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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Tyrone Johnson
Portrayed by Brandon Jay McClaren
Codename: Cloak
Affiliations: eXcalibur
Birthdate: November 17, 1996
Journal: xp_cloak
Player: Available for Applications

After being saved from the end of the world and spending three years in Asgard, Ty has returned to a very different world and a very different mansion. He's currently a comatose resident of Muir Island.


Character Journal: xp_cloak

Real Name: Tyrone Johnson



First Appearance: December 26th, 2013

Date of Birth: November 17, 1996

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Mr & Mrs Johnson (parents), Otis Johnson (brother) & Smokin' Joe (uncle)

Education: High school student

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: eXcalibur



Ty grew up with two hard-working parents who could never seem to make ends meet. His father works on a fishing boat and his mother works in manufacturing. He has an older brother, Otis, who left home at 16 due to drug problems and the death of a sister due to a drug overdose. He’s had a stutter since childhood, work with school provided speech therapists and his best friend, Billy, gave enough success that the school considered him “cured.” High stress situations still bring it out, though it takes a LOT of stress. While he and Billy were rough-housing in a shadier part of their neighborhood after curfew one night, they stumbled into the middle of a police drug raid. The boys, used to avoiding police, snuck through an alley. One of the suspects escaped the raid and ran down the same alley. In the bad light, with the assumption that the suspect was armed, Billy was shot two times. Ty’s attempts to warn Billy were circumvented by the reappearance of his stutter, due to extreme stress and fear. He felt that Billy’s death was entirely his fault. He ran away from the shooting scene and never looked back, not even to contact his family. (Approximately Summer 2012.) His parents filed a missing persons report on him, but nobody thought to look as far as NYC. His father had the lower-paying job, so he quit so he could spend more time trying to find Ty. After that he started running and didn’t stop until he hit the streets of New York, strange faces, but familiar habits. Once in NYC, Ty quickly found out how hungry and alone a teenaged boy can get. He learned on the fly, how to hide in the shadows and stay out of sight. While he stayed generally safe, the hiding lifestyle didn’t get a body much food. The winter made everything that much harder. Ty found it harder to concentrate, and stay ahead of the game. (Approximately February 2013.) One day, one of the flyers that littered the sidewalks caught his attention, offering food and shelter for clean-up work. With no more intent than earning his next meal, Ty meets Simon Marshall, a biochemist with odd ambition and a retrovirus with startling potential. Marshall’s experiment started as a new designer Kick, to work on humans by temporarily giving them active x-genes.

Marshall has a few teenagers lab monkey around his meth-lab looking facility while he feeds them “vitamins.” Ty spends quite some time sick to the point of delirium, he loses track of time. Once he recovered, it doesn’t take long for strange things to start happening. Ty only saw a few of them die, seemingly from mutant manifestations, some growing horns in places they really didn’t need to be, others turning to ash on the spot from an uncontrollable internal fire. He reverted to hiding-in-the shadows behavior. Hunger intensified, he found himself passed out in the corner of the room more than once despite eating everything on his plate and anything the other survivors would spare. Three times a day, Marshall took unintelligible readings, and fed the survivors. He also convinced them that he was their only chance of survival. Ty, being a young man of good sense, eventually saw the lie for what it was and escaped. He ran as far as he could, severely weakened from the drugs and hunger, he only made it as far as the neighborhood church.

Father Michael happened to be in that night, with his niece visiting. Ty arrived with Marshall and some thugs not far behind. In the scuffle, Tandy hit Ty with a Light Dagger. The dagger energized him, temporarily quenching his hunger, and he fought off the pursuers with what appeared to be solidified darkness. Tandy immediately decided that he needed to go back to Xavier’s with her. Ty, too dazed by his sudden manifestation to argue, went without a fight.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Ty settled into the mansion fairly easily, making friends and bonding over mutual loves of food. In August he was exposed to the field trip curse for the first time at a street fair when a bunch of paintings came to life. He witnessed Kyle Gibney being eaten by a painting and then inadvertently helped save his teacher when his powers had a strange reaction to the painting.

The End of the World

When the mansion was invaded in January 2015, Ty joined a team of Molly, Tandy, and Paige Guthrie to help defend it. It was all for nothing, however, as The Dark Phoenix tore through their defenses. In the chaos of trying to escape they were nearly killed, but Paige sacrificed herself to Valkyrie in order to save the kids. Ty, Molly, and Tandy were brought to Asgard, where they were taken under the tutelage of separate Asgardians. Ty worked with Nott to improve his powers and build up his confidence.

Phase 2

Home, Again

After three years, the trio was sent to Earth to subdue Frost Giants, whom Loki had set loose. While there, they found the X-Men, and the teams worked together to take down a giant. Ty, Tandy, and Molly were surprised when they discovered they had been released from their thrallship, and were to remain on Earth. They were even more surprised to discover it had only been three months since they'd gone to Asgard.

All and all, it wasn't too hard for Ty to readjust to mansion life, even with all the changes that had happened both to him and to the world in general. He made friends, attending a few mansion parties and generally having a very good time (even with the loss of his pants). After the eventful beginning of the year, it was a relief that everything else was remarkably uneventful. He even got to be a hero again in November when he helped his fellow GenX members assist victims of a car accident.

2016 was quiet for Ty, though he did notice he was constantly hungry, leading to him eating everything he could get his hands on. He began to worry about this, and wondered if it had something to do with no longer being around the ambient magic of Asgard. He approached Amanda Sefton about magic and if it's possible to "eat" magical energy, and she suggested he look into powers training.

Asgard came back to haunt to haunt to haunt Ty in August 2017, when Asgard problems bled over to Midgard. Ty joined the team to help contain it, and inadvertently discovered he could teleport things through shadows. He began working on honing his teleportation with Kurt Sefton.

Living Life

2018 saw Ty stepping up and getting more involved with mansion life. He ended up assisting on several missions, including fighting fish people and rescuing Topaz, and was inadvertently caught up in a Danger Room malfunction. He also adopted Topaz through her more prickly part of the year, "accidentally" kidnapping her for a weekend in Boston with his parents, and helping her get home when she got drunk on her twenty-first birthday and texted him instead of Tandy. It was a good year all around.

2019 was mostly quiet, save for some | chaos with magical hammers. He joined a team going to New Delhi to retrieve one of the hammers, and was almost overcome by the need to eat the magical energy, until Hope A. pulled him back to reality.

Life came to a very sudden halt in 2021, when a nanite invasion hit the mansion. They didn't agree with his shadows, and the resulting fallout left Ty in a coma. He was transferred to Muir Island when it became obvious he wasn't waking up and needed better medical attention.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other Features:


From his initial conscious use of powers, Ty assumes his ability is to solidify and manipulate shadows. Draw them around himself to hide, or use them as an extension of his hands and feet to punch and kick people. It doesn’t occur to him that there might be more to it, besides his hunger for bio-energy. He has very little control at first, especially when he’s triggered.



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Player: Available for Applications


Player Icon Base: Brandon Jay McLaren

Meta Trivia

Tyrone was Shai's second character, and after she dropped Tabitha Smith became her only character. She dropped him in April 2021.