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September saw Sharon Friedlander settling in at the mansion, plus the arrival of Henry McCoy, scientist and genius. Monet St. Croix returned to Australia, having been forgiven by her father. Charles Xavier and Sooraya Qadir discussed the religious implications of Xorn's actions and Sooraya's issues with her faith; Charles also counselled Kyle Gibney, giving him a job to do in the form of tutoring the students unable to attend Bayville Charter High due to their powers. Maya Lincoln-Lopez continued to be a problem, at one point running off into the woods for a public sulking, and various altercations between the students and the adults on the journals resulted in Charles opening xp_staff to anyone over 18, so the adults had a place of their own to discuss "adult" things.

Maya wasn't the only enfant terrible - Quentin Quire continued to antagonise, first during a training session with Jean Grey (for which he later apologised) and then incurring Wanda Maximoff's wrath by planning a tattoo of Magneto's Auschwitz number. A meeting later with his former teacher (and lover), Tom, resulted in a rapid comedown for the cocky telepath, when Tom accused him of psychically manipulating him into the affair that led to the end of his career. He found some solace in a physical encounter with Gabriel Cohuelo, but he was much subdued after this.

Quentin wasn't Gabriel's only 'encounter', with he and newcomer Jean-Paul Beaubier hooking up casually as well. Alex Summers and Lorna Dane, in California to close up their old apartment, discussed the status of their relationship and the impact of Alex's abduction on it, deciding to restart from fresh and see how things went.

Kevin Sydney found himself with an apprentice, in the form of Gabriel, who asked him for lessons in spycraft. Doug Ramsey continued his tuition of Hope Abbott, this time sending her to a speed dating session to test her people skills and curtail her blush reflex. And Clinton Barton and Jennie Stavros discovered they had several work-type contacts in common, which led to the pair exchanging spy stories.

The Hellfire Club underwent complete restructuring in the face of anti-mutant feeling proving stronger than their influence. And finally, a young political intern by the name of Darcy Lewis found her world turned upside down when she was outed as a mutant as a political ploy.


Sep 1 - Sooraya and Professor Xavier talk about the new universe in which Sooraya needs some advice. Bobbi notes that if one is going to sing in the car make sure the windows are rolled up. Clarice posts this picture and asks who can get her into the Marc Jacobs book release party or does she have to crash it. Maya meets Adrienne.

Sep 2 - Maya texts Matt about a ring that lets blind people read print books but she doesn’t know if he can get it commercially. Amadeus makes a list of things he has learned today.

Sep 3 - Laurie posts this article. Cecilia texts Arthur to ask if he is free tonight.

Sep 4 - Alison wonders if she should dye her hair again. Laurie posts an article about wormholes. Jubilee asks if anyone wants gifts while she is in Cairo. Sue texts Alison and ask how she is doing with lasers. Lorna texts Alex that California is a go and if he would like to join her at her work. Gabriel is interested in learning about being a spy and Kevin shows some guidance. Sharon Friedlander introduces herself to the journals. Amadeus posts that he is the King of Deer and people should come and lick the peanut butter off their king’s face. Kitty texts Scott to ask if he is still awake. Kyle is summoned to Charles' office and given a potential job - tutoring the students unable to attend the local high school yet.

Sep 5 - Maya posts a blog and says if you are not angry, you are not awake. Matt takes Xavin school shopping, but as they’re 17 and not 7, Xavin is not that into it.

Sep 6 - Laurie texts Kyle and asks him what kind of person she is. Gabriel texts to Wade if he can do something if he doesn’t even know. Jubilee texts Kurt and asks if he wants to meet her in Madrid in a week. Jubilee texts Kevin that she is sending something his way that he might find useful. Jubilee posts that Cairo is still hot and still filled with interesting people. Jessica posts that she is going out of town to be alone for awhile. Monet writes a poem. Rahne meets Kyle, her "homeschooling" teacher, and finds him odd, but friendly.

Sep 7 - Domino asks the journals where the best place is to get a tattoo. Domino texts Amanda asking her which shop she should go to for a tattoo. Clea posts asking how the first day of school usually goes in America. Megan writes about a dream she had. Clarice and Sharon meet and bond over being former EMTs.

Sep 8 - Nica posts her first day reactions to school. Lorna emails Adrienne about taking time off to go to California with Alex. Tabitha posts asking how she gets a new passport to travel to another country. Alison texts Clarice asking her to teleport Tabitha to Alison’s room. Wade texts Adrienne about setting up a Hallowe’en costume party. Bas texts Clea and Maya about ideas for Clea’s birthday the next day. Amadeus posts about not being able to test out of math and science. Alison posts to xp_generation_x reminding the students to use her alias in school since Tabitha forgot.

Sep 9 - Amara posts asking what she should do after being asked out by an ‘ugly’ boy. Julian leaves a teddy bear for Megan. Gabriel and Rahne share a bag of chips until Rahne shifts and eats them all, which amuses Gabriel. Amanda leaves a necklace for Clea. Warren announces his return on the journals. Bas texts Clea, unhappy that after he and Stephen throwing a surprise birthday party for her she left a raccoon and family of mice in their suite. Maya posts saying that she’s made the cheerleading squad.

