The Thralls of Asgard

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The Thralls of Asgard
Dates run: January 21- March 31, 2015
Run By: Cai and Sam
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Once spoken, the oaths bound the three Midgardian children to their Asgardian sponsors, millennia of tradition and magic weaving around them, cinching their life forces to the bond. To break it meant death. And so the newest thralls of Asgard took their places in the shadows of the All-Father's court.

Following Paige Guthrie's sacrifice to save their lives, Molly Hayes, Tandy Bowen, and Tyrone Johnson find themselves living in Asgard, working under the tutelage of different mentors.


Molly Hayes, Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson

Marie-Ange Colbert, Wade Wilson, Cyclops, Firestar, Blink, Rogue

Odin, Loki, Sif, Nott, Baldr, Frigga


January 21- March 31, 2015

Plot Summary

Molly, Tandy, and Ty arrive in Asgard after Paige makes a deal with Valkyrie to save their lives while evacuating the mansion during The Dark Phoenix attack. There is talk about what to do with them, and finally Loki suggests making them thralls in order to repay the debt of saving their lives. Sif takes Molly under her tutelage, Baldr takes Tandy, and Nott takes Ty.

Years pass as the trio hones their skills under the guidance of their separate mentors. One day Sif sends Molly to take care of some Frost Giants running amok, and she takes Tandy and Ty with her as back up. However Loki appears and they discover it was a trap - he sends the three thralls and the Frost Giants to Earth. Las Vegas, to be exact, where a small group of X-Men (Scott, Angel, Rogue, and Clarice) happen to be vacationing. In New Orleans, Marie-Ange sees ravens and realizes they're a sign of Asgard, and Wade calls Scott to warn him. Just in time, as a Frost Giant barges through their hotel moments later. They subdue that Frost Giant while Molly, Ty, and Tandy take down the second one, and the two groups meet up to defeat the third one together.

With the Frost Giants taken care of, the trio prepares to go back to Asgard, only to receive a message from Sif informing them that their debt has been paid and they've been released from their duties. They must now stay on Earth, where it's only been a couple months since they disappeared.

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As a result of this plot Molly, Tandy, and Ty all aged several years. Molly aged less than the others due to being in a different dimension for most of her training.


Plotrunner: Cai and Sam