyfriend before Julian commissions her to do an art project for his place. Gabriel flirts with Julian at the party but Julian is oblivious.

Sep 21 - Higher Than Hope A.: Xavier contacts the X-Men about Hope A. and Laurie failing to return from Michigan; Hope A. is convinced to stay after being told she would be helping save a country; Laurie is given biochemical research to do by the kidnappers and is told if she complies she and Hope A. will be released; Doug posts to Snow Valley about Hope A. and Laurie’s disappearance; Doug emails Wade about help finding Hope A. and Laurie and killing Telford Porter; Garrison, Adrienne and Kyle arrive in Michigan to investigate the girls’ disappearance. Angel texts Julian about her hangover from the party the night before. Party Night 2: Tandy and Julian meet and discuss Fate and the limelight before dancing together. Megan asks Artie out for coffee. Gabriel emails Julian to thank him for hosting the party and to ask after the whereabouts of some lost clothing items.

Sep 22 - Clint texts Namor, asking if his family has some kind of spy network, but can’t say why. Amanda and Namor have lunch after investigating the magic smugglers’ cave in Jersey, and discuss their lack of concrete information. Wade texts North about being in the Caribbean and being able to kill someone there. Sue anonymously sends Tandy and Julian each a bowler hat in honour of the gossip papers’ nickname for them as a couple, “Bowler”; Tandy texts Sue to accuse her of being responsible for them; Julian posts his thanks - and his displeasure - for the gift. Gabriel meets - and makes immediate friends with - Molly. Higher Than Hope A.: Garrison updates on the search for Hope A. and Laurie on x_team, reporting that “Anna Taylor” from the Foundation for Genetic Harmony is actually a former Brotherhood member, Scanner. Jean texts Scott about having his birthday dinner at the mansion, given Laurie and Hope A.’s disappearance. Marie emails Julian with an apology for her actions at his party and they wind up agreeing her to go shopping together.

Sep 23 - Miles’ friend Ganke emails him to wish him luck at his new school. Miles runs into Julian in the gym and learns about the New Mutants program. Rogue and Julian have their shopping trip - at Walmart - and encounter some anti-mutant bigotry. Higher Than Hope A.: Wanda reports on x_snowvalley that they have more information on “The Archduke” and that Artie is going to go undercover. Miles makes his introduction post and receives a warm welcome - mostly.

Sep 24 - Artie asks Megan for a rain check on their Skype appointment, as he has a work thing. Miles meets Gabriel and the two newbies chat. Julian and Yvette catch up over lunch.

Sep 25 - Jubilee emails Kyle to check on him about Laurie’s disappearance and is her usual tactless self. Rachel and Julian have a “conversation” by the lake which winds up with him taking an unplanned swim. Namor texts Hope A. about being late for a meeting; Namor posts to his journal about the rudeness of Hope A.’s no-show and Kyle emails him to let him know she’s disappeared and he edits the post. Miles meets Matt and gets another view on the school and its inhabitants. Adrienne posts a general invitation to the Met’s new opera season. Higher Than Hope A.: A series of vignettes reveal Hope A.’s - or rather, Trance’s - new life.

Sep 26 - Wade emails Marie-Ange from Columbia to let her know he’s getting impatient about not being able to kill anyone, and that Doug isn’t coping. Tandy has another nightmare about The Dweller in the Dark and Adrienne helps her cope. Gabriel meets Namor in the gym and isn’t impressed. Tandy emails Amanda about her nightmare. Julian visits Adrienne about a new suit and they talk about him possibly buying Silver, the nightclub in District X and Tandy walks in when he’s being measured - in his underwear; later, Julian and Tandy talk about the incident and go out for food; Tandy and Julian’s dinner attracts the attention of the paparazzi. Higher Than Hope A.: Doug updates on his leads and admits that Telford Porter is not involved, but the Foundation for Genetic Harmony might be; Garrison posts to x_team revealing that one of the interns at the same place has stopped contacting his family. Matt and Miles talk about Miles’ week so far and his knack of accidentally pissing off people.

Sep 27 - Tandy and Julian go skydiving and wind up landing in the lake; Marie takes care of the two drowned rats. Higher Than Hope A.: Laurie gets her second assignment, involving organ removal; Laurie’s patient turns out to be a young mutant who she has to operate on without anesthetic; Trance presents the results of her first assignment to the Archduke. Doug and Wade find Telford Porter and discover he has nothing to do with the missing girls.

Sep 28 - Rachel emails Wade asking if he knows who Julian is and what his deal might be. Cecilia emails Jean and Clarice about going to Africa to assist with the Ebola outbreak there; Cecilia texts Wade to let him know her plans. Higher Than Hope A.: Amanda posts to x_snowvalley to let them know her location spells haven’t located Laurie and Hope A. yet.

Sep 29 - Julian leaves two gifts and a note for Tandy. Tandy texts Julian to thank him for his presents. Megan meets with Amanda after her lesson and asks her to test her dust. Julian leaves Rogue a picture of a handbag that’s en route to her. Jessica and Rogue decide to show off by smashing rocks. Scott and Rogue catch up and reconnect in the Danger Room.

Sep 30 - Tandy and Topaz talk over bad late-night TV, and Topaz demonstrates her form of caring for a friend. Higher than Hope A.: Kyle makes a journal entry to x_team about his phone call with the Australian police regarding Sarah Ryall. Megan and Sarah V. catch up over ice cream.


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