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Garrison Kane nearly lost his life and his mind when an investigation into a possible mutant biker became a battle for control of Asgardian "god" Thor; in the aftermath, it was discovered Garrison's mindscape had been shredded by chaos magic, requiring a combination of magical and telepathic intervention to rebuild it. The result was a changed man, as Garrison found himself questioning some of his old beliefs, as well as being suspended from the FBI while he was investigated for murder.

Hope Abbott was barraged by her well-meaning mother's 'instructional' gifts, causing her to 'ghost out' more frequently under the stress. Adrienne Frost took an interest in - Phase 1|Matt Murdock's drug recovery, as well as cautioning him about starting a romantic relationship during this delicate time, also speaking to Susan Storm - Phase 1 about the same issue. New student Clint Barton discovered old foster-home 'roomie' Matt was also at Xavier's and Nico Minoru took new magic student Billy Kaplan under her wing under instruction from Amanda Sefton.

Sam Guthrie discovered the Friends of Humanity had set up a branch in his home town in Kentucky, when a trip home with some friends resulted in him being jailed for the night and he and his friends narrowly saving the Guthrie farm from being set on fire.


Sep 1 - Sonatorrek: Fred Duncan gives Garrison and Brand an assignment in Minnesota - identifying a biker who might be Thor; Garrison announces his assignment and how he doesn’t know when he’ll be back to the X-Men. Angel announces her return home. Angel and Sooraya have tea and Angel apologizes for her bad decision-making. Angelo and Artie meet on the back porch to talk about Artie’s future and Angelo mentions trying to help him get up in the film business. Maddie welcomes Angel home with a text message. Sooraya and Yvette share some friend time. Matt and Billy meet.

Sep 2 - Sonatorrek: Garrison and Abigail Brand arrive in Minnesota and meet the police chief, Arnie, who tells them about the biker war and the “weird” biker Don Blake; Brand, Garrison, and Arnie head to the headquarters of the Valhallas and meet Blake, who’s calling himself Thor; leaving the Valhallas, Arnie, Garrison, and Brand meet Thor’s girlfriend Sylvie Rushton, who runs a porn studio financed by the Valhallas - they find out Sylvie had Don tested for STDs and Brand heads to the hospital for the record to see if he’s a mutant while Arnie asks Garrison for advice on a case.

Sep 3 - Sonatorrek: While Brand goes to the hospital to get a sample of Thor’s blood, Arnie takes Garrison to the scene of an animal mutilation and explains that violence is increasing in Aitkins; returning to the motel, Garrison finds Nordic runes scrawled on his door in raven’s blood and after a discussion with Brand about the case, finally gives in to her advances; Garrison emails Fred Duncan expressing his concerns there might be a serial killer at work in Aitkins and requesting a full team. Catseye emails Korvus with a plan for a regular dinner with the students. Angel encounters Callie on the back porch and things are awkward until food comes into the equation.

Sep 4 - Hope A. receives a calligraphy kit from her mother, one of the “deficiencies” she needs to work on. Sarah V. reflects on the strangeness of the start of the school year when she isn’t actually going to school. Clarice talks about her medical rotation schedule. Layla texts Kyle, asking what she needs to call him in class. Catseye suggests her dinner plan to the students and they are enthused. Hope A.’s mother sends her a book on good housekeeping, with a note about it helping when she’s mistress of her own home.

Sep 5 - Laurie complains about being at a new school. Sonatorrek: Garrison becomes more obsessed with the hunt for his serial killer and Brand continues to mess with his head. Billy Kaplan announces his arrival at the school and apologizes for the storms he caused. Matt announces himself as senior president, as he and Layla are the only seniors, and celebrates the end of his grounding.

