The Dark Phoenix

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

The Dark Phoenix
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Dates run: January 20-21, 2015
Run By: Dex
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"Which tactic will you try? Appeal to my sensibilities....claim this isn't me, how sad you are....Or will it be righteous anger? How about an offer to join me? Or to cry. Believe me, I've heard it all, from every version of you. You could not surprise me."

The final endgame as Dark Phoenix attacks the mansion - and succeeds in destroying the universe.


Adrienne Frost, Amanda Sefton, Angelica Jones, Angelo Espinosa, Arthur Centino, Artie Maddicks, Callisto, Cammie Black, Cecilia Reyes, Clarice Ferguson, David Haller, David North, Doreen Green, Doug Ramsey, Emma Frost, Gabriel Cohuelo, Garrison Kane, Hope Abbott, Jean Grey, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Jennie Stavros, Jessica Jones, John Allerdyce, Johnny Gallo, Jubilation Lee, Julian Keller, Korvus Rook'shir, Kurt Sefton, Kyle Gibney, Laurie Collins, Logan, Lorna Dane, Rogue, Marie-Ange Colbert, Marius Laverne, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Miles Morales, Molly Hayes, Paige Guthrie, Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, Scott Summers, Sooraya Qadir, Tandy Bowen, Topaz, Wade Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Billy Kaplan.

Charles Xavier, Xorn, Dr. Stephen Strange

Dark Phoenix


January 20-21, 2015

Plot Summary

Already beaten and bloodied by their battles against their evil dopplegangers, the students and graduates were no match for the Dark Phoenix when she arrived at the mansion and began dismantling the building with her TK, intent on reaching Cerebro and were buried under the rubble. In the medlab, the various X-types who had been injured either at Muir Island or later realised they were the only remaining line of defence, and split into two groups - one to hold back the Dark Phoenix and to dig out the survivors, the other to reinforce Charles in defending Cerebro. At the same time, the India survivors returned and the Dark Phoenix forced the Blackbird into a crash landing. They joined with the others in defending the school.

It was a desperate, one-sided battle. When one wave of attack failed, a shield was erected by Amanda, Cecilia and Billy, combining magic and mutation in an effort to protect the others. In the meantime, Wanda was attempting to use her powers - bolstered by Stephen Strange's magic and Doug and North's pattern recognition and precognition - to hold together the universe, shredded by the Dark Phoenix' arrival and the sheer amount of power she was using. The suppressor created for Jean was removed from her and placed on the Dark Phoenix, in an attempt to reduce her strength, but she quickly burned it out and made for Cerebro, where Charles, Lorna, Sarah Vale, Haller, Emma and Rachel waited as the last line of defence.

After defeating Charles in psionic combat, Dark Phoenix turned to Haller and Emma, who were slightly more successful in pushing her back. In retaliation, Dark Phoenix killed Lorna and Sarah, using their powers to fuel her own. The last resistance swept aside, she used Cerebro to connected with the minds of every mutant on the planet and then drained them to fuel herself. Nothing could stop her.

Until Jean, that is. With her own Phoenix force, Jean managed to swap their minds and let the Dark Phoenix burn to death in her own body before the backlash of so much power consumed her. But the Dark Phoenix fell too late; outside, Wanda and Strange were unable to contain the destruction of universes any longer and all the survivors could do was watch and wait for the end.

Or so they thought. The reappearance of Xorn, the man with a star for a brain, represented one last chance. Taking the fragments of the multiple universes destroyed by the Dark Phoenix, he was able to 'patch' this one into a new world. The price was their silence - the new universe was fragile and would not survive the existential crisis knowing the truth would cause. And so, reluctantly, the survivors of the 'old' world found themselves in a place entirely but not quite the same as the one they'd known.

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The following individuals were killed during the battle to save the mansion: Sue Storm, Monkey Joe, Miles Morales, Megan Gwynn, Callisto, Billy Kaplan, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, Lorna Dane, Sarah Vale and Jean Grey.

Rachel used her powers to pull herself and Haller into the astral plane for safety after their psionic fight with the Dark Phoenix.

While it appeared they had been killed, Molly, Tyrone and Tandy were saved by the intervention of the Valkyries at Paige's request. They spent several years (for them), as thralls to various Asgardians, while Paige gave up her human life to become a full Valkyrie herself.

Johnny Gallo left the school after the battle and his status is unknown.


Plotrunner: Dex

Plot poster by Mackinzie - based on the iconic TPB cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

The concept of the Phoenix is based on the Marvel comics canon.