A Fistful of Nanites

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A Fistful of Nanites
Dates run: April 8, 2021
Run By: Frito
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But this particular group had its own intelligence, to some level. Curiosity. A desire to know.

They had ~evolved~.

And what was Xavier's, if not a home for the next steps in evolution?

The Fixer is back. And this time he brought... even more nanites!


Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Arthur Centino, Clarice Ferguson, Alex Summers, Alison Blaire, Artie Maddicks, Betsy Braddock, Garrison Kane, Kitty Pryde, Susan Storm, Wanda Maximoff, Molly Hayes, Gabriel Cohuelo, Kurt Sefton, Sooraya Qadir, Bobby Drake, Matt Murdock, Natasha Romanoff, Angelo Espinosa, Emma Frost, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Scott Summers, Meggan Szardos, Logan, Hope Abbott, Stephen Strange, Tyrone Johnson, Darcy Lewis, Jean Grey, Laurie Collins, Theresa Cassidy, Kyle Gibney, Topaz, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Jubilation Lee, Fourteen.

Fixer, Heinrich Zemo


April 8, 2021

Plot Summary

The day began typically enough, until Maya, on a nature hike in the mansion's woodland with Arthur, suddenly collapsed in extreme pain, necessitating an emergency call to Clarice. The problem seemed to be related to Maya's cochlear implants; that was all they could determine, having to knock Maya out with morphine. Meanwhile, Kitty and Garrison were overseeing a Danger Room session for a mixed group of mansion residents based on the Plants v Zombies game when they were suddenly locked out of the DR's programming and things went haywire with the DR separating the groups into different scenarios and then doing its level best to kill them. When Molly and Garrison attempted to brute force the door, Garrison's omni-skin reacted to an unseen aggressor, which led to finally identifying the issue - nanites.

The mansion was alerted, with various groups acting to prevent the nanites from contaminating and/or co-opting the mansion and teams' high-tech systems. This included utilising an experimental AI to break open the Danger Room; Marie-Ange sending Jubilee out of the mansion with a very dangerous package and Scott and Jean-Phillipe EMP-ing the Blackbird in mid-air to disinfect it of nanites. Fixer's attempts to build a robot body and escape with valuable information was stymied by a rag-tag team who destroyed the body, finally drowning it in the pool.

There were also casualties - Tyrone put himself into a coma while protecting Avalon; Maya was unable to use her cochlear implants and was restricted to reading lips and ASL; and while evacuating the medlab, Laurie's arm became infected, almost strangling Darcy who was forced to use her taser to free them both. But the greatest sacrifice was Doug's - he allowed the nanites to infect him (losing half an arm in the process) and then used his mutant power to communicate to essentially repatriate them from the Fixer's control. The nanites, now free agents of a sort, agreed to remain with Doug, acting as a new arm and counteracting the blood curse.

The last remaining nanites were cut off from the Fixer's consciousness and tracked down and destroyed and while the Fixer himself was unharmed by the failed mission, his "boss" Zemo was very much less than impressed.

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Trivia and Meta


  • As a result of this plot VI was brought online as an AI assistant to the Danger Room and mansion controls. She had been developed as a failsafe following The Danger Room Paradox.
  • Laurie's nerve endings were permanently damaged by the taser blast and she was unable to use her high-tech prosthesis. Finding a cure became an obsession with her, resulting in her ultimately leaving the mansion in bad circumstances.
  • Maya spent several months without her implants until things healed enough for her to resume wearing them, although she relied less on them than she had previously.
  • Tyrone wound up being sent to Muir Island to recover from his nanite overdose.


Plotrunner: Frito

This plot was the first game-wide plot since the onset of COVID and did much to restart interest in the game.

This is the Warlock plot that Twiller said he'd never do. Frito wins at X-Project forever.