Sep 10 - Jean-Paul texts Kitty to tell her he’s going out and not to go into his room if she hears "something". Maya texts Clint asking if he’s avoiding her. Bas posts asking if anyone can give him advice on getting a job and finding a home for the mouse Clea left in his sock drawer. Felicia posts a picture of herself from Fashion Week. Kitty texts Jean asking what she’s been up to these days. Cecilia posts inviting people to watch Heathers in one of the common rooms as long as they aren’t terrors. Maya texts Clint to tell him that he’s being childish by ignoring her. Bas and Nica run into each other in person shortly after school starts, and they chat about things military and air force, powers demonstrations, and unwelcome skritching. Adrienne runs into Maya in the kitchen and helps in the quest for frybread.

Sep 11 - Megan posts to muse on how her new teddy bear will help her sleep after a busy day. Laurie texts Clint to show him a pair of colorblindness-correcting glasses. Bas texts Clea to show her the mouse habitat he built with Maya and Stephen. Clea emails Amanda to thank her for the birthday gift and to ask for help controlling her magic. Drunken shenanigans ensue when Jean-Paul and Wanda attend a Fashion Week after-party at Gabriel's bar.

Sep 12 - Maya texts Clint to tell him she’s sorry. Maya texts Bas asking if he’s busy. Maya emails Clea to ask if she and Bas are just friends. Adrienne and Garrison unwind at Harry’s and discuss their bucket lists. Jean texts Warren to tell him she found boxers in the solarium and that he shouldn’t disrobe in public with kids around. Laurie posts to the medlab staff asking if they should celebrate at least seven days without a major injury. Doug makes Hope speed-date to train her in ‘ethically grey skills.’

Sep 13 - Laurie texts Doug to tell him she likes seeing him dressed casually and ask how things are going with Hope. Maya posts about wanting to make a collage of tumblr imagery with a possible subject of old time sci-fi and teens as a creative and destructive force. Felicia posts a picture of herself passed out in someone’s bed and comments on recovering from the Alexander Wang party at Fashion Week.

Sep 14 - Wade emails Laurie to let her know she’s being taken out for her birthday. Paradise Lost: Emma emails Adrienne, Doug and Julian about being summoned to an emergency meeting with the Black King of the Hellfire Club. Jean’s telepathy lesson with Quentin goes badly.

Sep 15 - Adrienne and Maya meet in the kitchen and have a somewhat productive conversation. Paradise Lost: Sebastian Shaw informs Emma that his Black Rook was arrested and died in custody, despite his position with the Hellfire Club; Emma and Adrienne team up to infiltrate an evidence locker, with Adrienne using her powers to gain information on the suspects; Julian meets with Shaw’s lawyer and presents them with evidence. Maya emails Clint again, wanting to know how to fix things with them.

Sep 16 - Maya posts to her journal that adults suck and that she hates living at the mansion, before disappearing into the woods; Wade emails Marie-Ange for advice on dealing with Maya’s flounce; Clint emails Angel about Maya’s post and the weirdness of her stalking his email; Xavin asks for help in finding their roommate, and the Generation X kids organise a search party, which is stymied by Wade stepping in; Alison texts Xavin about Wade being a total buzzkill; Wade texts Logan about not laughing at him and needing beer; Maya posts, letting people know she’s back in her room and texts Bas asking if he’s mad at her. Gabriel asks Jean-Paul what he’s up to and they arrange a hookup. New grad student, Hank McCoy, introduces himself on the journals; Hank meets Miles and winds up becoming a tutor. Paradise Lost: Emma emails Doug, Julian and Adrienne with an update on what’s been discovered about the Black Rook’s death already and with further tasks for the morning; Emma, Julian, Doug and Adrienne meet with the Black Court and a new Hellfire Club structure is agreed on. Miles wishes Gabriel a happy birthday and brings him unwelcome news in the shape of a letter from Gabe’s sister about their sick grandmother. Megan and Clea talk after magic class and decide to help each other study. Quentin tracks down his former teacher (and lover) and when he reveals he’s a telepath, Tom reacts badly, accusing him of possibly influencing him psychically to have a sexual relationship; after the scene with Tom, Clint finds Quentin drinking away his sorrows and offers support and perspective.

Sep 17 - Maya apologises on her journal for being a brat. Hope and Monet are chatting when Monet gets a call from her father, allowing her to return home to Australia. Jubilee announces her return from Egypt. Cecilia meets Hank in the library and has her own frankenberry cat moment; Jean meets Hank and acquires a new lab assistant. Megan texts Tandy about their trip to London for Fashion Week. Billy and Rogue have a mishap with her powers; Rogue texts Adrienne to apologise for missing a work meeting after the accident with Billy; Rogue posts to her journal, apologising to Billy and complaining about her lack of control. Tandy emails Julian and Adrienne before leaving for London. Jubilee texts Amanda with a minor freakout over the new Hank and the lack of warning of his arrival.

