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Garrison Kane
Garrison Kane.jpg
Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds
Codename: Dominion
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Staff
Birthdate: April 17th, 1982
Journal: xp_dominion
Player: Dex

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Garrison Kane is a Special Inspector with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, serving on assignment by the Canadian government with Xavier's as an unofficial liasion. Filling in as a teacher and an X-Man, Garrison also operates with the local FBI field office as part of his cover.


Character Journal: xp_dominion

Real Name: Garrison Jonathan Garrison

Codename: Dominion

Aliases: None

First Appearance: November 8th, 2006

Date of Birth: April 17th, 1982

Place of Birth: London, England, UK

Citizenship: Canada/United Kingdom

Relatives: Emily Garrison (mother – deceased), Christian Kane (father), Victoria Kane (sister)

Education: B.A Psychology/Criminology, University of Ottawa. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy.

Relationship Status: Dating Adrienne Frost

Occupation: Special Inspector with the RCMP, temporarily tasked to the New York state FBI field office.

Team Affiliation: X-Men, Alpha Flight



Garrison’s story starts with his parents. His mother Emily was a UN interpreter from Toronto, who worked at the main centre in New York City as a Far East specialist. His father Christian Kane is basically a legend in the intelligence community. He worked directly for British Intelligence in the sixties and seventies as an operative, thwarting the plans of global threats like Fin Fang Foom, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. He worked with other agents, like Georges Batroc of France, and Alejandro Montoya of Spain, and even with his regular rival in the KGB, Alexei Alanovich Shostakov. In the 80s, Christian hung up his laser watch and rocket car to take over the newly emerging Black Ops agencies of British Intel, leading the way for a darker and more vicious shadow war. He mentored a new wave of agents like Pete Wisdom. During a stint in New York at the UN in the early eighties, he met Emily and the two fell in love. Emily moved to London with Christian, and they had two children over the next five years. First Garrison, and four years later, his younger sister Victoria.

Unfortunately, Christian’s womanizing eventually resulted in a divorce, and Emily returned to Toronto with both children. Since then, Christian’s contact with his children has been irregular at best. Garrison grew up in West Toronto, in a fairly normal childhood. He took language lessons from his mother, did moderately well in school, and played sports. Due to the Kane family background, they retained ties with the intel world. It was after breaking three records during an OSSSA competition that Garrison was taken for one of the first mutancy tests in Canada.

Beta Flight

At fifteen, Garrison agreed to enter the Canadian Gamma Flight program, a training program to help mutants learn to control their powers. He graduated quickly and volunteered for the next level of the program, known as Beta Flight. It was during his training there that he was approached about a new bio-modification program, and was asked to participate. Garrison’s participation in the program made it a success, and it has become a top priority within Department H. Garrison went into university at seventeen, and fully qualified for Beta Flight active status at the same time.

He graduated with honours with a double degree in Psychology and Criminology and entered the RCMP training academy. His training at the academy was specialized for both his powers and the plans that the government had for him. He finished his training at twenty-three, and was about to enter the force when his mother lost her battle against breast cancer and died. After a period of grieving, he returned to work as a full RCMP officer. While Garrison holds the rank of Special Inspector, he is still considered a rookie officer and has none of the responsibilities normally associated with an Inspector rank.

Canada’s Liaison

The deactivation of the Alpha Flight program had put Garrison in something of a flux state. His training was designed to lead to Alpha Flight as an officer of the law. However, the sudden termination of the program had him back focused on his law enforcement career. The Hon. Robert Gordon MacDonald contacted him specifically to request him to serve as the liaison for the Canadian government to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The Canadian government is fully aware of the X-Men, and has even accepted two of them, Rogue and Wolverine, into the Alpha Flight program for a time. After San Diego, political forces have been pressuring the Canadian government to provide some response to mutant terrorism.

MacDonald’s proposal was simple: the government was willing to unofficially allow the X-Men to operate in Canada, with a limited amount of assistance from the government in reacting to mutant threats. They would also be allowed to actively admit Canadian children and teens into the school, and would be certified as a recognized educational institution by Canadian officials. In return, the school would accept a liaison appointed by the Canadian government. In any operation inside Canada or involving Canadian citizens, the liaison is required to be present.

He considers Garrison the optimum choice for several reasons. Garrison’s loyalty is to Canada first and foremost, both as an officer of the law and as an individual. While he was deeply committed to proper law and jurisdiction, he also had the right mindset to judge what does and doesn’t deserve to be reported. Finally, he’s very likeable, which helps him earn people’s trust easily. To cover his presence, MacDonald worked out an agency swap with Fred Duncan to link Garrison to the FBI while he was there.


