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This page is part of the X-Project "Phase 1" universe - that is, the game from its onset in May 2003 until January 20, 2015.

For X-Force from January 21, 2015, go to Phase 2.


Team: X-Force
First Seen: May 2006

"I'm sick of letting them get away with it. Sick of the squalid little deals that keep butchers and bastards scurrying around in the dark, instead of dragged out into the light and shot. Sick of putting possible repercussions ahead of what I know needs doing. Sick of the same old excuses for looking the other way that I've been hearing from everyone for the last fifteen years. I'm calling fucking time on it."

He looked back at Remy.

"You in?"

X-Force is Pete Wisdom's operational squad, designed to discover and respond to threats that are either too political, too sensitive, or just plain too weird to involve the X-Men. With the combined intelligence training of the leaders, X-Force specializes in an investigative approach, using a combination of skills and powers to identify plots and threats, and providing a response to them.

The central priorities of X-Force include:

  • Responding to existing or potential threats to both mutants and humans before they can reach a fully prepared status.
  • Maintaining a global intelligence program geared to monitor developments in numerous areas and fields to identify emerging threats and potential abuse.
  • Covertly assisting selected groups, such as the X-Men, in the advancement of their agenda.


Xf amanda.jpg Amanda Sefton
Artie icon.png Artie Maddicks
Cammie icon.jpg Carmilla Black
Northsm.png David North
Xf doug.jpg Doug Ramsey
Xf emma.jpg Emma Frost
White Queen
Xf jubilee.png Jubilation Lee
Xf marie-ange.jpg Marie-Ange Colbert
Nico.psd.png Nico Minoru
Sister Grimm
Ororo Munroe (Earth-616).psd.png Ororo Munroe
Gambit2.png Remy LeBeau
Xf wanda.jpg Wanda Maximoff
Scarlet Witch

Former Members

* denotes character available for application.

Sarah Morlocke*

Mark Sheppard*

Team Structure

X-Force is a very different team compared to the X-Men. It operates both covertly and in an investigative manner, unlike the close association with law enforcement and emergency personnel that the X-Men cultivate. X-Force travels as anonymously as possible, and keeps their profile as minimal as possible.

The nominal leader of the team is Pete Wisdom, due to his arrangement of X-Force in the first place, and his experience and abilities. Remy LeBeau most often takes the role of field commander in charge of operations, but that depends on the situation. However, there is no specific configuration or hierarchy in the setup of the team itself.

X-Force members are often sent to work either alone or in pairs, especially during the investigation stage of a mission. The maintenance of the global intelligence requires regular trips into the field, and it is not uncommon for one or two members of the team to be away at any one time.

Team Operations

X-Force is focused on maintaining a flexible range of specialties and abilities, while providing an overall training in intelligence and operations. They occasionally will support operations by the mansion and the X-Men, normally providing intelligence and research on situations. While X-Men are primarily a reactive force, X-Force is more investigative, researching and preemptively stopping things before they can become a threat.

Due to the lack of uniforms and anonymous nature of X-Force's operations, they can work under the radar of traditional media and law enforcement. They rarely allow themselves or their work to be publicized, and only a few of their contacts really know the extent of their abilities or roster. For this reason, X-Force often engages in dangerous and politically sensitive operations in other countries, which could be considered terrorist actions. There is no operational connection between X-Force and the X-Men that has been discovered, and even when they do work in concert, the connection is handled very quietly.

X-Force lacks the equipment of the mansion, such as Cerebro or the Danger Room, but they do have their own unique abilities. Since there are no uniforms and no external signs of their job, they operate primarily in a covert fashion, allowing them to breach borders and interfere in the affairs of other countries without the fear of discovery or repercussions. As well, Wisdom, LeBeau, and Betsy Braddock all possessed relatively robust intelligence networks and contacts while working with the X-Men. They have taken and expanded those to cast a wide net over the globe, giving them an edge against their opponents in operations.

Team Training

Training is split between all members of the team. Often powers training will be done with the assistance of the mansion, and all of the older members mentor one of the younger ones in specific hand to hand training. Past that, fairly extensive cross training is encouraged, to help all of the members pick up additional skills and abilities from each other. Previously, the X-Men's Wolverine offered semi-regular advanced hand-to-hand training for some of the more advanced junior members, especially those with similar abilities such as Sarah Morlocke.

The younger members are also involved in a specialized tutoring program arranged by Emma Frost as part of their cover. They have been awarded degrees in their various fields, and retroactively must complete the course requirements through distance learning and classes.

The majority of X-Force have cover jobs with the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs, a mutant think-tank with offices in Manhattan, New York.


Beyond the usual communications gear a team such as this needs, X-Force has little in the way of specialized equipment. They use Emma Frost's private jet for urgent jobs overseas, but otherwise use normal long-distance transport methods. They train in an ordinary work out space, nicknamed 'The Danger Gym', situated in the brownstone they live in.

X-Force specifically eschews uniforms of any type, although a sort of dress code has developed between the older and younger members. The older staff regularly wear trenchcoats into the field, while the younger members almost uniformly wear shorter leather jackets.

Medical Facilities

When injured, members of X-Force attend a local medical clinic, funded by Emma Frost. The strictest confidentiality is maintained, and the staff have dealt with a range of injuries, from magical scarring to bullet wounds and exposure and hypothermia.


x_snowvalley The team-only community for discussion of missions, training and other team-related matters.

Meta and Trivia


Due to their dress sense, the older staff members are often called 'The Trenchcoat Brigade' by the younger staff. They themselves are nicknamed the 'Junior Trenchcoats'.


In comics canon, Pete Wisdom briefly led X-Force for a time, with roughly the same kind of mission statement.

In Vertigo comics, the Trenchcoat Brigade are a collection of mages who first grouped up around Tim Hunter, and spent their time dealing with the weird and the occult.

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