Sep 6 - Hope A.’s mother sends her an outfit (very pink) to wear to her first day of classes and a book on dressing well for when she’s married, as well as an embroidery for beginners kit and a note about how her grandmother was a gifted sewer. Layla drafts Sue to help her make a Presidential button for Matt. Megan announces she may have a job with eVolution, the mutant-friendly clothing place in District X. Layla recruits Megan for the button project. Sarah V. emails Vanessa about being more available for work as she’s not going to school this year; Sarah texts Layla about her apparent promotion from the talk with Vanessa.

Sep 7 - Tandy texts Hope A. about the sundry ‘gifts’ Hope A. is getting from her mother. Sonatorrek: Garrison gets an email from the FBI forensic team informing him Don Blake is not a mutant; Brand informs him that she’s leaving for DC, despite him asking her to stay and help him with his serial killer investigation; desperate, Garrison leaves a message for Marie-Ange to help; after some phone tag, Garrison gets hold of Marie-Ange and she surprises him by agreeing to bring a team to investigate ‘Thor’. Hope A.’s mother sends her two volumes on French cooking and the usual note about young ladies’ accomplishments. Sue and Tandy meet out by the pool and make plans for laser tag. Sue and Matt have their first date.

Sep 8 - Sonatorrek: Garrison emails Marie-Ange with a partial cover for the group - the old Secret Empire motorcycle gang - and suggests the strip joint for the rest; Marie-Ange emails the team - X-Force and some of those involved in Asgard - with the assignment. Matt complains about the weather hurting his head; Wade cautions Billy about the New York tornado warning and announces a Golden Girls marathon; Angel offers $20 to the first person to dress up as the Wicked Witch of the West. Maddie emails Haller, concerned about Hope A. and her mother.

Sep 9 - Sonatorrek: The Secret Empire bikers - Callisto and Angelo, with Amanda as Cal’s ‘old lady’ and Marie-Ange as their tattoo artist - meet with the Valhallas and after some macho posturing, a working relationship is established; at the strip club, Wanda, Paige and Jubilee meet Sylvie and get hired on as dancers/’actresses’. Hope A. posts an essay to her journal on the need for ladylike accomplishments.

Sep 10 - Sonatorrek: Wanda, Paige and Jubilee do some information gathering in Sons of Hel territory; Angelo and Paige meet to discuss their respective finds; Kane finds more bodies associated with his killer, but it doesn't seem to get him any closer, while Amanda, following the pattern, has a different idea of helping. Monday afternoon, Adrienne takes Matt shopping for school clothes and discusses his recovery addict to addict, plus his new relationship with Sue.

Sep 11 - Sonatorrek: The investigation finds a connection with a recently busted child pornography ring, and Kane's mental slide is further confused by a meeting with Wanda; Marie-Ange and Amanda use Thor's legendary arrogance to manipulate him into letting them tattoo him with a symbol that is more than what it seems; Kane is turned down by his superiors for more assistance, as Marie-Ange drops by to put her own insurance policy on Kane’s skin.

Sep 12 - Sonatorrek: A meeting is arranged between the Valhallas and the Sons of Hel; Kane finally solves the mystery of his serial killer, only to discover that he'd already failed in every way possible; The meet turns out to be a trap, but unlike any they could have ever expected; Kane interrupts the fight between "Loki" and Thor, possibly at the cost of his life; The others get free of Amora's magic, and the Enchantress learns the dangers of trusting Loki; Paige finds herself conflicted over her friend, and steps in to save him the only way she knows how; The others take on the unleashed ice jotun, fighting for their lives; After Amora flees, they try and collect themselves only to discover a new threat - Brand and her new SHIELD division, come to take Thor. Sue texts Tandy to see if she’d like to study outside while the weather’s still nice. Adrienne e-mails the x_staff list to both canvass interest in and solicit help with starting a chess club at the school.

