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Sep 1 - Garrison and Betsy have a chat while on vacation.

Sep 2 -

Sep 3 -

Sep 4 -

Sep 5 - At the beach, Amanda and Kurt take a moment to check in with each other. Artie and Hope catch up during the clam bake.

Sep 6 -

Sep 7 -

Sep 8 - Alison is offended by Maroon 5's new single.

Sep 9 -

Sep 10 -

Sep 11 -

Sep 12 -

Sep 13 -

Sep 14 -

Sep 15 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Marie-Ange posts about the murder of a former contact of Kevin's; another contact is found dead later.

Sep 16 -

Sep 17 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Kevin holds a meeting with the rest of X-Force regarding the recent murders and parts of his past; he tells the rest of the story to Emma later.

Sep 18 - Kyle posts a meme.

Sep 19 -

Sep 20 -

Sep 21 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: X-Force attempts to lay a trap for Mary, but has the tables turned as Mary proves to be more than they can handle; Mary throws Kevin and herself out of a window and escapes with him, running over a number of pedestrians along the way and projecting their pain to everyone in the surrounding area.

Sep 22 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Amanda provides an update on the failed mission, including the fact Kevin is missing and Jubilee, Wanda, Marie-Ange, Felicia and Emma are injured in various ways; Kevin wakes up and finds himself in the custody of a very different Mary than the one he knows, or the one who took him hostage; Mary tells him she needs the Sugar Man to stabilise her powers before they kill her. Marie-Ange emails Amanda about a development in her precog while trying to do readings for Jubilee and Wanda’s safety

Sep 23 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Kevin leads Mary to the Sugar Man and she makes a deal with him before shooting Kevin in the heart.

Sep 24 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Gabe reveals Kevin’s secret plan and that his tracker has gone off.

Sep 25 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: X-Force go in to rescue Kevin and eliminate the Sugar Man; Amanda and Clea cut the lights; Artie, Marie-Ange and Felicia take down the guards; Gabe, Emma and Natasha take on the Sugar Man and have to resort to creative powers use to kill him; Kevin wakes in the morgue and seeks out Mary, who has been cured by the Sugar Man and is now on a bloody rampage as the third, destructive personality; Kevin’s attempts to have Mary come peacefully with him fail, but she agrees to leave before the rest of X-Force arrives.

Sep 26 - Jubilee posts from hospital, in pain and wanting to know what happened.

Sep 27 - Gabe is bruised after his stunt with Emma’s diamond form.

Sep 28 - Wanda is also in pain and disgruntled her wine is gone.

Sep 29 -

Sep 30 -


Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend

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