Living At The X-Mansion

Upon Garrison's arrival at the mansion, he reconnected with his old friends, Logan and Marie. His first few months proved somewhat tempestuous, between fitting into the structure of the school and the team. In his first real X-Men mission, he found himself paired with David Haller, who unfortunately switched personalities during the job and left Garrison to cover himself during the operation. His next mission, a hostage situation in Russia, ended with an assault, and a woman killed right in front of him. Garrison's self-confidence was badly eroded, and he was doubting his own training.

However, Garrison's relationship with the FBI was strong, helping them and the X-Men to finally capture Sabretooth. The recent action also saw his brief relationship with Marie-Ange Colbert come to an end, and introduced him to Snow Valley's profiler, Sofia Mantega-Barret. Garrison played a key role in the rescue of the President's daughters during a hostage crisis, which both helped him restore some of his balance, but caused strain in some of his relationships with the X-Men. Garrison's strong support for mutant registration and unhidden concerns about the legality of the X-Men often put him on the opposite side of arguments in the school.

Following Marie's brush with telepathy after her battle against the Mandarin, both she and Garrison got a strong idea of the depth and nature of their friendship, which led them to begin dating in the spring, including a disastrous fieldtrip that ended with them facing a park full of dinosaurs.

Not long after, Garrison was reunited with his father when the elder Garrison traveled to the mansion to enlist the help of the X-Men in dealing with a mysterious threat in the East. Following the defeat of Fin Fang Foom and the Mandarin, Garrison returned to the mansion, his relationship with his father still cold. Following that, the Canadian government sent him to Afghanistan to investigate the deaths to two Canadian aid workers, prompting him to bring along members of the graduate population of the school as backup.

Over the next several months, Garrison would continue to operate in a dual fashion as an X-Man and an FBI agent, working to help bring down a Perserver cell. In the fall, Garrison traveled into space to help stop Magneto's control of a secret weaponized space station, although he expressed strong misgivings about the way the X-Men were being used to clean up situations created by government plans to misuse mutants. After escaping the station with Marie and Magneto, Garrison was badly injured when the Master of Magnetism drove his collar epulets through either side of his throat.

Garrison returned to Canada for treatment, and was kept there by orders over the holidays. His conflicting loyalties between the government and the X-Men were brought sharply into focus. Marie and Logan traveled to Canada to help find a lost Alpha Flight member, and in the process, confronted a malevolent Inuit spirit called the Wendigo, which nearly killed them all. As a result, Logan choose to remain in Canada to regain his personal control. Garrison had a meeting with Minister MacDonald, who pointed out why Garrison was selected, and provided a needed perspective to help him resolve the conflicted loyalty issue.

Following his return, Garrison volunteered for a dangerous mission into Iran to rescue a mutant there, and was part of the team left behind, forced to avoid capture until Amahl Farouk could arrange a covert solution to get them out. Following that, he was captured along with Wanda Maximoff by a deranged mutant serial killer, forced to work with his father against a supervillian from the 1960s and face the Brotherhood to rescue several young teammates.

Getting Political

Garrison's life would take a turn starting with a terrorist attack in India, which would ultimately kill a half million people. With the help of members of the mansion, Garrison brought a team under the name of the FBI to investigate the attack, and in the process, discovered evidence which helped cause the collapse of the Pakistani government, living it occupied by UN Forces to try and rebuild. This was followed by a long period of more domestic issues, leading Garrison into conflicts with the local police and forced to ride herd on the students. His help was key in setting up the New Mutants program, based along the lines of Canada's Beta Flight initiative.

In the fall, the attack on New York by Apocalypse would draw Garrison directly into the conflict, as with a small group, he hooked up with Duncan and the remaining police and emergency services in the city, and launched a desparate battle to retake the city. Through their efforts, the human services became the real heroes of the attack, saving thousands of lives while the X-Men brought Apocalypse to justice and handed him over to SHIELD. Unfortunately, his part in the attack would draw a target on his back, and he was later ambushed by the Dark Riders along with Wisdom, Danielle Moonstar and Jay Guthrie. In the attack, his arm was ripped off, and he was nearly killed. Only the technology of Blaquesmith saved Garrison's life. Unlike the others, Garrison was protected from the mental conditioning by his tactical chip, and following their attack and believed successful killing of Apocalypse, Garrison left the school in order to deal with the pre-meditated decision to kill another person. It would take an unusual moment of honesty from his father to help him regain his sense of self and return to the X-Men.

