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The beach vacation continued into the first week of September. It proved fortuitous for X-Force as they were tanned and relaxed when Kevin Sydney's CIA past again came back to haunt him, this time in the form of a former co-worker and lover, Mary Walker, who had been experimented on in the past and was looking for treatment... and revenge. Kevin and X-Force tried to stop her, resulting in Jubilation Lee suffering a broken neck and several other members of the team being injured. Mary, showing strange mood fluctuations, kidnapped Kevin and forced him to take her to the man who had experimented on her, the Sugar Man. Her powers were stabilised, but she was denied her revenge on the Sugar Man when X-Force beat her to it. Also, Kevin was killed again, but this time it was all part of the plan.


Sep 1 - Life's a Beach: Garrison and Betsy have a chat while on vacation.

Sep 2 -

Sep 3 - Marie-Ange asks Doug to make a sacrifice to ensure Jubilee isn't paralysed; later Doug brings Marie-Ange some art and gets a sword out of it.

Sep 4 -

Sep 5 - Life's a Beach: At the beach, Amanda and Kurt take a moment to check in with each other. Artie and Hope A. catch up during the clam bake.

Sep 6 -

Sep 7 -

Sep 8 - Alison is offended by Maroon 5's new single.

Sep 9 -

Sep 10 -

Sep 11 -

Sep 12 - Hope A. and Betsy work together to gather information about Senator Mace, for whom Hope A. is interning.

Sep 13 -

Sep 14 -

Sep 15 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Marie-Ange posts about the murder of a former contact of Kevin's; another contact is found dead later.

Sep 16 -

Sep 17 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Kevin holds a meeting with the rest of X-Force regarding the recent murders and parts of his past; he tells the rest of the story to Emma later.

Sep 18 - Kyle posts a meme.

Sep 19 -

Sep 20 -

Sep 21 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: X-Force attempts to lay a trap for Mary, but has the tables turned as Mary proves to be more than they can handle; Mary throws Kevin and herself out of a window and escapes with him, running over a number of pedestrians along the way and projecting their pain to everyone in the surrounding area which halts any pursuit.

Sep 22 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Amanda provides an update on the failed mission, including the fact Kevin is missing and Jubilee, Wanda, Marie-Ange, Felicia and Emma are injured in various ways; Kevin wakes up and finds himself in the custody of a very different Mary than the one he knows, or the one who took him hostage; Mary tells him she needs the Sugar Man to stabilise her powers before they kill her. Marie-Ange emails Amanda about a development in her precog while trying to do readings for Jubilee and Wanda’s safety.

Sep 23 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Kevin leads Mary to the Sugar Man and she makes a deal with him before shooting Kevin in the heart.

Sep 24 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Gabe reveals Kevin’s secret plan and that his tracker has gone off.

Sep 25 - Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: X-Force go in to rescue Kevin and eliminate the Sugar Man; Amanda and Clea cut the lights; Artie, Marie-Ange and Felicia take down the guards; Gabe, Emma and Natasha take on the Sugar Man and have to resort to creative powers use to kill him; Kevin wakes in the morgue and seeks out Mary, who has been cured by the Sugar Man and is now on a bloody rampage as the third, destructive personality; Kevin’s attempts to have Mary come peacefully with him fail, but she agrees to leave before the rest of X-Force arrives.

Sep 26 - Jubilee posts from hospital, in pain and wanting to know what happened.

Sep 27 - Gabe is bruised after his stunt with Emma’s diamond form.

Sep 28 - Wanda is also in pain and disgruntled her wine is gone.

Sep 29 -

Sep 30 -


Life's A Beach - Event

Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend

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