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Moment of Awesome - Jubilee: In the middle of a battle to stop the bombing of Penn Station in New York, Jubilee attempts to philosophize with a Morlock radical.

"A commendable attempt," Cybelle mocked. "Would you perhaps like to try again?"

It was times like these that Jubilee remembered her own youth, and the look on Remy's face when something particularly addle brained happened. It was the only reason she didn't give Gabriel a steady stream of swearing as she lit up the area, sending a multitude of sparks to burn off the droplets of acid.

"Dude, really? You come into my city, you disrespect my train station, you disrespect me. The hell you think you're doing?"

"I think I'm taking back power from people like you, little girl!" Cybelle threw her hands out, sending a cloud of acid fog at the newcomers. "Now die and let me get back to work!"

As the fog creeped toward him, Gabriel took a step in the other direction, bolting past Jubilee and toward a group of people that Artie was herding aboveground. To have a fighting chance against this woman, he needed to disappear. Then he could speed into thin air and take her by surprise.

"Dude, power that you can take with violence is just an illusion," Jubilee replied, almost gently given that they were in the middle of a fight. "But I doubt you're gonna recognise that, which is pretty damn sad. I mean, I'd rather not spend time beating the crap out of you, but if you insist."

Jubilee had spent the time she was talking well, using her powers to catch each of the air droplets and burn them up before they could do any real damage. The other thing she hoped was that Cybelle would focus on her and give Gabriel time to get closer.

"Shut up!" Cybelle flung more of her acid around. The walls of the tunnel started to melt. "I don't need to be lectured from people who know nothing of the challenges we face every single day! Don't you dare take the high and mighty route with me!" She was angry, and the cloud of acid started to thicken.