Garrison would be involved in a number of missions as a member of the team, including a bizarre rescue of Amahl Farouk from the Imperial Guard. He returned to Canada at the news of a tragedy befalling the new Alpha Flight team, which led to a disbanding of the program. Considering the circumstances suspicious, Logan, Garrison and Marie began an investigation into it, and the links between it and the Weapon X program. Garrison would also take place in an undercover mission which raised serious questions as to the intentions of the Prime Minister of India.

Over the winter, Garrison began dating Adrienne Frost, a relationship marked with numerous miscommunications, assumptions, and the odd disastrous argument. Garrison was captured by Templars while acting as an advisor in Israel, following the kidnapping of Calysee Neramani. During his imprisonment with Farouk who had also been taken by the group, they learned of a new threat, En Sabeh Nur and his transformation of Calysee into Deathbird. Following their escape, Garrison found himself once again dealing with India, when the Prime Minister engineered a conspiracy to allow him to launch an invasion of Pakistan. Along with the other X-Men, Garrison travelled to Pakistan and was involved in a behind the lines assault on the Indian forces, cutting off their supply line and helping force a peaceful resolution. In the months following, Garrison found himself rarely needed with the X-Men during a quiet summer, and focused on his work in law enforcement. Adrienne suddenly broke up with him without providing a reason, leaving him single and confused by the circumstances.

The Search for Answers

Following his sudden break-up, Garrison retreated back to his duties as an X-Man and an agent for the FBI. He took over the role as the primary Danger Room training programmer at Scott's request, working with Paige Guthrie to work up new programs and implement Scott's programs from the West Coast Annex. His role with the FBI led the X-Men to a mission in Chicago, defeating a group of self styled mutant hunters called M-Squad who were being duped by an international criminal named Taskmaster. It also lead to a trip to Madripoor which provided additional clues on who ordered the attack on Alpha Flight and undercover in Texas as a mutant roller derby team in order to take out a new national Kick distribution network. Garrison has been involved with students and other staff, but had been uncharacteristically withdrawn, save for the occasional brief physical relationship with some of his friends at Snow Valley. His problems increased when following a mission in Madripoor, he was saddled with Abigail Brand, a SHIELD agent seconded to the FBI in a very similar fashion as Garrison's own position. Brand and Garrison were regularly partnered up on investigations, later including the returned Theresa Cassidy. Investigations in Milwaukee and California made it clear that Brand's presence was a way to keep tabs on how close the X-Men were to these investigations, forcing Garrison to keep them hidden.

During the summer, Adrienne returned to the mansion, prompting a deeply conflicted reaction in Garrison. Not long after, he was caught in the backlash of a magical spell during Halloween, which imposed a curse on him; any time Garrison attempted a physical relationship with a woman, improbable twists of fate would intervene to stop it. Feeling even more isolated, Garrison withdrew into his work, and the increasing involvement with Genosha. He was kidnapped from the protest outside of the Genoshan embassy with the others, and suffered some moderate wounds before escaping into the city with Jean Grey. There, they put together a team of escapees who used the state media to broadcast the abuse of mutates by the government, and brought down the Genoshan government and Thomas Moreau in the battle of the Citadel. Following his return to the mansion, Garrison's isolating tendency got worse, to the point that he barely interacted unless it was necessary with anyone.

A Shattered Day

Returning to work, Garrison was involved in an investigation in the town of Aitkins. The town was suffering from a spate of murders, and the further Garrison was drawn into the investigation, his mental state began to break down. Agent Brand abandoned the investigation following her re-assignment, leaving Garrison to rely on members of X-Force and the X-Men to help. During the investigation, he uncharacteristically was sexually involved with many of his female friends as his fixation on a serial killer depended. It was eventually discovered that the town was cursed by the Enchantress who was using Loki's help to attempt to enslave Thor, who had manifested on Earth. Garrison was able to stop the ritual, but in the process was nearly killed by Thor. Only Paige's intervention with the Valkyries, Amanda's magical healing, and telepathic reconstruction by Jean, Emma and Haller saved Garrison. However, his mind was heavily damaged, and his recovery was slow. Now questioning many of his former beliefs, he tentatively began to re-establish relationships, eventually helping Adrienne break free of the Hellfire Club. They decided to give their relationship another try. Their first trip away as a couple saw them shipwrecked, and eventually in the clutches of Magneto, where they helped bring down his attempt to establish a mutant state by blackmailing world leaders through a series of hidden nuclear bombs.