Sep 13 - Sonatorrek: Jean e-mails the Professor about rescheduling her training session due to looking after Garrison and his injuries, and advises she’ll keep him updated; Jean makes an entry to x_team telling them Garrison was brought to the medlab and that he should make a full recovery after extensive surgery, and asks them to keep quiet about his condition until he’s made it through surgery just in case; Jean also e-mails Adrienne privately to pass along the same message she’d made to x_team, which Adri didn’t receive. Sue texts Maddie to see if she’ll help coax Tandy away from her video game and outside for awhile. Maddie makes a journal entry reminding people her first soccer game in District X is Saturday and asks people to come and support her.

Sep 14 - Amanda e-mails Nico with a job for her regarding the newest arrival, Billy. Angelo e-mails Amanda, Jubilee, Wanda, Callisto, Marie-Ange, and Paige after the events in Minnesota to check up on them. Nico e-mails Billy to say hello and arrange a meeting following Amanda’s request.

Sep 15 - Rachel breaks into Angelo's apartment for a visit and is less than impressed by his battered state.

Sep 16 -

Sep 17 - Sarah V. asks Catseye to help her make a treat for Layla before texting Layla to inform her that Sarah has a surprise for the other girl. Sonatorrek: Jean informs Xavier that although Garrison is physically healed he refuses to wake up, which he concludes is linked to the events in Aitkins. Jean-Phillipe stops by to talk to Angelo about X-Corps and the visit turns out a little differently than he had expected

Sep 18 - Jubilee visits Kurt to admit that she slept with Garrison, he takes it better than she had envisioned it. Maddie posts to x_students to let the other kids know she would be showing around a new student and asks them to be nice. Sonatorrek: Amanda sends out an e-mail to inform the parties involved with the situation in Aitkins what exactly happened; Amanda then sends out a second e-mail to Xavier, Jean and Wanda to inform them that Garrison was not all right but instead the chaos magic he had absorbed was chewing him up on the inside.

Sep 19 - Doug posts a picture of a keyboard for pirates for talk like a pirate day. Clint arrives at the mansion and Maddie shows him around while his foster fathers talk to the teachers. Kyle posts that he will not be teaching any pirate based novels in English, although does allow that if people wish to do a presentation he is open to giving them extra credit. Scott posts to x-staff highlighting a problem with Hope A. constantly ghosting out, the other teachers respond that they’ve noticed the same thing happening. After class Adrienne holds Sue back to ask her if she would be interested in joining a chess club and to warn the girl of the difficulties involved in dating Matt.

Sep 20 - Artie posts up a music video which uses projectors on a screen to create the illusion of movement through various scenarios. Maddie posts to inform people that a year ago "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell" was repealed and the military hasn’t seen the dire consequences that were threatened. Sonatorrek: Jean informs those who had been with Garrison in Aitkins that they have purged the chaos magic, but Garrison’s mindscape is still shattered and they will still have to put it back together; Jean sends Adrienne an e-mail to keep her updated on Garrison’s situation; Adrienne stops by her sister’s office to ask Emma to help put Garrison’s mind back together. Angelo makes plans to spend the evening with Jean-Phillipe.

Sep 21 - Johnny posts to the journal’s that Kyle is the boss and is prettier than him, as well as winning their competition. Lorna informs the mansion that there are Nutella filled donuts left over from cooking class if anyone wants them and makes plans to make more with Molly after dinner. Scott asks Lorna to help him make a chocolate dessert for Jean so he can help her relax while watching over Garrison for a while. Jubilee posts Kelis’ Milkshake video and blames Kyle. Matt takes Hope A. roller-skating in an attempt to cheer her up.

Sep 22 - Sonatorrek: Emma e-mails the mansions psychics asking if they would accept her help in piecing Garrison back together. Lorna leaves Scott a pair of sunglasses with specially treated lenses, and a treat in the kitchen for his birthday. Jean buys her husband a iPhone 5 and Adrienne sends him a pair of driving gloves once used in a F1 Race. Kurt leaves Scott a bottle of brandy and Jean-Phillipe leaves him a bottle of French wine. Angelo finds Sue staring at his car and introduces the girl to Joyita before taking her to visit District X. Lorna sends Jean a bottle of wine and they make plans to meet up for a movie when Jean has more free time. Lorna gives Sooraya a cooking lesson. Tandy comes across Hope A. doing embroidery and the two of them have a discussion about mothers, both good and bad. Matt and Clint re-meet after several years. Bishop and Scott play chess while watching some students train and they discuss the future.