Sep 18 - Adrienne announces her new haircut and plans for a Halloween party, and inadvertently sparks another “teens vs. adults” debate. Maya posts a picture of a shirt she thinks she should have. Bas announces the start of the Rugby World Cup and suggests a potential public viewing. Following the altercation in Adrienne’s journal, Nica posts to the Generation X comm about Halloween and the rudeness of the adults at the mansion. Adrienne texts Garrison to make a bet regarding the upcoming Blue Jays vs. Red Sox baseball series, and then asks Warren to take over for her when Garrison suggests other activities. Rogue emails Emma about potentially getting her memories back, since adult her has better control of her powers.

Sep 19 - Jubilee’s attempt to address the “teens vs. adults” situation only causes more discord as her tone is read as being bossy by several residents; Clint emails Adrienne about the obnoxiousness of Jubilee; Angelo texts Jean-Phillipe with his own commentary on the situation; Jubilee emails Kurt about getting out of the mansion for a bit; Gabriel declares everyone in the mansion is either ridiculous or boring; Charles emails the over-18s, letting them know xp_staff has been opened up for adult-specific communications away from the kids. Laurie is pleased with her latest checkup after her surgery. Alex asks Scott for the loan of something to pack his stuff in for the trip to LA with Lorna; Alex posts an instagram crosspost to show off his packed bag.

Sep 20 - After both striking out at the club, Gabriel and Quentin find themselves in bed together the morning after and wind up making the most of it. Alex and Gabriel meet in the kitchen and have Chinese leftovers for breakfast. Wade emails Adrienne offering food and is unhappy to learn she is leaving the mansion; Adrienne texts Garrison to let him know she’s moving to her penthouse in New York. Molly is unimpressed by Pintrest’s eggplant recipes. Amadeus warns people the fire alarms might go off but there’s nothing to worry about. Clint lets Matt know it’s a family dinner instead of family breakfast the next day. Jubilee apologises by text to Adrienne, but gets no response. Clint’s curiosity is roused when he runs into Jennie in the hall. Quentin leaves Clint a thank you gift (and a threat) for the talk.

Sep 21 - Laurie asks Clint for some archery practice and finds he’s in the city. Laurie announces she has made ginger kiss cookies for everyone as a distraction from her healing. As per their bet, Garrison takes out an ad in the Daily Bugle admitting the Jays suck. Lorna and Alex leave for California; Alex makes an Instagram cross post from the road while heading back to Cali.

Sep 22 - Clint stops by Jennie’s studio to discuss what he’s discovered, and they manage to find some common ground. Amanda and Laurie talk and compare notes. Quentin apologises to Jean for not taking training seriously.

Sep 23 - Tandy makes a journal entry about London being done, being on her way to Milan, and being partied out. Alex makes an Instagram cross post from the world’s largest ball of twine. Alex makes an unscheduled detour. Wanda is less than pleased to see Quentin’s designs for a tattoo. Wanda makes a journal post inviting people to join her at Harry’s after her Quentin Quire quagmire. Jean texts Wanda about Quentin’s age. Lorna texts Wanda to see if she’s ok after her post.

Sep 24 - Cecilia texts Wade to see if everything’s ready for Scott’s surprise party on Saturday. Wade e-mails everyone but Scott about his surprise party on Saturday. Amara makes a journal post about her disappointment in the lack of a girl’s soccer team. Alex finds a haunted inn to stay at with Lorna. Jean texts Scott for help with looking for at cars Saturday morning.

Sep 25 - Alex makes an Instagram cross post of their bedroom at the haunted inn. Clint and Angel discuss their contingency plans should they ever face the zombie apocalypse.

Sep 26 - Maya makes a journal entry about the donut showdown being her jam. Jean leaves Scott a birthday present. Alex and Lorna clean out their apartment and discuss some Important Things. Jean gets Scott to help her buy a car in order to distract him from party preparations. Rachel and Gabriel have their first real conversation since the apocalypse/rapture/M-Day, and they decide to fly the coop.

Sep 27 - Jubilee makes a journal entry that she’s arrived in South Korea, along with a link to an interesting piece of clothing. Nica checks on Maya and survives.

Sep 28 - Adrienne makes a journal entry modestly declaring herself the master of fantasy baseball. Angel has a plan to start a mutant friendly newspaper, Wade agrees to help finance her. Clint texts Angel to let he know he made it safely to the city. Dial My Number: A story breaks in the news about a Philadelphian member of the House of Representatives having a mutant, Darcy Lewis, on their staff; Quentin responds on his journal and several mansionites chip in; Jean texts Kitty about the breaking news story; Alison also posts to her journal exasperated at Fox News.

Sep 29 - Sooraya takes Angel riding and tries to draw her out on the subject on Clint, with a surprising lack of success. Felicia posts to Instagram showing a picture from the Georgio Armani fashion show she was attending. Aex posts to Instagram showing off pictures from home during his road trip with Lorna.

Sep 30 - Maya emails Xavin and Clea asking if they’d be up for some cheerleading practice. Alex posts more pictures of his roadtrip teasing Lorna about being unable to leave him behind since he has the coffee.


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