His luck continued to run poorly, being injured during an X-Men mission against a highly adaptive mutant and later getting entangled with two old WEAPON-X sites. While he was able to find more evidence that tied the program to the Director of Department H, the cost was high, as Kyle's mother was killed and later eaten by two Alpha ferals in an abandoned facility in the Rockies. Badly injured in the fight, Garrison spent much of the next few months recuperating, eventually having Adrienne move in with him at his suite in the mansion. When Muir Island was attacked by the Brotherhood, Garrison was one of the first of the X-Men to join the battle, but a spinal injury took him out of it relatively early. He was in the med-lab when the students launched their last ditch defense of the mansion and was one of the X-Men to confront Dark Phoenix. He survived the battle barely and watched Xorn reconfigure the universe.

Phase 2

A Stranger in a Familiar Land

Garrison awoke with the other survivors at the mansion. While his overall life hadn't changed dramatically, it took him time to adapt to certain events, like Rogue's amnesia. He quickly was involved in a mission to stop an attempted prison break at Ryker's Island, but while battling the villains, the X-Men were mistaken by the Avengers as criminals themselves. Only Thor's recognition of Garrison stopped the fighting, although the fact would get back to SHIELD and cause a major internal issue between the Bureau and SHIELD, leading to Garrison's suspension.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6ft

General Build: Garrison is broad shouldered, well muscled, although relatively lean.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Garrison has a tattoo of a beaver on his left thigh. He has two severe scars on his throat, just under the jawline, which are covered by his beard.


Garrison was part of an experimental bio-engineering program during his late teens, designed to augment and maximize his mutant abilities. As a result, his powers are split between his natural mutant powers and the bio-engineered additions. Following his supposed 'death', Garrison was also the subject of experimentation by Blaquesmith and Nathaniel Essex to further alter his powers.

Garrison is technically an 'omega-level' human. His physical abilities are enhanced past the normal maximum human levels, meaning that his strength, agility and endurance are many times that of a normal person. He can lift close to ten tons, run close to 30mph, resist poisons and toxins at normally lethal levels, and possesses a limited healing factor. While his physical abilities are impressive, they fall well short of other mutants like Beast or Nightcrawler. As a rough estimate, Garrison's abilities are half of that of a mutant with a single dedicated physical enhancement.

Because of his unnatural endurance and rapid healing, Garrison was requested to volunteer for a series of experiments. As a result, Garrison has a bioware system in his body; an organic reflexive memory chip built into the top of his spinal column. The organic reflexive memory chip is designed to assist Garrison's enhanced reflexes to more quickly learn physical skills and reactions to others. Garrison's learning curve for activities like martial arts is much sharper than normal people, and the margins of error decrease very rapidly once an activity is learned. This does not apply to fine motor control; only direct reflexive activities. As well, the longer Garrison trains/fights with a person, the faster he learns their individual combat tells. Where normal people take days or weeks of study to start to learn an opponent, the chip helps tie Garrison’s enhanced reflexes into the process, meaning he can start doing so in minutes and hours instead. The chip was designed to give him an edge against more powerful mutant abilities. The chip is very much an organic version of the cybernetic control chip implanted into Haroun al-Rashid, and that success provided the breakthrough for the Canadian team researching it.

Garrison's skin was replaced during his time under Blaquesmith's care, and now his outer skin is laced with a complex nanite web that is tied directly into his chip and his healing factor. Any external factors acting against his skin are analyzed, and the nanites reconstruct the atomic structure of his skin into a form that neutralizes any factor. The more powerful the factor acting against his skin, the longer it takes to develop a countermeasure, but so long as Garrison can survive long enough, his body will adapt to neutralize the threat or barrier.


Garrison carries a 24” RCB expandable baton and a directed pepper spray aerosol with his X-Men uniform.

In full dress, or while operating with the FBI, Garrison carries a 10mm FBI issued automatic pistol. In Canada, he switches to the RCMP standard 9mm Smith and Wesson.


Garrison’s collar insignias are not X’s like the rest of the X-Men, but small single maple leaves.

Garrison was born on the day of Canadian Confederation.

Prior to his injury, Garrison was clean shaven. He now wears a short beard to cover the scarring on his throat.

Garrison's powers grant him an abnormally high resistance to drugs, including normal painkillers. As a result, he is notoriously effected by heavy dosages, and has a tendancy to fixate on orange juice: [1]

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Player: Dex

E-mail: DexEmail.jpg

AIM: dextelfer

Player Icon Base: Ryan Reynolds

Meta Trivia

Garrison is in part based off of an original character named 'Dominion' from an Alpha Flight submission for an on-line fanfic group run by the former players of Illyana Rasputin, Pete Wisdom and Emma Frost, five years prior to X-Project's launch.