Sep 23 - Wade sends David a text asking him to spar so Wade can let out his stress about Marie-Ange sleeping with Thor. Clint comes across Tandy watching Night of the Living Dead in the rec room and the two talk for a little while. Clint posts to his journal introducing himself to the mansion population. After meeting Tandy, Clint heads back to the suite to continue playing catch-up, only Billy's gone and Maddie's playing Goldilocks in his bed. David happily beats Wade up in order to distract him from his problems and stress.

Sep 24 - Jubilee texts Kurt for a date. Laurie texts JPC if he wants to do something together. Lorna asks in her journal who wishes to make venison jerky. Clint discusses make-up work and why he likes math and science with Adrienne and she recruits him for the chess club. Tandy asks who would like to attend a Film Festival in NY. At North Salem High School Matt and Tandy talk with Matt's note-taker Melissa on what it is like to attend Xavier’s. What Am I Doing Here?: Sam asks on his journal who would like to accompany him on a trip home.

Sep 25 - Adrienne emails the students about the newly formed chess club. Lorna posts asking who the mysterious food thief is. Angel texts Lorna to offer her help with finding out who it is. Tandy emails Sue about Sue joining her for movies on Sunday evening. Billy posts about going to the Medieval Festival. Hope A. emails Tandy and Maddie on advice on how to say no to her mother. Sue and Adrienne talk with Hope A. why she does not want to join the chess club. Maddie texts Billy and Clint if they mind her staying over for the night. Angel and Lorna stake out the food cabinet in hopes of catching the mysterious thief.

Sep 26 - Tandy posts about a guy skydiving from space.

Sep 27 - Hope A. texts Tandy to ask for moral support while she says no to her mom. Tandy talks to Adrienne about how she can help Hope A.. Tandy texts Maddie about Hope A. saying no and hanging out together. Adrienne visits Kane in the Medlab. Haller texts Betsy, asking if she can Skype. Sonatorrek:Jean, Emma and Jim work to restore Garrison’s mind; Kane wakes up and finds out he is being investigated by Internal Investigations for murder. Angelo asks JPC and Amanda to check on Marie-Ange.

Sep 28 - Wade texts Marie-Ange about sharing some Thai. Sonatorrek: Emma emails Adrienne about Kane's mind. JPC emails Marie-Ange to ask if she is okay. What Am I Doing Here?: Sam, accompanied by Kurt, Tabitha, Jubilee and Lorna, flies home, where they are welcomed by his mother; late at night, Jubilee sneaks into Kurt's bed and they accidentally wake up Sam. Rachel meets Korvus for the first time and is deeply unnerved by the experience. Marie-Ange was avoiding Wade after the events of Sonatorrek, but Wade is having none of that, so he brings Thai, and himself, and he makes things better - not much better, but enough.

Sep 29 - Sooraya and Scott talks about Sooraya going back on active duty.

Sep 30 - What Am I Doing Here?: After church Sam and his family run into an unexpected - and unpleasant - surprise. Things heat up and Sam does something he regrets. Kurt posts on x_team about Sam being arrested. Reed and the other members of the local Friends of Humanity have a meeting after his run-in with Sam, where their plans change to accommodate recent events. After the FoH meeting, two individuals carry out Reed's wishes. Things got complicated, however, and they don't go quite as planned. Sam arrives at the Guthrie homestead and finds it under attack. All hands pitch in to save the farm. Tired of waiting for Stuff to happen, Rachel ambushes Remy outside his apartment looking for answers, help, and maybe a little bit of comfort. To some extent, she gets what she wants. Rachel tries to get Fred to let her borrow a car before resorting to grand-theft auto.



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